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travel to Rocky Ilocos Norte : KAPURPURAWAN ROCK

A natural wonder. One of the reasons why I wanted to travel to Ilocos Norte so badly. The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos Ilocos Norte is another attraction one should not miss.

It's a comfortable 30-45minutes ride from Pagudpud to the South past Bangui (where the windmills are). This rock formation will definitely make your imagination soar. Its another showcase of how the wrath of nature could work beautifully.....

Taking its name from a local dialect, CAPURPURAOAN literaly means "white rock" 

The sign from the highway says its 3.5 kilometers away but it felt like 5kms or more through a dirt road and of lush vegetation. The road condition is not as bad as I thought though. The tricycle of our guide Mang Arnel easily navigated the way.


From the set off point, one should go on foot for around 800 meters along the coastline of rock bed which is mostly flat interrupted by a few portions covered with water. It's easy to navigate though except for some slippery portions. I was even wearing my chucks that time but I managed to get by without any dirt on my shoes.

From the distance, one could see and hear the powerful waves battering the rugged sea border. The rocks looks volcanic in origin to me as they are dark reminiscent of Igneous rocks formed through a volcanic eruption.


Halfway through the hike, one could slowly notice the peculiar formation from afar highlighted by the arc shaped rock which Teresa thought resembles Noah's Arc. It glows in the sunlight and changes hue depending on the time of the day. From afar, it looks as if someone has wiped off the top layer frosting and exposed the cake that lies beneath. Up close, it is a dazzling bright white rock that sparkles in the sun.

That makes Kapurpurawan Rock Formation spectacular.

We arrived here at around 5pm so the rocks color was even more highlighted. Yeah, that's one advice I wanna give you, its best that you visit in the afternoon when the sun is setting in the west coz it gives a certain hue to the rock formation. This time of the day is reffered to as magic hour in photography when the sunlight is soft . Best of all, the shadows work perfectly well coz Kapurpurawan is best viewed from the west.

There were still a lot of tourists on the rock formation when we were approaching. We took the time to take pictures in the surrounding area and appreciate the view. When it was our time to climb, all the people are gone and are on their way back to the set off point. The sun was setting and we have the rock formation all for ourselves. Perfect moment!!!!:p


I am not good with descriptions so I will just leave the photos for you to sort out how it is like on top of this rock formation. The view of the surrounding area is equally beautiful. Simply by observing the immediate environment and feeling the strong wind around, one can imagine how this rock formation was formed.

beautiful sunset in such an amazing location
patterns that would tickle your imagination

this is how the waves look like from the top of the rock formation

Teresa carefully finding her way down the rock

Kapurpurawan ---yeah!!!!!

Kapurpurawan is indeed a showcase of the power of wind and water on rock and coral.

When you travel to Ilocos Norte, this hell of natural wonder should find its way on top of your to-see-list.It surely left a lasting impression on me. And oh--I did a couple of jumpshots here. I will be sharing them to you soon. hahaha

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  1. ganda ng mga pics ah...

    nakakain-love ang place na napuntahan nyo!

  2. mas maganda tong mga shots na to kesa dun sa mga elesi hehehe. nice post! you should write more often! spam spam spam hehehehe joke lang

  3. I love all the photos esp those with sun's flare. The best. :)

  4. Hindi namin to napuntahan. :( May ganto pala. Ikaw na malikot at pati sulok na batuhan eh nakita. Haha. Ayoko ng magcomment sa pictures, as usual!

  5. sarap mag photo-ops dyan. ganda talaga ng bg.

  6. tama ka diyan mas maganda kumuha ng mga landscape pag mag bandang mga 5pm na, maganda kasi yung atake ng sunlight!!

  7. ang ganda ng mgahugis ng mga bato...

  8. This place rocks! - literally and figuratively :P

    Panalo mga kuha mo. Aprub!

  9. Ang ganda nung place. tanging kalikasan lamang ang makapagbibigay sa atin ng ganyang kagandahan. Hindi gawa ng tao, natural ang ganda na makapigil hininga.

  10. how does one get there from vigan? punta ako vigan this may and daanan ko sana sya =)

  11. Taga dito ako, Burgos. At masaya naman ako at madaming nakaka-appreciate sa kapurpurawan. :) May maganda din kaming falls jan sa Burgos yung -Ababis at Kaangrian falls. Try niyo din dun minsa, pero kailangan niyo lang ng madaming time kasi mag tre-trek pa kayo papunta.Pero promise pag nakita niyo yang mga falls mapapawi pagod niyo. :)

  12. Beautiful natural scenery, very good friend.

    Ki$ my priend , kis back please.

  13. the last 5 pics are superb and awesome!!! The last one is dramatic. Perfect timing when you visit it. The shots are all awesome.

  14. Oh my god! Those are breathtaking photos! What a lovely location :)

  15. Great feature for Kapurpurawan! I love the shots!

    World of Vhincci

  16. Awesome views! Did you find any signs of vandalism on the rocks? Sana naman wala (or you would have ranted about it, yes?)


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