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Windy Ilocos Norte: BANGUI WINDMILLS

I still have a hangover from our latest trip in Ilocos Norte last weekend. If you are going to ask how it was, I will answer with a 1-lines----HAPPINESS!!!! lol

In as much as I want to jump straight to the travelogue, I wanna focus on individual teasers of the places interests first the way I saw it and in the perspective that my nikon camera had. I am a native of Pangasinan which is part of Region 1 or Ilocos region but I have never been more north of San Fernando La Union until last week so this is another first. Surprisingly, Ilocos Norte lived past my expectations. It is a destination you should not miss.

We started our tour with the famous BANGUI WINDMILLS which I was very excited to see. It has amazed me for the longest time. I got this feeling that the windmills of Bangui are good for the environment but are an eyesore in a seemingly perfect beach front. I will tell you my verdict later........

beauty in adversity

The Bangui Windmills got its name from the Municipality where they are located, Bangui Ilocos Norte which is approximately 1.5 hours away from thye provincial capital Laoag City in the south and 30 minutes from Pagudpud. The windmills are officially called the NorthWind Bangui Bay Project.

It is the first Wind Farm in the Philippines consisting of wind turbines on-shore and is considered the biggest in Southeast Asia. The project sells electricity to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC) and provides 40% of the power requirements of Ilocos Norte via Transco Laoag.

big waves characterize this part of bangui Ilocos Norte---see the color of the sea?

The windmills are facing the mighty South China Sea.( similar to Bolinao Pangasinan and Capones Is. Zambales) I know that the western seaboard is windy but I never realized that Ilocos Norte could be very windy!!! I have never been to a more windy place in the Philippines. hahaha

The beach front here is sandy but not white and powdery. Because of the strong wind, one would not even think of swimming here. I even had difficulty taking pictures because the lens of my camera catches the spatter  of the sea water. That being said, I cannot expose my camera long enough and cant go close to the shoreline as well so I didn't achieve the angle I wanted. The sand also goes with the wind so it could be annoying if you stay long. Then again, the experience in itself is amazing.

BANGUI windmills_ilocos
behind those mountains is Kapurpurwan---another amazing site to visit

This part of Bangui is not inhabited, at least in the beach area. The houses are a few kilometers away uphill. I  could imagine how powerful the winds could be if there is a storm or something. On the southern part are mountains which are also uninhabited so the location is perfect if I may say so.

So there, to spill the beans, the feeling I had before that this windmill farm is an eyesore in as much as it is friendly to the environment was completely shattered during our visit. All that's left now is my admiration to the initiative of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to push for such facility in Ilocos Norte.

cows and bangui windmills
the cows of Bangui in the shadow of the windmills

the windmills as viewed from the observation deck uphill near the highway

There is actually a story behind that. The reason why this project was passionately pursued was because of the poor quality of electricity Ilocos Norte recieves from the LUZON GRID. It's understandable because the grid ends in La Union and Ilocos is far far North. 

The poor power supply to the province was a turn-off to investors especially industries, therefore, the local government decided to push for this project.

Bangui Ilocos Norte
the windmills of Bangui

According to our guide Mang Arnel, there were originally 15 windmills at first. Five (5) were eventually added which makes it 20 all in all. I hope they can add more. I am now a big

Seeing the Bangui Windmills is definitely a wish come true for me and my wife. I mean, she has been here, but not in similar fashion. Sometimes, its not just about the place you visit you know, but the person you are with when you go there.haha. Again, the windmill farm is an amazing place to see. If you are a faily person, you might as well consider bringing your kids here and do a little education lecture to your children. It could be a very good motivation.A must see destination this summer!!!!

how to get here?
contact a tour company---it's just cheap. We actually took a tricycle tour.
It's practical I should say, coz it includes other attractions that
you might find interesting. I will link the details as soon as I am done with 
the specifications on each places we visited in the summary that I will be making.
This is going to be a long ride.....

WIndy Ilocos Norte at its best!!!!!


  1. ganda, ganda nung shot mo dun sa view deck. Sobrang sarap tingnan ng mata. :D

  2. I don't think they were an eyesore. One day, I will see them myself.

  3. A dream come true for myself as well when we went there..

    lakas ng hangin.. naka number 3 ata yung windmills eh.. :P lol

  4. once na din ako'ng nakapunta ng ilocos. gusto ko ung empanadang pula nila. at ang lugar, wala ako'ng masabi! ang ganda! ang linis! ay may nasabi pala ako hehehe

  5. ipromote mabuti si mighty mang arnel ha ;)

  6. We're going here sa June! Wohooo!

    I can't believe you thought they were an eyesore! When I first saw them in photos, I immediately wanted to see it in person.

    I swear kelangan si Mang Arnel din ang maging trike tour guide namin. Hahaha.

  7. someday, ma-ffeel ko din ang lakas ng hangin dito :)

  8. whaha inggit mode dapat alis kami ng tropa noong march to go on ilocoslandia kaso nashort kami heheheh... inggit talaga. anyway mukhang todo enjoy ka naman diyan eh..ang balita ko eh 1/4 ng ilocos eh galing sa energy na windmills na yan!

  9. di ako nakasama sa tour sa ilocos dati sayang nakita ko rin sana yan mukang ang ganda pa naman..tsk

  10. nice pics. parang kumakaway lang yung mga windmills. Matagal ko na gusto pumunta dito :0

  11. Sobrang ganda mo naman magpicture. Kakainis na! Haha. Nung kami nandiyan, di ganyan itsura ng pinicture ko. Digicam lang kase. Haha. We went there last year at kahit anung pagmamalaki ng ate ko na madami at normal sa kanila sa USA ang ganyan, di ako nagpaawat at nagpunta pa din kami. NapaWOW na lang din ako nung nakita ko. Nakakamiss tuloy pumunta diyan. Pero maganda talaga ang shots mo. Ugh!

  12. haha sumi sweetness si anton!!

    ganda dyan!! ^^


  13. Nice, si Mang Arnel din ang tour guide! :)

  14. Sobrang ganda. The last time we went there, ang lakas ng hangin.

  15. hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Ilocos. huhuhu

    Nice Shot! :D

  16. hay Bangui. may araw ka talaga sakin! :D

  17. Wow, Ilocos trip this time! Did you visit Vigan in the south?

  18. how much you paid for the tricycle tour? my boyfriend and i will visit Bangui this weekend.

  19. panu b jan pumunta?


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