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BLOG and SOUL: earning from your blog, the realities

Blog and Soul Movement was founded in 2007 by a group of volunteers. The name itself would give go a clear idea of its target which is the blogging community.In its facebook page, the movements mission is "to do better through talking, learning, teaching, volunteering, working, helping and in the process make things better online and offline".

This year, Blog and Soul Movement has in place a series of forums, the 2nd of which I attended last Saturday, April 30 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. What particularly lured me to participate was the topic which I really find interesting--- BLOG and SOUL: earning from your blog, the realities.
Blog and Soul Movement

Last Saturday forum was spearheaded by Winston Almendras of and Nina Fuentes of and was hosted by Juned Sonido of . They came up with a very interesting line up of panelist,  Trixie Esguerra, a blog advertising representative, Fitz Villafuerte, an expert blogger and Joy Reynaldo, a successful digital marketer.

BLOG and Soul
Juned throwing questions at the panel, from left Trixie of Nuffnang, Fitz, a blogger 
and Joy of Bo's Coffee


We were very attentive at the discussion. The Lopez hall of AIM served as an intimate venue for a group of bloggers thirsty for ideas about the topic. Some of the points raised during the forum were not new to me but there were still many tips that I picked from it.

Yanah and Axl--serious?:D
Rico and Bino seemingly attentive with John who is very busy with his camera.


from Fitz: 
  • It's easier to earn from blogging if you are aware of your readers and the income streams you should use in that effect.
  • It's easier to learn if you put up several blogs with specific niches than just one.
  • It's okay to approach the advertisers and tell them about what you have to offer them, but in a nice way.
Ublog with Blog and Soul
Crisjonver with U-Bloggers

From Trixie:
  • More and more advertisers are now tapping bloggers and social media as an important marketing tool for their products and services.
  • The Philippine blogging community is still in its early stage and growth in terms of number of internet users, bloggers and advertising market volume hasn't reached its maximum potential yet.
From Joy:
  • Some companies are still not aware of the bloggers and the potential marketing advantage they could provide.
  • It's okay to knock on the door of these companies and offer what you can do to them. It will actually do them a favor because it will save them time, effort and manpower to seek people or ways to promote their products/services. 

U-BLOG bloggers
I was with members of U-Blog, L-R: Bino, Rico, Yanah, Axl , and John--(not shown) 
who snapped this photo.

For a blogger who has been around for 3 years, I still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to monetizing my blogs. I still have reservations until now in making full advantage of this tool so as to earn out of blogging. My stand is that money is not all when it comes to blogging, but I am now more open to the idea, unlike before when I used to be a purist blogger and felt that it is a betrayal to my original motivations if I monetize my blog.

As I learn more and more that some people blog professionally and blogging is their main source of income. I used to think bad of them, now, all I have is admiration.Simply put, there's nothing wrong with enjoying blogging and earning at the same time.Wag lang obvious siguro na pera lang talaga ang habol.:D.This is something that I will do slowly over a period of time. I still believe that the financial aspect of blogging is still secondary to the happiness you get out of it.
BLOG and SOUL website:

learn more tips from video coverage here:


  1. hala... pambihira kang bata ka may stolen shoot pala ako dito.. ampness,
    tama.. its not all about money in bloging... its about passion!

  2. okay din naman kumita kung talagang needed ang financial stuff pero okay din ang blogging for passion.

  3. Ah, earning from blogging. I haven't thought of doing it pa naman, though I've already received lots of proposals for advertisements.

    Well, sabi nga ni khantotantra sa comment niya sa itaas, okay din ang blogging for passion. Dyan siguro ako mabibilang hahaha :) Will keep blogging passionately for my advocacies ;)

    By the way, Anton, since you're also a travel blogger, invite kita sa rock formations sa province ko. I posted some pics at my blog,baka lang they inspire you to pack ;)

  4. hi Yanah, seryus? hehe

    yabang nung Kumagcow na yan ha, may bagong lente na naman?! kainis! hahahah

  5. Sayang sana nakapunta ako dito.

  6. "hwag lang obvious na pera lang ang habol." I agree... balanced lang dapat. Minsan annoying din mabasa ng blog na puro nalang ads.

  7. "hwag lang obvious na pera lang ang habol." I agree... balanced lang dapat. Minsan annoying din mabasa ng blog na puro nalang ads.

  8. Hmm... Actually, ganun rin ang stand ko dati. Parang ayokong kumita sa blogging kasi parang betrayal nga sa orignal motivation or purpose ko. pero habang tumatagal, parang nakikita ko ring walang masama kung kumikita ka habang nagba blog. :)

    Siguro gagawin ko rin yan.. I'd monetize my blog na rin. pero NOT NOW. hehe.. Hindi pa ngayon.. I don't think na kaya kong i-manage ang isang money-earning blog. Still, I am now open to the idea. :)

    Nice photos, Anton.. Ang ganda ng kuha (stolen shots) ng mga Ubloggers. Perpek! :P

    My Tasty Treasures
    I am LEAH.

  9. Enjoy what you are doing is better, when you are earning at the same time! Pambayad din kasi ito ng DSL at Electric bill, hehehe! Tnx for sharing, IDOL! =)

  10. related sa post na to--I told my wife about the forum and my blog ads,sabi nya.ah, me mga ads ka pala sa blog mo? diko napapansin.hahahaha.diko alam kung anu tinitignanh nya.lols

  11. malaki talaga ang tulong ng earnings from blogging kahit pambayad kuryente lang hehehe. natawa ko sa post ni cow. hehehehe.

  12. LOL ang chaka ko sa picture! Wish I could've stayed longer, but luckily it's recorded, so we can all watch and learn from it!

    And to monetizing your blogs, as stressed in the talk - establish your niche and blog accordingly, disclose everything, and be truthful about your posts. Nothing like an honest-to-goodness blog.

  13. I've been blogging for a while now, and only learned about monetization last year when advertisers began to approach me. Although tempted, I'm being very selective. I don't want to connect my blog with sites I don't really believe in.

  14. Amen Amen. Ang bongga nung mga huling linya. Haha. Ikaw naa! Dapat speaker ka din.

  15. I blog because I love to express myself pero mukhang okay din ung pag monetize ng blog pambayad sa dsl haha.. Pero I don't think I'm ready to monetize my blog I'm just a noob palang kase. Thanks for sharing :)

  16. People blog for different reasons & i suppose if you earn whilst doing something you're passionate about, then very well done to you =)

    Very interesting post & definitely something to think about.

  17. naku sayang! wala ako neto. anjan pala si Nina, dame ko san matutunan. tsk tsk. share mu nlng samen anton ang nalaman mu. hehe

  18. Pareng Anton, paano nga ba maging updated sa mga ganyang events or makasali sa mga organization nyo? Kasi gusto ko rin maging active sa mga blogger's events, marami pa akong dapat matutunana as a newbie, pero sa totoo lang 'di ko alam kung saan ko malalaman yung mga ganitong events. Meron ka bang sites or ibang website na nagpo post ng mga blog conference or events dito sa manila?! tnx! =)

  19. I agree that it's not at all money when it comes to blogging, bottomline pa rin is your desire to express yourself in unadulterated manner nyaks sana tama ang term nyehehe...but i have to say din na blogging has helped me feed my kids (saksi ka sa kahirapan ko nyahaha) and send them to school, buy their needs kumbaga. I can't really judge those who do, pero meron talagang sobrang as in ever. Thanks for the post marami akong natutunan :)

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