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ARENABALL PHILIPPINES : the 1st tackle football league in the country

Ever heard of American football in the Philippines? I never did. That until Sarah of Cushe Footwear invited me to the opening of the 2nd regular season of Arenaball Philippines last Saturday, April 30 at Marikina Sports Park.

American or tackle football is the most watched sport in the USA. It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle religiously followed by millions of Americans. Arenaball is the only sport that involves legal, deliberate and controlled physical contacts such as takedowns, tackles, pushing and pulling. If you are into adrenaline sports, this one will truly excite you. The good part is, you don't have to stay up until late at night to watch a game due to time difference as it is now in the country, thanks to Arenaball Philippines (ABP).

american football_philippines
american_football players_philippines

Aside from raw, physical action, tackle football offers fast-paced entertainment to the crowd with its high level of uncertainty, (that means bodies slamming against each other and helmets colliding) exciting game play and half time entertainment. If its true action and satisfaction you want, you will get that and more in tackle football.

ARENABALL_tackle football

ABP currently has four committed teams, the Juggernauts, Wolves, Barracudas and Bandits. Other than the regular season games, they also do exhibition games in schools, villages and other sports venues, with the end goal of forming other teams and promote the sport.

ABP was founded by Bernardo "Dodi" Palma II, with American partners headed by Eduardo "Jon-Jon" Yamsuan Jr.

ABP Philippines
Last Saturday, me and a group of bloggers got to watch American football for the first time. We came a bit late so we missed the play between Bandits and Wolves. Bandits won 32-0. In the 2nd game, we saw the intense action between the Juggernauts and the Rebels. It was really fast paced and exciting. Their teammates on the bench were equally energetic and constantly cheered on their playing members. 

In the end, the excellent team play of the Juggernauts dominated the game which ended with the score of 25-6 against the rebels.

Tackle football_Philippines
ENEMIES of Saturn Band
half time with the band ENEMIES OF SATURN
the Rebels

members of team WOLVES after their game

football and bloggers
bloggers invited with ABP Commisioner Riel Banaria (in red polo) 

Thugh I am not very active with sports, I say that I am a sports fan and it is my wish that American Football or tackle football would find its way in the mainstream. Filipinos surely deserve a sport this fun and exciting.

The next game will be on May 14, Saturday where Bandits will play against the Wolves in the first game. Juggernauts will later on play against the Rebels so be sure not to miss the fun.

Be sure to find Arenaball Philippines in facebook if you want to keep up to date with the the sport and schedule of the games.

more info on their website:


  1. meron palang football team ang pinas.

    hopefully mabigyan din sila ng attention tulad ng azkals.

  2. sayang namiss ko to yung sat... anyway. i hope next time makasama na ko :D

  3. sayang namiss ko to yung sat... anyway. i hope next time makasama na ko :D

  4. @Axl--eh ito yung me event kasa Ortihguz---remember? hahaha

  5. @anton.. oo i know remember :D thanks on the info about it :D

  6. Whow!! I love American football!! Hehe.. hindi ko alam ang mga rules ng game, di ko rin alam kung paano magtala ng score.. ang alam ko lang, pag merong touchdown, score na yun. hahaha!!

    I love football movies. Adik lang. They're so full of inspiration kasi.. and the stories are all about teamwork and respect.

    Ngayon ko lang nalaman na meron din palang ganito sa Pilipinas. Obviously, hindi pako nakakapanood ng isang live game.. I'd bet it's very intense!!!

    Thank you for sharing this, Anton. :)

  7. my cousin spends hundreds of dollars makapanood lang ng game na to dito. ganun sila ka-dedicated fans. haha.

  8. Nice shots as always! :)

    Oh yeah, me football pala tau? :)

  9. May football team dito? Whoa! Ayokong isipin kung gaano kainit yung suot nilang damit. Haha. Lalo na at nandito sila sa Pilipinas.

    Nakakainis yung ganda ng shots.

  10. ang ganda ng shots shet!!!! may iba sa mga photos mo dito kumpara sa dati. di ko malaman kung ano.

  11. kala ko nakipaglaro ka... pwede kaya makisali kahit saglit lang sa game nila? hehehehehehe

  12. sumisikat na talaga ang football sa ating bansa..

  13. astig! sigurado dadami lalo maeenganyo dito. gusto ko rin to subukan.

  14. I'm not an avid follower of this sports anton. but the photos are so live though its a still shots. Its been a long not visiting your site.:-).

  15. isa sa mga walang kwentang blog na nakita ko! gagamit kna rin lang ng english eh ayus-ayusin mo grammar mo!

  16. players must be physically healthy and tough to play that game, hindi pwede lampa ahaha

    nice to know we have arenaball in the Philippines :)

  17. interested akong sumali d2 pero im just a teenager meron din kayang under 18 pra sa arenaball?


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