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I know right, it's very famous. But I haven't watched it--until last night. When my friend Marvin posted a video link showing it on his fb wall that this movie will be shown in free tv in the Philippines (abs-cbn) , I usddenly felt panic. The envious side of me set in, the person who said, omg, the rest of the masse in the country will be seeing it and you haven't.

I am a netizen and I came across this movie many times but rejected to watch it. I simply can't watch Thai films!!!!It all starts with prejudice. As a young lad, I used to think I am proud of  being Pinoy. That's the reason why I love current events because I needed to know what's happening in and out of the country. Through the years I saw how my the Philippines laggged behind its neighbors, Thailand as one of them. I joined one online discussion in the past and I saw there how proud Thai people are and how they regard their country. My pride was wounded.

the last scene in the movie will definitely find the soft spot in your heart

I saw how Thailand which used to be of equal economic condition as the Philippines has overtook us in bounds and leaps over the years. And so I hate Thailand. I hate that their people are richer than us. I hate that I know that and I hate that I know they know it. I hate that they get more tourists than us, not that they have more beautiful beaches but because they have money to create beautiful airports, good road, better facilities.

And so I said to myself at one point. I will not go there and spend my money on their shops,hotels or restaurants.I'd rather spend it somewhere else. I dont know what I am missing. Its just me not being able to accept of our misfortunes and its wrong to take it on another country. Well I am not blaming Thailand that we are poor but I envy them for having achieved so much....PRIDE  and PREJUDICE?Or simply being irrational.

in my facebook, I shouted;

I admit: I have a lot of prejudices, I hated THAILAND, that's why I opted Singapore. HongKong and  Macau for our first out of the country trips.But cinema transcends prejudices. It opens narrow minds. After watching "A crazy little thing called love"" last night. I realized that I've always had an admiration for Thailand and it's people.It's vibrant economy, the beautiful places, the culture, their nasal speech which I find odd at first, their writing. I can't deny that now and I'm ready, I really want to push for my goal to visit the kingdom this year.I want to know more& feel more.....Best of all, I realized that admiring another country and recognizing its achievement doesn't hurt your own sense of national pride.

and who wouldn't fall in love with the song? ...and tama, kinilig ako!!!lol

I am 30 but I am still shallow sometimes.......


thanks to Marvin for pushing me and linking me to
Jason hamster's blog. Iba ka bespren hamster, fan mo pala friend ko.:D


  1. So what was your reason for hating Thailand so much?

  2. maganda naman ang thailand ah! hehehhe. mapanood nga to. yung shutter panoorin story hehehehehe joke!

  3. ahihihi! ang ganda di ba? naku! panoorin ko pa rin tagalized version nito sa abs-cbn! ahiihihi! punta tayo ng thailand! heheheh!

  4. Hello, Anton! Good Morning, Dude! Our country's economy is moving like a turtle, but, countries like Thailand should be our inspiration! They are doing something, that we Filipinos don't. Meron na kaya nyan sa torrent, para ma DL? Hehehe! Curious lang, hehehe! =)

  5. ang ganda no? I instantly fell in love with the trailer nung una ko siyang nakita. Kumarat agad ng kakahanap para madownload yung buo.. parang may similarity kasi yung culture nila sa Pinoy parang korean kaya huling huli talaga taste.

  6. andami mong sinabi! hahaha hindi mo na lang aminin na kinilig ka din sa movie kahit 1/4 lang.. :P

  7. thais are good cook though. hehe. (--,)

  8. hahaha kaya pala I rmmbr date nung nag-post ako abt BKK, nag comment ka, so hows thailand when it comes to economy? pinili mu ang HHK_Macau pero ganun dun nmana sila ah, progressive din like Thailand. hehe
    so ba;t nga ba tlga galit ka sa thailand, na heart brokenj ka ba dahil s Thai or soemthing? hehe sana d ito mabasa ng Thai immigration para d ka ma-ban dun if ever you choose to go there. haha
    panoorin ko nga yang vid. thanks for sharing! :)

  9. lol ka anton... bitter sa simula pero gusto mo rin pala whahaha..
    nablog ko na rin to... whahah :D
    oo papalabas nga siya sa abs-cbn soon in tagalized version :D

  10. okay naman sa thailand, parang philippines din.

    at nakakakilig talaga ang crazy little thing called love

  11. natatawa ako sa post. i had the same hatred before for almost the same reasons as you stated here. bitter ako dahil bakit ang dami nilang turista.

    kaya natatawa na lang ako na ang unang trip abroad ko pa is to thailand. hahaha.

    after that first trip, may sumunod pang isa. at naisipi ko na lang, we should learn from them.

  12. Just a Thai who accidentally stumble upon this page.

    Sorry to hear your bad experience with some Thais. But I think you should let it go. No need to hold the grudge. It helps nothing.

    People from my country is not different from people in every countries. There are good people and bad people. Take me for example, I'm also a netizen and I have found a lot of bad comment from Filipinos against Thailand, yet I have found a lot of good comments from Filipinos too.

    I have learn from all my life: Don't let some bad words haunt you and make stereotype conclusion that all the people of that country are bad guys. It doesn't make any good thing for our life for doing that.

    Judging from the time you posted, you might have your experiences in my country. You might have both bad and good experiences here. Hope you have more "good" than "bad" ones.

    If you have tired and sick of my country, you should try some cities which is not Bangkok. (Normally, you cannot expect much from people in any big cities) I would suggest you to try Chiang Mai, my home town, or some small provinces. I can guarantee you that you will have different experiences from what you had in BKK.

    Welcome back and be our guest anytime.


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