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RYAN BANG PARTY PARTY HITS: I lilly lilly like it!!!!

Yes, it's RYAN BANG, the much loved Pinoy Big Brother teen edition ex-housemate. He can make you laugh till you drop on the floor and now he also sings. As a matter of fact, he has an album!!! The I LILLY LILLY LIKE IT: Ryan Bang Party Party hits which was officially launched May 18 at Agave Restaurant Tomas Morato.

Now, I can solidly say that I am a fan--I lilly lilly lilly like it talaga!!!!!

Aside from when I arrived at around 2pm, Ryan Bang was already talking to my blogger colleagues at one corner of the restaurant. I was surprised to at first because I thought it's going to be a press-watches-on-one-side-while-artists-talks-and-performs-on-the stage kinda setup. We were in for an intimate talk. Yes intimate because other than talking about the party party hits album, we had the chance to throw personal questions at Ryan Bang.
Ryan Bang was eager to answer all the questions we threw at him, even the personal ones. I have proven that this guy is really funny in person. The way he speaks in tv is the way he speaks in real life. He prefers to talk in  Tagalog rather than English. AT first you get the feeling that he is having a difficult time but later on, you will realize that his manner of speaking broken tagalog is already innate in him, after all, he has already lived in the Philippines for more than 5 years.

There were instances when we talked more of his personal life than his album.hahaha. After all, we cannot separate the person from his songs ayt? About the album, I LILLY LILLY LIKE IT : Ryan Bang Party Party Hits is a seven track compilation of today's latest foreign dance hits and of coarse Ryan's first ever single "I Lilly Lilly Like It".
Inspired by the ex-Pinoy housemates attempt at speaking English, the song is primarily about fondness for entertaining his Filipino fans with his hilarious dance steps. It all started when he was a judge in ABS-CBN's Showtime as Ryan danced all his moves to the satisfaction of the madlang people's request for "sample".

During our intimate but funny interview with him, he mentioned several times his gratitude for SHOWTIME and Banana split. he said without those 2 shows, there's no Ryan Bang.
Ryan is so natural in person. Satrightforward, non-pretentious and really humorous. During the 2nd interview with another group of bloggers, I got the chance to join the conversation and we were laughing out loud.. Especially when we asked about his parents reaction to his album. Ryan admitted that his mom said, what's with POLOYEAST RECORDS? Why did they get you as a singer? You have a terrible voice!!! Laughter breaks in the room.


There is more to Ryan's single than his comedic pronunciation. The song writer made sure that it shows the young mans love for the Filipinos and his evident drive to stay energetic whenever he performs. What makes the song more exciting to listen to is the dance beat that is much close to his generations well known novelty hits. Ryan was generous enough to perform for us that day and I agree that his single is really addictive.

 Other dance party hits includes pan de Americano by Yolanda Cool, Parapapa by Cidinho& Doca, Waka Waka by All Star generation, gat with U by PSIX and the Bang Mix of I Lilly Lilly Like It.

I Lilly Lilly Like It : Ryan Bang Party party hits is released by Galaxy records and distributed by PolyEast Records. You can have the album for only 199 pesos and is available nationwide.

RYAN_Bang and Bloggers

Also be sure to catch Ryan Bang's Robinsons mall Tour to get a free Ryan Bang Tshirt for every CD purchased at the venue. That's every Friday of Starting June 3 to July 1 at 5pm.

June 3    : Robinsons Angeles , Pampanga
June 17  : Robinsons Dasmarinas, Cavite
June 24  : Robinsons Starmills, Pampanga
July 1    : Robinsons Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Special thanks to  Shimmian and Boyscout Tshirt. Also to Jeman Villannueva of and POLYEAST RECORDS for the invitation.


  1. si ryan bang ay nakasama sa finals ng PBB pero di sya ang nanalo. yung james ata ung nanalo dun.

    heheh. ang kulit nian sa showtime kapag napapanood ko sa tv. :D

    yung mga co-blogger na kasama mo sila yung nasa blogfest diba? eheheh

  2. WEH? May album? Haha. Di din ako makapaniwala. Dance album ba o kanta niya talaga? Pambihira! What's with the music industry? Haha. Joke lang. I lilly lilly like Lyan Bang.

  3. Amf, may album na sya! hehehe! Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! Kaya ako, "I lilly, lilly like it" 'din, hehehe! Tnx for sharing, Anton! =)

  4. whahaha ang mukhang maganda yung cd.. teka teka bakit wala yung sa festival mall pupunta siya doon sa May 26...

  5. Ser, bakit lagi na lang ang daming events niyong napupuntahan?? Pwede bang pasama me sa ilang mga seminars, kasi kailangan ko niyan e ... LOL.

  6. sa may 28 ung kay ryan bang sa festival mall hehehehe

  7. pinapanood ko yan si Ryan lagi dati sa Showtime, iba ang aliw factor nya.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. sa FM station ko unang narinig ung i lilly lilly like it ni ryan bangs. pati ung taxi driver sumasabay sa kanta. hehe. lalo na dun sa part ng madlaaaang pipoooool!!! (--,)

  10. all I can is--he's fun and at the same time sincere yung bata. I felt it.....:D

  11. hahaha! natuwa naman ako. kala ko birthday party ni Ryan Bang at invited ka. may moment dati sa showtime na hinagis niya yung damit niya sa madlang people pero sumabit sa mga kable sa taas. hahaha! ang kulit talaga niya. Mukang down to earth din. Nakakatuwa naman talaga ang experience mo. =)

  12. Nice!Gusto ko mameet yan si Ryan!


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