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KABIGAN FALLS : the next tourist magnet of ilocos norte

This was our last major stop for the 2nd day of our Ilocos Norte Tour.  I never thought Pagudpod could be associated with waterfalls but this emerging attraction could be the next tourist magnet for the area.

 KABIGAN FALLS in Pagudpud Ilocos Norte is something to look out for.



The hike from the registration area takes 30-45 minutes on mostly flat surface. The first 10 minutes of which is in the open as you have to go through an area of rice fields. It is advisable therefore to go here in the morning before lunch or in the afternoon before the park closes at 5pm when the sun is not too high in the horizon. Although if a little tan is non of your concern, anytime would be okay to visit.

Once you register, you will be assigned a guide. It's required to have one guide for every 4 people.Guide fee is only 100 pesos so you need not to worry about that.

the water down stream is an indication of how clean the water source is..

Once past the rice fields, trees will be adorning the way so expect it to be a breezy walk until the waterfalls. Just in case you want to feel the place more, you can stop and appreciate the surrounding while perhaps seeping buco juice. There are many stores along the way where you can stop for a quick refreshment.

We did so on our way back as we were too excited to see the waterfalls. The stalls even have kakanin (rice cake) which delighted me. The bitso-bitso is one of my favorites and I finished 5 sticks while Teresa was busy drinking fresh buco juice (straight from the fruit) and divulging into its meat.. hahaha

coconut meat 
Teresa enjoying her fresh buco...

Teresa seeping the last drop of her buco juice

Deep into the woods, one would go through streams like that of the picture below. In most cases though, there are improvised wooden brides you can take if you want minimal immersion in the water. This itself is the water from Kabigan Falls and when you look closely into it, the water is really clean. When you see it flowing down stream, you might already get tempted to take a dip.


As I said, the hike is very easy because you don't have to climb any mountain, that's because. KABIGAN Fall's drop is facing the trail on the foot of the mountain.

It's actually a double Falls, aside from the main drop on the upper part, there is a small falls just below it. SO make sure to tell your guide about it just in case he forgets. Our guide that day was not talkative. I remember Teresa talking him throughout the trek but he seem to lack confidence. When I asked certain facts about the falls, he was not aware of it.

Don't expect too much I guess, just enjoy the trek as it is really a trek to nature. The trail is very clean and you can hardly see houses along the way which I like the most.

Going back to the waterfalls itself. It was summer when we visited so the water is already thin. Didn't give me the impression though that its going dry. It's just that I am assuming that it would be stronger during rainy season.
It took us a few minutes to get different angles of the falls. It was already 4pm when we got there and were still fresh swimming from Blue Lagoon so we decided not to swim anymore. One more thing, we decided that after this major stop, we will be taking the bus back to Laoag and eventually to Manila as I have work the next day.
Teresa posing in front of a BIG tree near Kabigan Falls

On our way back, we noticed that more tourists were heading to the falls and with them were the assigned guides. Makes me happy seeing more people trekking KABIGAN FALLS as it helps promote tourism in this part of Pagudpod as most people prefer to stay in the western side where the beaches are.
Sure, I saw many tourists during our trek back and forth but I think that's still a small number compared to the volume of people visiting the entire Pagudpud area.

With its natural beauty, the crystal clear water, the easy walk, the clean sorrounding, there is no doubt that KABIGAN FALLS will be the next tourist magnet of Ilocos Norte.



  1. anu nga ulit means ng KABIGAN FALLS? nakalimutan ko na eh, napag-aralan namin to dati sa SIBIKA eh.
    MUra na yung tourguide 100php pasok na pasok..
    OO malinis na kaso may lumot, teka lumot nga ba yun?
    Refreshing buko juice heheh :D
    Anu ba yun? di alam ng tour guide ilan sa mga facts... imba..
    Ang ganda ng falls..
    Maganda to pag may outdoor shoot para sa FHM..
    Ganda talaga ni Teresa hehe :D ...

  2. I never tried hiking kaya naiinggit ako :)) May hiking area din sa may UPLB I you want to pay a visit dalaw lang po kayo. Di pa rin ako nakakapunta dun. Just read about it. Gusto ko ng buko juice. ang sarap :)

  3. We passed on this one and we opted for Kaangrian falls in Burgos instead. The flow of water in Kaibigan falls is still much stronger during summer compared to Kaangrian falls which was almost dry when we went there.

  4. ang maganda dyan, may mga tindahan. atlist kung wala kang dalang food pag nag trip ka at naglakadlakad kayo papunta sa falls, maglabas ka lang ng pera at poof, may machichicha ka na. :D

  5. nice waterfalls. di ko pa nararating yang pagudpod. puntahan ko eto anton. hello po ulit ate teresa!

  6. Madali naman puntahan, i think sulit ang pagpunta dito for nature walk.

  7. ganda ng shot ni tere dun sa paginom ng buko juice

  8. nais kong mapuntahan iyan..kailan kaya..

  9. very cooperative ang weather! you might think twice how this falls look like pag rainy season - i saw it! it's scary! hahaha parang di na ko makakauwi!

    and i agree, ang ganda ng trail jan. very enchanting. kabog nya ang trail to mt.pulag..

  10. Salamat sa mga continuos Ilocos posts! Tamang-tama for my upcoming Ilocos Tour. Nyahahaha.


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