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POSH NAILS SM MARIKINA: real men also like it clean

The feet is no doubt the most neglected part of the body and as a travel blogger or shall I say, a blogger who frequently travels, my feet are always subject to harsh conditions, sun, sand,dust, mud, long hikes, which lead to calluses and uneven skin tone. While some are gifted with good genes, I see myself as one of the unlucky ones. Yes, I think I have ugly feet and the situation I mentioned above makes it even worse.

Good genes or bad genes it may be, its not about how good the shapes of you fingers are or how beautiful your feet is. There is a fine line between having beautiful feet and having clean ones. I may not have the most desirable looking feet there is in the planet but I always make sure I keep them clean. 

Then again, I was surprised when I got an invite from POSH NAILS hand and foot spa SM Marikina last week through a blogger friend, for a foot spa treat. It came on a very good timing as I haven't had foot spa since our Puerto Galera trip on Holy Week.


POSH NAILS is one of the country's pioneer when it comes to natural nail care offering luxurious pampering packages for both hands and feet.Once you enter the spa, you'd instantly be transported to a fancy girl's bedroom painted in pink, lilac and white complete with comfortable couches, soft pillows and footrests. 

It s is the first in the country to offer themed manicures and pedicures such as Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate lovers, Margarita, Cremee Brulee and Citrus. Themed manicures and pedicures differ for each month to keep clients excited and up to date with nail salon services all across the globe. Posh Nails also offers cocktail drinks, coffee, tea, hot cocoa along with the themed service.

Among the most in-demand services include the hand spa, hand and arm scrub, foot scrub, foot and leg mask, foot spa, reflexology,Posh spoiling, Basic Refresh, Green Tea pedicure, Coffee pedicure,eyelash extension, Paraffin dip, nail art and waxing.

At first I asked, why me?Of all mommy bloggers, why me? That's because while POSH NAIL's customers are mostly women, they also realize the fact that men also like their nails clean. Yes, more and more men are becoming conscious about it and they are starting to pamper their nails more.

In my case, they made me try basic refresh foot spa with peppermint .

with fellow bloggers Janese and Erica @ SM Marikina branch
The staff who took care of my foot spa was very careful. Only shows that their employees are well trained for the job. That being said, I didn't have to worry that my nails might get hurt and see blood all over my fngers which I hate with other salons. The one who gives you pedicure sometimes doesn't care about how you feel and they keep going for it as if they are just plowing a piece of lot---not with Posh Nails. So I simply laid back, relaxed, occasionally flipping through the pages of the books beside me, sipping thefree tea they provided,listening to the relaxing music played in the salon while carefully seated in the comfortable sofa sorrounded by soft pillows.Almost made me doze off.

The place is so relaxing that most customers really fall asleep during the service.

On the day of our visit, Say Alonso was also around for the meet and greet. The employees took the opportunity to take photo opts with her as she was very friendly and accommodating. The 3 of us (bloggers) also had our chance later on.
Say Alonso with the employees of Posh Nails Marikina
pusangkalye@posh nails
Say Alonso with bloggers Janese, me and Erica

Also, got the chance to talk to Ms.Arlene, the owner of POSH NAILS SM Marikina branch after having our foot spa and discussed about the services they offer. That's when I suggested they also target the MALE market. To my surprise, she said that they actually do and she noticed that more and more men are visiting their branch for nail care. Some go with their wifes or girlfriends while some go on their own. She admitted though that some still have reservation and prefer to be seated in areas not visible to people passing by.

The culture is changing. More and more men definitely like their nails clean. I am one of them and POSH NAILS SM Marikina is a perfect place for this. I think I will be frequenting this branch.:D

Marcos Highway Brgy Calumpang
Markina City
call them at: 0922-82-555-20
for more information on their services and locations:


  1. wow day of relaxation ah, hehe

  2. totyal! paposh nails posh nails na lang oh! hehehe

  3. ansaya naman ng pampering day mo. At swak na swak at andun si say alonzo. :D

  4. haven't tried their salon, hmmm i think i need to visit them one of these days hehe

  5. I am one of the unlucky ones too. Haha. Ampangit din ng paa ko, uneven tone. At neglected din kasi, super neglected, kaya mas prefer ko ang shoes sa slippers. Haha. Gusto kong magpaffot spa, nahihiya lang me. Haha

  6. Nice, Anton! I would love to have that treatment as well, my aching and a bit smelly feet deserves to be pampered as well! Hehehe! =)

  7. @Yow--pareho tayo--kaya lagi ako nakasapatos ang ingget ako sa mga nakatsinelas lang pag nagmomol at kahit mumurahin tsinelas nila mukha paring sosyal kasi maputi at makinis ang paa.daanin nalang talaga sa linis--lols

  8. So, malinis na ang kuko mo. Nice. Wag kakalimutang maghugas ng kamay bago kumain. Nyahahah!

  9. oo nga naalala ko sa puerto wla kang dalang flip flops kaya nakayapak ka lang.

  10. wow. kaylan lang nagpalinis ako ng paa at di ko makakalimutan nag kiliting inabot ko sa pag hilod ng aking talampakan. this kind of business now a days are picking up.
    dahil sa stress siguro sometimes we need to relax


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