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PFW Holiday 2011 : penshoppe collection full body shots

Sorry guys, can't help it.

....before going to bed last night, a buddy chatted me and remarked "ton, I have better angles sa PFW".I was taken aback so I asked why (as if I don't know)--what do you mean? He replied, "saw your blog, kasi puro nakatalikod". Ouch!!! So I tried to redeem my pride, "ganun talaga kasi preview sya, kaya puro nakatalikod" --which is true. I intended it that way, that's why I specifically mentioned in the post title "teaser".

Actually it's okay. I welcome constructive feedbacks. That's how we grow as photographers. After all, he is a friend so I was able to explain to him and take his opinion without a heavy heart. But I have to admit, the remarks kept me worried all night that some of my readers might also feel the same, and so this----I was pressured to release the next batch of a series of many photos.hehehe



In the last photo are the famous Victor Basa and Solenn Heussaff -- celebrity endorsers present that night. If you noticed in my first post, the catwalk is zigzagged and the models had to walk in a criss cross angle.I was kinda saddened coz  I was seated in the 2nd front row on the right side and in the case of the celebrity endorsers, they just walked straight and then back. My angle was therefore off.--sad sad. Sorry for that.:D

Next set--tight shots naman.

The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011
Penshoppe TRAILBLAZER collection


  1. oo nga, last shot hindi totally nakaharap si solenn. Pero oks na din kesa hindi sya masilayan sa larawan.

    gaganda ng mga damit kaso mukang puro sa fit and buff lang yan. Bawal ata yan sa mga may laman at may fats. lols

  2. ang kulit ng friend mo na yun eh, tama dapat always open for a constructive feedbacks para mas maging magaling at mahusay...

    ang ganda ni solenn.... yun na hehehe.. :D

  3. penshoppe fan din ako! ^^ kaso parang nag evolve na sila ng husto haha.

    pinoy consumers paba mga target nila hihi!

    ung unang picture kita pa ang kisame heheh. ^^

  4. Hehehe nakakasakit naman ng damdamin lalo na sa isang magaling na katulad ni kuya anton. Ganda ng kuha mo kuya, hehehe i really look up to you na. Hehehe

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  6. Beauty is subjective. Can't please everyone. It's a matter of taste.He is entitled to his opinion, though. Once we put out a creative work out in the public, the author is technically becomes non existent and the work lives to be subjected to scrutiny and massacre. That's a small price all artists must pay. It's quite a good thing he shared his ideas. It's your privilege and I think he did so in good faith. I don't think anything is wrong with having a pics of people na nakatalikod. Besides, it's a fashion shoot. Kailangan din makita ang likod ng clothes. It seems nasaktan ka sa sinabi niya. Don't be. Every style and perspective is unique. No need to worry what other people may think. There's no one best way to do anything. That goes with cleaning your house, cooking a steak, playing an instrument, and of course, the art of taking photos, for that matter.

  7. Kaganda naman ni Solenn. Ang liit lang pala niya? O masyado lang matangkad si Basa?

    Yung first photo, kamukha nung International Model na sikat daw sa ibang bansa?

  8. Well, kaya nga "Teaser" eh, patikim lang talaga, hehehe! Parang sa pelikula, trailer lang! Nag skip read lng yata yung friend mo, 'di nya nabasa yung word na teaser lang sa previous post mo, hehehe! Photographers are considered as artist as well, iba2x kasi talaga ng definition ng beauty when it comes to photos. More Solenn picts please! All in all, Great shots! =)

  9. I missed PFW this year! Parang feel ko magdress up at rumampa after looking at the photos. Lol.

  10. though seated in the second row nakuha mo pa rin ng makuha ng maganda. never tried fashion photography.

  11. kaya nga teaser, hindi ipapakita lahat. hehehe. anu ba! nice post! you should write more often! heheheh

  12. Nice shots! unsa gamit nimo cam og lens sir?

  13. very colourful!!!! omg... i wanna do a runway show!!! *dreaming*

  14. you'll get used to feedback, whether they're good or not.. very subjective kasi ang photography.. but still, at the end of the day, you get to learn something.. :)


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