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BRAVEHEARTS : THE TOUR OF HOPE 2011 against cervical cancer

Do you know that cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer worldwide? I was not aware of that. Although I  personally know a lot of people who are suffering from cancer,worse,died of cancer. As a matter of fact, I lost 2 aunts and an uncle from this dreadful disease. Same goes with my grandparents in my mother side. Cancer for me is a dreadful disease as there is no known drug for it yet.

But do you know that there is type of cancer that we can prevent through vaccination?yes, it's cervical cancer!!!

bravehearts_cervical cancer

HPV is the virus behind cervical cancer which could be transmitted not just through sexual contact but even by mere rubbing of the skin. Many women are unaware of this that's why in the Philippines, 7,000 new cases are reported annually. Good thing a non-profit organization--BRAVEHEARTS--led by the Cervican Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP)  for the Cancer  Institute Foundation (CIF), is dedicated to raising awareness on cervical cancer prevention.

Union Jack Tavern Alabang

We were at Union Jack Tavern Restaurant in Alabang last May 7 to grace this year's TOUR OF HOPE prologue, the biking event that has become the largest anti-cervical cancer biking tour in the Philippines.


The TOUR OF HOPE (TTOH) was introduced in 2008 through the collaboration of GlaxoSmithKline Philippines and CECAP in strategic partnership with Team David's Salon, the first all woman sports team in the country.

TTOH has become Braveheart's annual fund raising event and an opportunity to conduct lectures for cervical cancer in the municipalities/cities the tour passes. Last year, TTOH was able to raise 750,000 pesos which was donated to CECAP  leading to 200 free cervical cancer vaccinations  in selected areas across the Philippines.

The TOUR OF HOPE 2011 is geared at at its goal of vaccinating 500 women. Abbygale Arenas de Leon, the current president of Bravehearts was there to explain the rationale for the organization as well as this years campaign which is 500 : Going the eXtra mile against cervical Cancer. 
brave hearts campaign
Abe Arenas explaining the intricacies of cervical cancer

The Tour of Hope will be navigating the streets of Northern Luzon to as far as Ilocos Norte. Many bikers are expected to join the tour where volunteers will meet them in key areas, give lectures to raise awareness, vaccinate identified beneficiary of the free vaccine then move on to the next league. Bravehearts through TTOH is taking the road and bringing the hope to countless women along the way.

1st stop :  Tarlac City
2nd stop: San Fernando La Union
3rd stop: Vigan
4th stop: Laoag City
Abe Arenas and David Charlton of David's Salon
new media invited during the event

Thanks to the partners and generous donors/sponsors like David's Salon, 7-Eleven, McDonalds, Columbia, Primer Group of Companies, Sweet Bella, Trinoma Mall, Gatorade, Pioneer Insurance,GlaxoSmithKline, the 3000 Club of the Philippines, Francis Magalona Clothing Company, Maldita, Loalde. Fitflops, Personi-fi Image Studio, Islands Souveneers, Belle de Jour, Bisaya Ispesyal, Quota International, Medical Observer, Josiah's Catering, Geiser Maclang and EON Stakeholder Relations Firm, the TOUR OF HOPE 2011 is fully geared at meeting its goal.

From the words of Abe Areana, "" I'd like to encourage everyone to help save Filipinas from cervical Cancer by supporting and being part of The Tour of Hope. Not only is it great for your health, your participation will help prevent this disease from claiming more lives"

for further inquiries, you can email them


  1. i wouldn't have known that it's the 2nd most common cancer. good thing there's a vaccine. tama ba na ang carriers niyan eh mga boys tas napapasa lang sa girls?

  2. traydor din ang sakit ng cancer. mabuti merong mga ganitong campaign. my mother died kasi because of cancer

  3. I salute Bravehearts: The Tour of Hope 2011 against Cervical Cancer for this very relevant campaign.

    More Power! We need more of you here in the Philippines.

  4. Yep yep! Cervical cancer is the most common cancer worldwide, second to lung cancer (yata.. hmm.. not sure). I had my shots na last year pa. Kelangan talaga kasi, napaka traydor na sakit ang cancer.

    We should all support the Tour of Hope 2011. It is a very good campaign. :)

  5. wow wow wow nice place for such educational talk?? amazing!!

  6. basta ayaw ko sa sakit na cancer.......magastos ang sakit na iyan..

  7. uo--magastos na sakit kung babae lang ako--matagal nakong nagpa saksak---este, nagpa-vaccine pala.lols


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