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BANTAY-ABOT CAVE and Patapat Viaduct

travel story again,haven't finish my Ilocos series yet
a few more to go then I will make a summary of it.
bare with me...........

After strolling in the beautiful beach front of Blue Lagoon, we checked out from Agua Seda, our accommodation in Blue Lagoon and went on with our 2nd day of the tour of Pagudpud, this time on the Northern part. Mang Arnel, our guide was already waiting for us at around 11am when we finished fixing our things. The tour would include places like Patapat viaduct and Kabigan Falls which I was excited to see.

Our first destinations were the rock formations along the coastline North of Blue Lagoon. Actually, the 1st being BANTAY-Abot cave is only 1.5 kilometers away from Agua Seda, its located juts accross the final bend to Mairaira cove.  We didn't notice this on our way to Mairara as it was nighttime when Mang Arnel took us there.

BANTAY-Abot cave

Bantay-Abot cave is actually a hill with a hole in the middle. It's kinda strange coz one might find it hard to imagine how it was formed. The waves in the area are big as in any other parts of the eastern shore of Ilocos Norte but the sea level is far below the hole (cave) itself so I guess it was not formed due to water pressure.

To get here, you just have to park by the roadside and then go a few steps down through a cemented pavement. Once below, one should just walk for a few meters following the coastline to see Bantay-abot cave around the bend.

Mang Arnel waiting for us on the roadside.

I tried to take a few shots before climbing the hole but the waves were too strong it splashes in my hand held camera every few seconds so it was a challenge to get a good angle.

We stayed only for a few minutes to take photos and went to the other side to see how powerful the waves are. We then went back and the tricyle rolled for a few meters more. When Mang Arnel made a stop, I was thinking as to what to see there.
I was surprised to see this small rock along the shoreline which is circular. People call it . One might think its just a simple land formation but it's actually fascinating to look at in person especially given the blueness of the ocean behind it and the white surf that gives you a lively feel of the place.

Since it was already noontime, I asked Mang Arnel to take us to a cheap restaurant where we can eat lunch. he knows all the establishments in the area so I was very happy. By eating in a non-expensive resto, I was able to treat Mang Arnel for lunch. We chatted about the place and about him as we stuffed ourselves of pakbet and other home cooked delicacies.


After resting for a few minutes, the tricycle rolled again. After a few kilometers, a familiar view came into sight. The PATAPAT VIADUCT.


I thought this viaduct is located somewhere between Ilocos Sur and Norte. I imagined the terrain between 2 provinces as characterized similar ot nthat of Zambales where towns are confined near the shoreline and are limited by the hills so I thought there's not enough space and in some cases roads are better reinforced with viaducts.

But Patapat Viaduct is located far North in the municipality of Pagudpud, 2 hours from Laoag City. It is elevated 31 meters above sea and is 1.3 kilometers long connecting Maharlika Highway from Laoag to the Cagayan Valley.

patapat viaduct

patapat_viaduct_ilocos norte

Our guide mang Arnel pointed to us the old road above the viaduct and said that there used to be heavy traffic in the place that's why the provincial government thought of creating Patapat to solve the problem. This is a genius engineering project, not just because of it's economic significance but it's impact on tourism as well. Patapat Viaduct has now become one of the many landmarks of Ilocos Norte. One's visit will not be complete until you see it.

What's good about the viaduct is that it gracefully blends into the surrounding terrain. This is one proof that human construction could be beautifully incorporated into nature without degrading it.
ilocos norte

Tourists go here and park on the bridge itself. It's okay because motorists in the area already know of this practice so they are careful when passing the viaduct.  It's a very beautiful place where one can appreciate the hills on one side the rough blue sea on the other.

We also visited Agua Grande which is just beyond the viaduct. It's a picnic area on the backdrop of a stream flowing from the hills to the open sea. But they collect 20 pesos per head entrance fee so we didn't enter anymore. It's a good picnic site but we were not there for the purpose. We then went on with the last part of the tour which is KABIGAN Falls.

Watch out for it in my next post.:D



  1. Awww we didn't get to see the Bantay-Abot cave. And we only posed for photos at the Patapat Viaduct heheh.

    Wooot, Kabigan Falls. First time I hiked that far. Heheh. Will wait for that post.

  2. Ang saya naman ng trip niyo! Aabangan ko ang iba mo pang post :)

  3. Hello, Anton! What a beautiful place to be! With my very hectic sched, I hope I could afford to reach places like Ilocos, someday... By the way, natikman nyo ba yu'ng Empanada dyan? Masarap daw sabi ng mga workmates ko, hehehe! Tnx for sharing! =)

  4. Hindi na naman namin to napuntahan. Tsk. Kumusta naman yung naikot niyo lahat ng singit ng Ilocos? Haha.

  5. Ang ganda gandaaaaaaa! Nae-excite na ako sa Ilocos trip ko sa June!!!!! Weeeeeee!

  6. mukang andaming good spots ang napuntahan nio dyan sa ilocos.

    interesting yung hill na may butas. hindi kaya hinukay yon noon mga centuries ago? eheheh

  7. bantay-abot! ganda!!! so isasama ko na to sa magiging tour ko. naks tour! hehehe

  8. ang gdan da view, ganun pa din katulad ng dati magaling ka pa rin hehehe..
    mukhang dadami ata Bucketlist ko nito heeh :D

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  13. The 4th pic is a nice capture... strongs waves and rocks.

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