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BEWARE OF BALI : a pinay travel blogger's bad experience in Bali Indonesia

Let the story be heard!!!
My friend Chyng Reyes who is well known and respected travel blogger in the Philippines together with another blogger Dyanie had a horrific experience during their recent trip to Bali Indonesia.

I know Chyng personally and for her to be treated in that manner is irritatingly annoying.
The story goes..... Chyng and Dyanie arrived in Bali Indonesia on the eve of May 26,2011 from Singapore as they decided to celebrate their birthday in island. Upon landing in Bali, they were apprehended by the immigration officer. In her account,

"The moment the officer saw my passport - he carried my luggage. He asked me "is this yours?" I said yes. What could be wrong with my luggage.. The officer scanned our hands too. We don't have any idea what's that for so we asked him. He answered "secret".

After he scanned our hands with that stick, he looked at me and said "come and follow me." He looked to Dyan and said "you also."

"We entered the holding room. There were 3 officers inside. 2 males and a lady officer. "Meet my Filipina friend. She was caught hiding packs of heroins in her luggage" said the officer while pointing at the picture frames on the wall.. It seemed like a gallery of drug traffickers from all over the world. He reminded me that DEATH is the PENALTY of those drug traffickers.
"Do you know her?" asked the officer as he was pointing to the girl in the picture frame. - I answered no.
"Did you take drugs?" - Of course not!
"Did you have drugs hidden in your body?" - What?! Never!
"Let's check your bag".
The officer searched my things thoroughly. I was just looking at him. He checked every compartment of my luggage too.

After he messed with all my things and found nothing, I asked the officer what could be wrong and why was he checking us. He just answered "because the 2 of you are beautiful girls."

"For the 3rd time, we went outside the holding room to scan my luggage. I was really very nervous (and irritated). I could imagine him almost saying that he found something in my bag. Remember, he was holding my bag all the time. I never had the chance to touch it again."

"Now they looked to Dyan. The lady officer asked her if she was hiding drugs in her belly. Of course she answered no. The other officer ordered a body check on her.
Now back in the holding room, and I was with the other 2 male officers. They started bragging that they captured all of the drug traffickers in the picture frame. Im still not sure what will happen next as they never told us anything."

After 1.5 hours, they were finally set free from the holding area. They went on to their accommodation in Bali with a heavy heart. Their trip was already ruined before it even began....

beware of bali


SUCH IS A DISPLAY OF ARROGANCE!!! Why are these INDONESIAN IMMIGRATION OFFICERS DISCRIMINATING FILIPINOS as drug traffickers? Does being Pinoy automatically mean being one? I'm outraged!!!

TRUE, it is in every country's interest and sovereign right to protect itself from harmful elements but what's with the manner with which the process was conducted? Will they do the same with Malaysians or Singaporeans? These Indonesians are starting to behave as if they are somebody when in fact they are not!!!!

This obviously shows it's not safe for Filipinos to go to Bali. My readers deserve to know. 
I say beware of Bali, beware of Indonesia----until they stop treating Filipinos like shit. If other countries issue travel advisories to their citizens whenever they feel that there is threat to them, why cant we warn Filipinos do the same.

Let's spend our bucks home or somewhere else where we are welcome. There are definitely more beautiful places in the Philippines to explore. Same goes with other countries.

To all Filipino bloggers (even other nationalities), if you care for your readers--tell them to take caution---and if possible--to simply stay away from Bali or Indonesia, unless you want them to experience the same horror Chyng did.........



  1. Check! tama! Sunugin sa impyerno yang mga hunghang na yan!

  2. putanginang mga indonesians yan! kuta ng mga terorista ang bansa nila! akala mo kung mgamalinis! shit sila! (1st time ko magmura sa comment ng isang blog! hindi ako makamove-on sa nanyari kay chyng! kung ako yun di ko ata kaya yun! magwawala ako!)

  3. sad story yung traumatic experience ni chyng.

    Tama, dapat iwasan ang indonesia muna unless magawan nila ng maayos at matiwasay ang proseso nila.

    hopefully sa ibang bansa ay walang ganong conclusion

  4. Upon reading. Nakakagalit, nakakakaba at nakakasad ang experience nila.

  5. discrimination! ang lakas ng loob na sabihing mga drug trafficker ang pinoy! Indonesia is definitely OUT of my list!

  6. I just read Chyng's account and felt so bad how they were treated poorly. This will certainly not help Indonesia attract more Pinoy tourists after this incident.

  7. Damn... mababait lang talaga tayong mga pinoy eh... nakaakbwisit sila para gawin nila at idiscrimenate tayong mga pinoy. daman talaga sila.. magpakalat tayo ng blog para dito...

  8. i'd rather stay safe than promote the goodwill. baka next time di na ko makauwing buhay.

    travel nalang tayo sa mga countries na welcome ang pinoys..

  9. hello pusa.. naririnig ko name mo sa mga ka-blogs sa twitter, follow kita pag dating ko bahay.. hnd ma click d2 sa ofis ang follow.

    gud morning!!!

  10. traumatic talaga yong nangyari kina chyng.

    cancel niyo muna ang Bali trip niyo.

    Sa ibang country na lang muna mag travel.

  11. scary naman sa immigration ng Indonesia.

  12. i really feel bad for her, this is really horrifying.. traumatic.. lahat na.. kahit binabasa ko pa lang i can never imagine what to do if they do frame up you which is really possible because they are in their territory. tsk.. tsk..

    pero mapa-san ka man, even in our own land, there are really bad forces in this world na hindi talaga mawawala :(

  13. copy pasted ko na lang comment ko mula sa UBlog :)

    masakit sa pakiramdam na ganun ang turing nila kapag may hawak kang philippine passport, kaso wala naman na tayong magagawa kundi sumunod sa kanila, unang una bansa nila yun at nag iingat lang sila...kaso di pa rin talaga maiwasan kahit saan ang mga nasa posisyon na mang abuso ng ibang lahe o kahit kalahe pa nila, maski sa ating mga pinoy maraming ganyan...

    mag ingat na lang tayo at gawing aral ang nangyari kina chyng...

    Kung aasa tayo sa gobyerno ng pinas na may gawin tungkol dito, umasa na lang tayo

  14. Those stupid and brainless Indonesian Immigration officers should get fired! I'd bet, they haven't even finish high school! Do they want their fellow Indonesian people to be treated like what they did to Ms. Cyhng once they get here in the Philippines?! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! They do not deserve to work as Immigration officers, because, they love to stereotype and they are arrogant, boastful, imbecile! I would love to feed them with some piece of shit and put my shoe print in their ugly and disgusting face!

  15. lintik ha! Hindi sila dapat nagsi-stereotype ng ganoon. Kahit ciche na to ay sasabihin ko pa rin na hindi naman ibig sabihin na lahat ay ganoon na.

    Hindi ko alam kung tama ako pero para sa akin, mali yun. Although may purpose naman yung ginawa nila, dapat lahat nalang din ng pasahero ay ginaganyan nang sa gayon ay pantay-pantay na!

    Natakot tuloy ako na magbakasyon kahit na wala pa naman akong perang pambakasyon.

  16. oh...,..skeri nga talaga...grabe naman.sana makarating tong balitang do sa mga kinauukulan...hmmm nakakabadtrip kakarating pa lang ganun na agad.

  17. anak ng! nakaktakot to! ayko pumunta dito!

  18. Gagu ng mga yon ah. Dapat malaman ng lahat ang mga nangyari na to. Hindi tama to. Kahit hindi pa sa pilipino ginawa.

  19. Nabasa ko nga to sa blog niya dahil napakadaming link sa fb, nacurious me. Akala ko nga spam eh. Haha.

    Kidding aside, sobrang nakakainis nga siya while reading et. Nakakabilib kung pano sila naghold ng emotions dahil kung ako yung nandoon, baka nagkasakitan na at nakulong na ako. Haha. Anyways, dapat mareklamo to. Mali ang trato nila sa ating mga Pinoy. Wag silang magmaasim kasi naturally, maasim na ang lahi nila. Mas mabango tayo. Bow.

  20. What a terrible experience. Chyng and Dyanie should file a complaint against the two officers of harassment and moral damages. If I were in that situation, I would smash my luggage right into the officers' faces; and they can't retaliate cuz they did just wrong. What is done cannot be undone.

  21. I notice the comments here are somehow distorted; the words are shuffled or added, and omitted or something.

  22. Ah gets ko nah; trinaslate pala from tagalog to English kaya nasali yung mga English rin; It's on my end; my browser;:-)

  23. buti na lang hindi sila nilagyan ng inplant na drugs, thank God!
    that's really a very traumatic experience, of all the passengers they hold them, why because they're Filipinos? to hell with them!! Mas maganda pa ang Palawan natin kesa sa Bali !

  24. I really feel sorry for Chying the way she was rudely, unfairly, and discriminatingly treated by the indonesian immigration officer. The question that is bothering me right now is why ? I worked in Saudi Arabia for 11 years, And in the company that i was working in before was one of the most prestigious company in KSA! And all the Filipinos that are working there, were all respected and praised for they're being professionals, and for doing a job well done on whatever field they were into. Filipinos are always an asset ! That is why mostly companies globally can't afford to loose filipino workers! We are one of best contributors to the success of every company has achieved. And indonesians there. . . . are nothing but a lowly outcasts, working a laborers job! It is not my intention to disrepect and to critisize them, because i believe in a saying "DON'T DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU"

  25. hi there.

    i am really sorry to hear your story. I am Jerry and i live in Bali. i was told this story by my Filipino friend. I have no idea what happens as this never happens before. Hope those officers could be put in trial soon. Once again, their act is so despicable and it came to me as a surprise.

  26. nakakatakot naman nyan. sana it won't happen to us when we travel to singapore this august.

  27. thanks to al you guys for showing you concern. as of the moment things are looking up for chyng and her case. you can see the update in her blog.

  28. i took chyng fight as my personal fight din as she is a dear friend to me. and chyng's fight is a fight for all of us Filipinos. as I said in her latest entry

    -----I am very glad that things are looking up and this is what I mean when I said you have done more in a weeks time than what most of us in blogging has done in years. You just dont know how big the effect of this on ordinary Pinoys traveling abroad--yes--not just Indonesia. nagustuhan ko ang sinabi ni Ms Susan Ople, buti nang pag-usapan, kasi if not magiging parang doormat nalang tayo na aapak-apakan. tama.akala siguro nila walang papalag. sorry sila, si Chyng ang sinampelan nila. now they will know that Pinoy Bloggers are influential. Isa pa---that PINOYs in general take enough PRIDE in themselves that they do not just stay mum while the injustices are being done to them. you have my utmost admiration!!!!

  29. it's good to know that the Philippine Government is with 'em in this. Kudos to all and hope that none of us would suffer the same harassment from anyone anywhere.

  30. more bad Bali experience:

  31. yeah like 2 harrased prostitutes make a difference?manilla airport is deemed the worst airport in the world by corrupt staff all over the wonder 11 million monkeys live outside their own jungle.

  32. Read Bali Raw An expose on the under belly of Bali Indonesia. Malcolm Scott published by Monsoon Books

  33. Just got home from a 4day trip in Bali. Thank God wla nman kmi na experience na ganito. Upon arrival, sobrang takot ksi nga bka mangyari din smin to plus i have a rashes on skin that time . Swerte ko lang ksi prang tinatamad un imigrasi, passport was stamped agad then bags were scanned wla na personal inspection of bags. Hehe After 20 mins cleared na kmi and hailed a taxi to our hotel.

    On our departure, wla din kmi problem. Malas lng cguro natapat sila sa mga epal na imigrasi. N

  34. Any country has the right to search people for security. IT IS NOT A DISPLAY OF ARROGANCE. STOP USING YOUR BLOG JUST FOR YOUR READER TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR FRIENDS. I know a lot of people who traveled to BALI and did not have this experience. I feel for your friends, that experience was tough. They only did that cause obviously they had experience that tells them that it can happen no matter who you think your are in your own country. And Stop Comparing other countries to the Philippines. They obviously traveled away from the PI cuase they wanted to. You cant get everything you ask for. NUT UP and face what's given.


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