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 We all have different needs. In my case, the need to strengthen back muscles so as to minimize back pain, to my wife, the to trim down. Both are most than just aimed at feeling good at once self, it's also anchored at achieving good health.

We diets and slimming to staring ourselves and thereby sacrificing our health. Not at all. Women have never been at an advantage when it comes to losing weight. There are a lot of amazing products out there that you can use without starving yourself to death. One of which is XENICAL, the effective weight management solution.


Xenical with the right diet can yield an increase in results compared to diet alone. Xenical prevents the body from absorbing up to 30% of the fat consumed in each meal. A recent study shows that Xenical has the highest quality formulation and it's purer compared to other orlistats.

This alone can work wonders in terms of helping in weight loss, however, one must also be sure to take Xenical properly in order to fully maximize its potential.

With this in mind, XENICAL recently launched CLUB NEW YOU, .

Club New You is a program that aims to serve Filipinos who are looking for a holistic and effective weight-loss plan.
The program intends to provide a pleasant and engaging experience for you and your loved ones. Xenical will utilize partnership marketing in order to provide you with value perks relevant to your needs.
Bianca Valerio
tv personality Bianca Valerio

I was personally invited during the launch  at the Residences at Greenbelt Makati last time. Part of the launch is the introduction of Zumba, which combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. . Hosted by F.A.S.H tv personality Bianca Valerio, the event was a sizzling affair that showed everyone the a workout could also be fun.

Xenical Brand Manager Gabriel Gonzalez

There was also a Q & A portion with the members of the press and guests and one of the issues raised has siomething to do with the use of the product among pregnant women. The doctors present during the event explained that although they are confident about the effectiveness and safeness of Xenical, it would be better not to since there's no research conducted related to it yet.

Some also raised questions about the male market, and yes----Xenical is not just for women. It's an effective weight loss system for both. That's also good news to all the guys out there who also want to trim down.
Aside from trimming your pounds to look great, do it to achieve overall health. Do it for your family, friends and change the way you perceive the world around you. Xenical Brand Manager Gabriel Gonzales emphasized "losing weight is the best way to start your journey towards overall wellness. Xenical and Club New You are your partners to help you find a new you""

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  1. I know Gabby Gonzales. He worked for the oil company I used to work for. Same line of work as I had, but different group. Nasa Xenical na pala siya.

  2. Hi, Anton! I won't be ashamed to tell anyone that I was also a Xenical user. I tried it a couple of years ago, before I got married in 2008. For me, it was really effective, because, you will see the results right after your next poop; with all the grease you ate. I've lost around 40lbs after just taking it for 2 months, of course, with exercise and proper diet. Yes, Xenical is not just for women. I took Xenical, because, I was about to get married back then. It's one of the fastest and effective way to lose weight, for a healthier you! I would just suggest that If someone will take Xenical, they might wanna take it during their restdays, and not on the days they have work or extra-curricular activities. Because, most of the time, even If you just fart, all of the oil you ate with your food, will be forced out of your body, extra virgin oil will be flowing from your behind, LMAO! Tnx for sharing! =)

  3. diet?? yet good food?? ask fufu!! XD

  4. The gasoline gas dude--totoo talaga pala na mga big time ang katrabaho mo.hehehe

  5. isp101-I failed to mention that but it's wife told me about it. and I didn't believe it at first. kala ko exaggerating sya. pero she showed it to me.amazing no. it only knows it works.nung una pa sabi nya-wala naman akong maramdaman. tas yun na. hehehe

  6. fufu---hahaha-those fufu recipes again?lols


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