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Max's Restaurant, the Philippine's favorite home-cooked fried chicken chain has brought back it's much awaited CHICKEN-ALL-YOU-CAN promo for 2011 starting  June 10. Yes,form 6-10pm daily, go to Max and  you can avail of an unlimited serving of fried chicken matched with a glass of Pepsi for only 199php. Good deal!!!

After the successful model shoot with YOPHO the other week, we were all exhausted and hungry. From UP Diliman, some of us decided to go straight to TRINOMA and avail of the Chicken-All-You-Can promo.

MAX all you want

All we did was line up and wait for our turn. That's the tricky part though, some people/ group could stay inside the restaurant for a few minutes to more than an hour. Add that to the popularity of this promo then you get long queue. I think it took our group an hour to wait before we got accommodated. Good thing we have our gears with us, the members toyed around. Took photos and videos and so we didn't notice the time.

It was good way to get more hungry so that we can eat as much chicken as we could. Once inside, the CHICKEN BATTLE begins!!!!
Ivy vs. Crisalie round one!!!
the count was just an exaggeration okay?lol
This was exactly what we needed, a chicken eating marathon. It gave us a long time to bond with each other and talk about matters concerning the group. As I said, we were fresh from a successful photo shoot so everybody were happy and still upbeat. The battle over chicken translated into bonding over chicken. :D
MAX-ed out
I have never eaten this much chicken all my life---fried that is. All in all, I finished 1 cup of rice, 4 pieces of fried chicken and 2 glasses of iced tea. I was too full I thought the next queue would be in the restroom.hahaha

It was kinda fun at first. The chicken tasted really good and it's crispiness pleasing to the mouth. When I finished my third serving, I had second thoughts of having another one. Peer pressure had it and I requested for another piece. That's when it got draggy. I felt as if I was in a movie scene where everything is going in slow motion. I heard myself saying annngggg--sssaarrraaaap----nnnngggggg--chickkkkkeennnnn...hahaha

It was  a good experience. At least now I already know how much chicken I am capable of in one dining. lols
chicken all you want
YOPHO@Max_all_you can
pusangkalye with the Young Photographers Club of the Philippines

If you have a big appetite for chicken and if  you have a big family or barkada who you miss going out with for a good bite and fun conversation, this is what you need. The Chicken-All-You-Can promo of Max's Restaurant.Oh, btw, I dished out a total of 250 pesos. That's for the extra rice and bottomless iced tea upgrade and service charge. 

There, await the tilaok signal and catch the Chicken-All-You-Can fever by visiting any Max’s Restaurant nationwide, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm daily. Promo runs from June 10 to July 10, 2011 only. go na!!!

photos by:
Mark Christian Ambata of YOPHO


  1. nakailang chicken ka naman sa chicken all you can ng maxs? lol

  2. plinaplano din namin mag chix all you can para makatikim ng mga parts like breast and legs. lols :p

  3. Good deal indeed! bigla akong nag crave sa fried chix! :D

  4. wow! nag promo na sila last year ng chicken all you can and we really pig out on it hehe, matutuwa na naman mga anak ko na parehong chicken lovers hihi

  5. it's really sulit! specially when some resto serves chicken for P400/meal agad..

    but i think not sulit for me, mahina ako sa chicken eating contest.. hehe

  6. nakakagutom naman yan.. hehehehe...

  7. sarap ng samahan, subrang na-miss ko to.

  8. walang katapusang photo gathering. pero masaya nga naman talaga ang ganun.

  9. Ikaw naa! Hindi ko pa naman masyado nasasarapan yung manok nila lalo na yung sapal part pero gusto ko itry ito. haha.

  10. Tingin ko makakarami ako sa chicken all you can ng Max, ma try nga sa restday, hehehe! =)

  11. Ahahahaha! Nothing can beat the first photo. It made me smile ... sobrang nakakatuwa! Galing galing!

  12. may ganyan pala sa max! hahaha kakabili ko lang ng crispy pata kahapon jan a!toink!

  13. had dinner last night at max’s market market. all i can say is that this branch gives the lousiest service. most of the waiters don’t even attend to their customers’ requests like a glass of water or another bottle of ketchup. when you will call their attention they deliberately look the other way while other waiters are just standing around instead of attending to their customers’ needs. and the chef (he’s wearing a chef hat and white outfit) who distributes the chicken to the tables are so selective in giving away chicken to chicken all-you-can customers. my son was asking for a refill but was rejected simply because his plate still has a small left-over wing which the guy in the chef’s hat said had to be consumed first before his plate is again refilled so we had to wait another 10 minutes or so before he came back (he was the only one distributing the chicken parts to the customers). the max’s in megamall and tiendesitas had so many waiters distributing the chicken and were not so selective in serving their customers. all of us in the group (there were 5 of us) were asking for chicken leg parts but were mostly given breast portions which were not so tender to say the least. again, this market market branch should have a revamp of sorts and fire all those incompetent and unfriendly waiters (chef included).

    i have been a long time patron of max’s since way back when and i am simply appalled and disgusted with the shabby service we were made to endure last night.


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