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Clasicas Españolas : ANGELO ORTIZ

We were buying cinema tickets at Shangri-la Mall last Sunday when I noticed that a concert is ongoing at the ground floor. It was not just an ordinary concert as the piano renditions with the accompaniment of orchestra easily  captured my attention. Since the first movie was not due till 30 minutes later, we decided to go down and check it.

The beautifully set stage say Clasicas Españolas featuring world champion ANGELO ORTIZ. Ortiz was at the piano and on the backdrop was a giant picture of him. From afar, it looked as if there's a giant screen projecting this young man playing the piano. What I had in mind while listening and occasionally snapping photos was, Is he Spanish?

It never occurred to me that he is Filipino.Pardon my ignorance. And so when I went home, I immediately opened the PC and made some research......

angelo Ortiz
Calsicas Españolas featuring Angelo Ortiz
Confirmed. ANGELO ORTIZ  is Filipino. He started playing the piano at the age of six. He's 25 now and has already made a name for himself. He won World Championship of the Performing Arts in Hollywood on 2006. Damn. Where was I and what kind of crap was I listening to?

He is already considered one of the “Pioneers of Classical Pop Piano Instrumental Composer and recording artist in the Philippines.”Ortiz is a grantee of the Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation (SPCC). One of the goals of the Ministry of Culture of Spain is to promote stronger and better ties with former Spanish territories.

Mini concerts like this one in Shangri-la mall in cooperation with SPCC and Instituto Cervantes are a great way of promoting classical music to the youth especially the masses who are not exposed to it. I for one admitted my ignorance a while ago and after listening to Angelo Ortiz last Sunday, I am craving for more.I never thought classical music could be that good.

I hope his website will be up soon as I want to follow him in his concerts.....


  1. feeling ko magaling yang ANGELO na yan kasi kapangalan ko. waahahah. joke lang :p

  2. A lot of Filipinos are truly talented!
    I love jazz but I listened to classical music when I was pregnant and it was lovely, I still enjoy it now. =)

  3. wow nice blog bro, hope you can visit mine also thanks

  4. whahahahahsayang di ko siya napanood at mukhang maganda pa naman to...
    go pinoy :D

  5. brave enough to be unique. claps for the guy!

  6. Was there at Shang too! Where I first saw him play then I fell.. haha. Will definitely watch his next shows. See you there, I guess :)

  7. Late comment but such a shame that I've already missed a couple of his performances na. I've heard about him but I've never seen him play. :(


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