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Ms. Aurora is Ms. PHILIPPINES EARTH 2011

Congratulations to Ms Aurora, Athena Mae Imperial for winning Ms EARTH PHILIPPINES 2011!!! She was crowned yesterday in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan after besting the 10 lovely candidates who vied for this years title. A well deserved win!!!!!

The twenty-four year-old Athena Mae Imperial reigns from Casiguran, Aurora. I am sure you kababayans are very proud of you. I was at Thunderbird Resort Rizal a few weeks ago for the Pre-Pageant and I saw her shine on stage.

MS. AURORA_Ms. earth 2011
Also our congratulations to the other winners:


Miss Philippines Air: JONAVI RAISA QUIRAY (Puerto Princesa City)
Miss Philippines Water: MURIELLE ADRIENNE ORAIS (Cebu City)
Miss Philippines Fire: MICHELLE GAVAGAN (Las Pinas City)
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism: TARHATA CLIO SHARI RICO (Makati City)
Athena Mae Imperial
Ms. Aurora

Athena Mae Imperial will be representing our country to this year's Ms EARTH PAGEANT to be held in Thailand. I know you can bring home the crown!!!! We are proud of you!!!!



  1. Her beauty was astounding last night. Of all the Top 5 remaining finalists, only her answer to the final question was the memorable one, the rest forgettable (no offense). I love Ms Cebu though but I am just disappointed how she delivered her answer last night.

  2. naks, siya ba yung nasa larawan na kasama mo. KAw na anton :D kaw na ang may souvenir picture na kasama si ms. Aurora :D

  3. mas maganda sya kesa sa last year's winner at pambato natin sa Vietnam...

  4. Talaga? She won pala. Wow. Naghigh school siya sa school kung saan ako nagcollege kaya nagkalat at streamer niya dun. Dati kasi siyang taga cabanatuan. Congratulations Kababayan.

  5. She really deserved to win.

    Congratulations sa thunderbird resort, Rizal. Good job.

  6. saw this kagabi, di ko lang natapos.. hehe

    here's my blog comment response --->
    apir friend! isa ka sa mga super nagpush for this. so thankful to you and teresa for the support. (yung support all the way, walang buts and ifs for the indonesian race) haha

  7. astig! para sa atin panalong panalo na siya.

  8. Parang hawig ni Eula Valdez sa first pic.

  9. Wow! The newly crown Ms EARTH (Philippines)-Ms. Athena Imperial is my cousin's friend, schoolmate at UP and sister in the YFC community!!! so proud of her.. young beautiful and talented lady!!! i really agree with u rah, she really deserves to win. =)


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