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PINOY TRAVEL BLOGGERS goes to google adsense webinar

I am so excited to talk about this. That's why despite all my backlogs and earlier events, I wanna show you this one first. Yesterday, me and a group of Pinoy Travel Bloggers (PTB) attended a webinar organized by the Blog and Soul Movement about adsense. No less than the google adsense team from Singapore explained the topics through online streaming. A separate blog entry on that soon.

First, the camwhore photos of  TEAM WESTERN PANGASINAN and Pinoy Travel Bloggers inside the Meralco Case Room of Asian Institute of Management.

anton, darwin,gael, and cai

It started with th simple standing on the wall, back-to-school-profile type of pic for schoolchildren.Later on with other PINOY TRAVEL BLOGGER members Ed who is in Manila for an importnat business and Jerome who I met for the first time.

with Vin Ello--extreme right.
Then the chaos started....hahaha

TWP with ed and Jerome
the_evolution of man
the Evolution of Gael
The last photo was our favorite.hahaha.It's supposed to depict the evolution of man...but since gael is in the left side of the photo and it really shows she resemble the ________, you know, the creature??(love you Gael!!) --I call this picture , The Evolution of Gael!!!! hahaha

Naging si Jerome si Gael. alam na!!!!

It was all spontaneous. We missed each other and we were also excited to have Ed around and jerome of course. We went to eat out afterwards and continued talking for a few hours......feel good!!!



  1. Well I was lying when I said from previous post that I lost interest on your blog because of some inconsistencies on your Luneta Post.

    I'm back and I like this post it shows the other side of you. I miss the PTB people.

  2. Tnx for sharing, Anton! I love the "EVOLUTION OF GAEL!"... you guys look amazing and enjoying the photo shoot! =)

  3. anonymous--you are welcome to read me anytime and I would appreciate comments nice or not--wag lang masyadong obvious na nang-aasar lang. at least I know now who you are. actually, alam ko na dati pa.hehehe. I wish you well

  4. isp101-- uo--dapat the evolution of man. ginawan ko ngang twist. ako rin mismo ang tawa nang tawa.hahaha

  5. Ang kulit! At least something refreshing to see on your blog... although mas cute sana kapag nandito ako nyahahaha :))

  6. hahaha---shoot na Mica!!! iplano mo na ang theme!!!

  7. This are some of the best photos we have. Ang kulit. Kabod ang classic na jumpshots and vanity pic...hahaha!

  8. ANTONNNNNN!!!!! at tlagng ginawan ng blog na at caption ang name ko! Hmm...I should get even! mwahahaha

  9. ang cute much!!! imiss hanging out with you TWP guys :)

    lets plan a trip soon, tayo tayo ulit.


  10. naku TWp--and dami kong naisip na concepts after ng shoot na yan---nanghinayang ako pero ang magnda dyan is di pinagplanuhan---puro lang spontaneous at ang kulet ng kinalabasan.hahaha

    honga---byahe sana tayo uli.huhuhu

  11. Ang galing :D hehe evolution tlga... Enjoy yung pics na ganun...

  12. hala bka anonymous nalagay ko! haha kuya anton ako yung anonymous.. haha palibhasa d na sanay mag comment :D nilalagay pa nga pla yung Name at URL haha


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