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My first ever MODEL SHOOT with YOPHO: teaser

To some members who I have been sharing experiences with during photowalks, they will hear me say that I hate shooting portraits. It's one of my least favorite fields in photography, unlike landscape and street where I can proudly say that I have almost mastered it.

I was browsing my albums from two years ago this morning when I saw this photo of DJ Sam Oh and DJ Gibb (outside 99.5 RT's studio) which I took when I was still an intern at Bounce Magazine (April 2009). I've realized, that during that time I was already taking portraits of celebrities, and even managed to produce a good photo despite still being a newbie using just my Nikon D90, its kit lens and a simple PhP 20.00 mirror to bounce the flash, what more now when I have already mastered the technical aspect of photography.

So, thanks to this find, I was inspired to take portraits again, so I really hope that I can catch up with you guys on Sunday so that I can refresh my portraiture skills!!!

YOPHO phils
Young Photographers Club of the Philippines in UP Dilman getting pep talk before shoot

The ones above are not my words, that's from JC, another member of the Young Photographers Club of the Philippines after finding out that we will be having a model shoot yesterday. I borrowed his words because that's exactly how I feel. I haven't really opened my photos on my computer so I can't say yet if it was good enough or not. I am nervous.hahaha.

Well, there's always a first time. I have to start somewhere.:D

BTW: Today is the 113th Independence day of the Philippines............happy independence day to my country the Philippines.i wish for more greatness this year.more economic milestones and more proud Filipinos!!!!



  1. portrait din ang ayoko eh hahahha. un lang. may masabi lang. feeling photographer ako eh. wahahahah

  2. Gusto ko din mag-try sa photography ... Haay,, kaso lang poor me, hindi ko afford isang matinong cam! :|

  3. ayun naman. ako din di ko pa talaga nasusubukan ang model shoot. isa to sa mga gusto ko rin pag aralan pag nagkaroon na ng oras.

    kakatuwa pag nagiging inspirasyon kayo sa isat isa.

    happy independence day!

  4. Akala ko ikaw nga yung nagpapa-"humble" sa kanyang photography skills, ang galing mo naman kako. Haha. Kaya medyo naniwala ako.

  5. ang hirap kasi. pero pinagaaralan ko na naman. :D

  6. sama ka na kasi sa YOPHO Bino.hahaha

  7. sama ka na kasi sa YOPHO Bino.hahaha

  8. Kapag yaman ko, bibili rin ako ng cam na pang harabas at pang sideline, hehehe! I'm going 30 this december, siguro, by that time na makabili ako ng pinagiipunan kong dslr camera, wala na ako sa kalendaryo, baka 'di na pwede sa YOPHO! hehehe! =)


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