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DPP ON A HIGH : digital photographer philippines 5th anniversary party

I noticed that if there are 3 hobbies/special interests in the Philippines that are showing spike in followers, it would be cosplay , blogging and photography. While I don't do cosplay, I am very glad I am into the last two. Speaking of photography, DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHILIPPINES has turned 5 this year. 

As such, DPP celebrated ON A HIGH---the 5th ANNIVERSARY PARTY which saw the whole of Bonifacio High street flooded by photographers both professionals and enthusiasts alike.The celebration lasted from 10am-12midnight on the 4th of June.

Bonifacio High Street
DPP ON A HIGH--Bonifacio High street became a photographers haven

 Last year was my first to attend their anniversary celebration and this time around i could tell that photography in the Philippines has really boomed. Bloggers, students, office working, moms and dads are into it. It's a cool thing to own a dslr these days, either as a means to earn a living or simply for the joy of having one. I can personally attest to that, there's so much joy in being able to capture daily moments with your loved ones or the beautiful places you go to when you are on tour.
model shoot

Lectures were given in different locations across High Street and inside Fully Booked. Tents were set up specifically for these workshops. The best photographers in the country were there to share their expertise in their fields. 

1. Pilar Tuason
2. Manny Librodo
3. Buboy Librodo
4. Raymund Isaac
5. Xander Angeles / Niko Villegas Edge of Light
6. Tom Epperson
7. Jay Tablante
8. Wesley Villarica
9. Jo Avila
10. Jay Jallorina
11. Edwin Martinez
12. Doc Marlon Pecjo
13. Jason Magbanua
14. Per-Andre Hoffman
15. Dino Lara
16. Lito Sy

I know right., if you can only divide yourself and attend all the lectures.hahaha
I came a bit late in the event. Good thing I was still able to catch the session with Ms Pilar Tuazon about  photographing beautiful women.

Pilar Tuazon
Young Photographers Club of the Philippines

I remember that last year, I came here as a newbie photographer with my entry level dslr camera. A year later, I was back  with the same old gear and a new cheap lens. I remember being intimidated by the expensive models and lenses other photographers carry with them. I felt the same thing this year except that I was a little more confident about my skill. I still consider myself an apprentice in this field but I know that I have improved a bit. That is reassurance enough for me. That gives me more reasons to push for this hobby and learn more. 

In 2010, I didn't even have a group I can call my own. This time,I have YOPHO with me, that gives me more confidence for the future.
YOPHO having lunch in shakeys market market

One of the highlights of my experience this year was attending the lecture of my idol Manny Librodo who I think is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, nikon user in the Philippines. His talk about ""When Travel Meets Fashion" really gave me a lot of insights. I was amazed at how he started in Thailand, how his students served as his first models, how his addiction to profile pictures aroused his interest to take photography to the next level and how his travels intensified it even more.

I will have a separate entry on Manny Librodo and his lecture soon......


Congratulations Digital Photographer Philippines for the successful 5th anniversary party. Thank you for taking photography in the Philippines to new heights. Events like this are very helpful in advancing the Philippine photography sector. You give inspiration to a lot of wannabe photographers and continuously  push the experienced ones to do even better. To all the speakers, thank you for sharing your expertise to us. We always look up to you. More power guys.

Looking forward to the next DPP event.
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  1. may kaopisina ako na nagpunta din dyan sa event na yan to learn new things sa photography.

    sana next year, may dslr na ako para pede din matuto ng photography :D

  2. ganda naman nito. sana nakapunta ko kahit wala kong DSLR pa ^^

  3. bat unte lang yung pix ng mga chix? lol.

  4. khantotantra---you can never tell. malay mo next month mag ka-dslr kana rin.:D

  5. wow busy man!!! so eventful over there!!

  6. lhan---pwede naman kahit P&S lang eh. ang importante, ang willingness to learn.kahit nga walang camera at all.

  7. @bulakbolero---menyak spotted!!!!hahaha

  8. fufu--yeah---lotsa events indeed. I miss travelling though.:D

  9. naalala ko post mo dito last year. congratulations to DPP. if there's something that im really interested these days it would be people photography. it may not necessarily be portraiture.

    may mga sale ba na gears and gadgets?

  10. sayang anton ^^ cge next time i'll be there sa mga ganyang events ^^

  11. at nga pala. oo support din kita sa anniv ng blog mo ^^

  12. inaantay ko ung mga photos ng babae kasi may photographing women seminar na nabanggit heheheeh.

  13. Wow. Pernes. It looks a lot more organized and better than before. I was part of the organizing team during the 3rd DPP Anniv and sobrang haggard! It was our first time sa venue sa The Fort and hindi namin naayos ng mabuti.

    I'm glad they're doing a lot better now. :D

  14. cant wait for the your post on Manny Librodo's lecture.

    Wow, bigaten yung mga photographers na naglecture. If i had my way, dadala ako ng recoder, irecord ko lectures nila.

  15. The event looks very impressive indeed. Thanks for the post. God bless.


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