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TEAM WEST PANGASINAN : JOSH UY a.k.a intsikboy comes to manila

The sponsored tour of Alaminos and Bolinao I shared with nine other bloggers in September of 2010 is by far the most relaxed, most fun and most memorable group tour I've ever had. Months after the trip, the memories linger and the friendship that we started way back in WESTERN PANGASINAN has grown deeper.

We have never had the chance to meet again--all 10 of us-- at the same time, but we occasionally see each other in small groups. Among all the members, only Josh Uy of is not based in Metro Manila as he maintains permanent residency in Sta. Barbara Pangasinan. So we got excited to see him when he came to Manila last month for an official business.

JOSH UY in MNLph tee

After his work in the company headquarters in Makati, he decided to meet us a few hours before heading to the airport for his flight to Cebu-Bohol. Not all of us were available but Cai, Marky and me were.

Together with my friend and Cai's bf Karlo, we gathered in Greenbelt for lunch.

Teresa and I were late as we came all the way from Binangonan Rizal. All four of them, Cai, karlo, Marky and Josh were already together when we arrived and had already went in and out of several restaurants in search for the perfect place to have lunch. We met them at the cinema area and immediately proceed to the restaurant of choice.

We ended up in Banana Leaf at Greenbelt 3. It's they say a multi - awarded International restaurant that introduced Filipino diners to the delights modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian cuisine. It has a casual ambiance. Nothing very fancy.
To be honest I couldn't remember now what we ordered. We let the ladies do the picking. All I have are photos of the food and the fun memory of eating using a banana leaf as a plate. Kulang nalang magkamay.haha. I remember I also threw mine coz I thought it's just a place mat and I find it a little off when I took photos. Good thing I was reminded by Josh that it will actually serve as my plate.


In between bites, we talked and laughed as if we were the only people inside. We missed each other. marky that day was particularly noisy. Well, knowing Marky, he is a very self spoken person, so when he starts throwing 2 consecutive jokes, that's it, he's already noisy.hahaha

I remember Cai constantly asking us if the food is okay. Honestly, it was okay and that's all. Nothing special for me to remember. The taste is forgettable. I find it expensive actually. Not that I care about the price but for somebody who didn't enjoy it, it's expensive. All I can recall is that it's oily and the 3 main dishes tastes similary---oily.hahaha.The guys agreed with me. Good thing we constantly asked for our glasses to be refilled with dalandan juice. Good decision to go bottomless.lols
I think I heard Cai say it was Malaysian food that we ordered, or maybe Thai? I am not sure.I didn't care much. I think I should just blame myself for being not so much into this kind of dishes. Ignorante.lols

I was just glad that we got to see Josh again after a few months and finally had a good personal chat with him. Ang effort ha. lumuwas pa talaga kami ni wifey Josh just to meet you.hahaha

We finally bid goodbye at around 3pm. Teresa and I headed back to rizal while all four of them watched a movie in Greenbelt. Priest? how was it nga pala guys? :D 

I heard that in the evening, 2nd batch naman, with Mica and Darwin  naman  over beer. Was Gael there? .
Take note, they drunk a few hours before the flight of Josh to Cebu--buti nalang pinapasok ka sa NAIA Josh.hahaha.

We missed Josh, and I personally miss the whole group. I hope one of these days, we can all meet again nang sabay-sabay. Another out of town trip TEAM WEST PANGASINAN????



  1. bonding bonding ang mga tiga west pangasinan :D

  2. nice! reunion!!!

    ok talaga dyan sa banana leaf. di pa masyadong expensive. maayos din ang serving at ang mga crew ayos din naman.

  3. nice to have a mini reunion specially with friends na even though di kayo nagmemeet regularly, yung friendship grows stronger and bigger.

    mas maganda kung kayo ulit team west pangasinan na mag-oouting ulit :D

  4. sana makasama ko din kayu in the near future hahaha

    hindi pa ako naka-meet ng bloggers. I'm overwhelm!

  5. Looks like great bonding with fellow bloggers. I, too, had met a number of blogger friends already. It was good to see face-to-face the persons behind the blogs we frequent.

  6. Akala ko maikli lang yung post, i almost missed the "read more" button.

    Good times with friends with good food. Tas may picture pa ng barkada. Napaka priceless yan na moment.

    DI ko pa natry sa banana leaf, pero mukhang masarap yung pinaputok na tilapya. Pero mahal ata, dahil sa mga fish massacres lately.

  7. Eto yung nakatulog ako ng bonggang-bongga na kahit ilang tawag na, hindi pa rin ako nagising =)) Ok naman experience ko dyan sa Banana Leaf noon. Maybe because the senior ones ordered the food hehe. :P Sa airport na kami mismo ni Josh nagkita. ako papuntang Davao naman nun. Kamiss nga :D

    Koyah, November yung trip natin LOL :P

  8. awwwww... super touch ako dito :) what did I do to deserve a post... thanks sooo much kuya... si Darwin plus a couple of my college friends (jim hernando) kasama ko inuman, I think from 9 to 12 MN.. tapos diretso na airport.. then si mica dumating 3 am sa NAIA :) sarap sa airport pag madaling araw, solong solo mo yung sahig, kahit pagulong gulong ako, hehe

  9. o nga onga... november yun... it was my birthday treat to you guys, remember?? :) hehe


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