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TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE 2011 captured in the Philippines

It's something that doesn't happen often, the alignment of the sun, earth and moon where the earth blocks the sun thereby denying the moon of light is what's called TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE. Such occurrence was observed June 15,2011. 

In the Philippines, Australia and Western Asia, the eclipse was visible just before sunrise,categorically June 16, Thursday.
Photo By Jan Go of Young Photographers Philippines

It was all over tv and internet the day before but the eclipse was not visible until 2:30am PT. I was already fast asleep that time.hahaha. Okay, to be honest, I woke up at 4:30am and I still got to see it, low in the horizon, almost touching the hills west of our village. If I didn't look hard enough, I wouldn't have noticed it.But I was too lazy to bring my camera out. After all, it was too dim I was not even sure I will be able to capture it.

Yeah, the moon turned red. Pretty scary right? The explanation, it turned dark at first when the earth directly blocked the sun and later on, a small amount of light indirectly  reached its surface. Add that to the effect of the particles in the earths atmosphere, then you had a reddish moon. Nature works wonders!!!!
lunar eclipse
Dramatic View as the eclipse unfolds: by Black Light Shoot of Yopho
red moon-2
Photo by BLACK LIGHT SHOOT of Young Photographers Philippines

Despite my laziness, I am lucky enough to be friends with photographers. Rex and Jan of Young Photographers Club of the Philippines provided me with the amazing shots above. That's how the FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE of June 15, 2011 looked like in the Philippines.

According to Wikipedia, the last time a lunar eclipse was closer to the center of the earth's shadow was on July 16,2000. The next central total lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018. Better be ready for that. hehehe



  1. Thank you for the information. I stayed up all night and got some photos of the lunar eclipse.
    I don't have a telescope, but I do have a digital camera with 18 optical zoom.
    Photos and time-lapse animated image are on my blog post here:

  2. I saw your post and I was impressed those photos were taken by a digital camera. you gave some dslr users a run for their money.hahaha

  3. nasaksihan ko to! hehehe. may susunod pang lunar eclipse sa December naman

  4. Otherworldly! Kudos to the photographers.. Dang, I was too sleepy to stay up for this :(

  5. i know someone will post pictures kaya i decided to just stay asleep.. hehe

  6. buti na lang may mga tulad nyo, di na kailangan lumabas, hintay lang ng pix :D

  7. Didn't bother to go out. Blame the big buildings for blocking the view! Grrr

  8. i wasn't able to take a look because i forgot that it was the day of the lunar eclipse hehe. anyway, the photos are very good, by simply looking at it and reading your post, parang nakita ko na din :)

    thanks for sharing this is very informative!

  9. nagising ako nung madaling araw pero tamad na tamad na ilabas ang camera.

  10. I also saw it live in the night sky after coming work @315H... Its beholding and quite scary because it was reddish.

  11. wow it's cool! i think i better be ready for the 2018 one!

  12. @pusang kalye
    Salamat po. I had hoped that the photos would be a bit better quality. Maybe I will be able to get the settings better next time. I still have some HD footage to upload.


  13. Sadly nabalitaan ko yung eclipse a day after kaya hindi ko rin nakita. Buti na lang merong mga ganitong pictures na nakapost sa net :)

  14. Hi,

    Awesome shots!!

    Can I feature the photos on my website ( I am collecting total lunar images taken by fellow astronomy enthusiasts and photographers.

    Thanks so much! :)

  15. sayang hindi ko nakita to ... ako na hindi aware sa news ..sayang talga =( btw thanks for the pose ...


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