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It's like de javu all over again. When I was working in an online-english company in Ortigas a few years ago, our boss usually gives us packs of iWHITE products on top of our Christmas bonus. That's why I have grown familiar with the brand and somewhat learned to like it. I know its smell, its texture,its color and how effective it could really be on your skin.

A few weeks ago, I received a direct email from a representative from iWHITE asking me if I could attend their event. I am no fashion or beauty blogger so the invitation was a little surprising. When In asked where he got my name or how he came accross my blog, he said his boss gave him a list and I was part of it. How can one refuse if one feels honored? So it is, pusangkalye the photobloger attending a beauty products event. Good thing it's not just another beauty product, it's iWHITE Korea.


The venue was at Papa John's Pizza in Greenhills San Juan. Upon arrival, Jp of iWhite team demonstrated to me how the face mask works. Later on, I realized that I am the only torn among the roses. Yes, I was the only male blogger invited. How's that for a change?haha. Also, it was my first time to meet all the bloggers in this particular event. I suddenly felt bare with no familiar faces to talk to. Good thing all of them are very friendly so it was not difficult to build rapport.

I am sure many of you are also familiar with the brand as it is available in major drugstores, even in Watsons and 7/11 convenience stores. For those who are now, allow me to give you a few information about the brand. 

iWhite makes use of natural ingredients that are absolutely safe, effective and has no side effects. A blending of Morus Alba, Panax Ginseng Root, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, and Algae Extract/Seaweeds Extract helps in maintaining clean, clear, radiant skin with healthy pinkish glow. 

make_up by say
It is mild and non-comedogenic (meaning it's for all skin types and it leaves no residue on the skin)
As a result, it will not make your skin taut and dry.

Active ingredients:

Aloe Vera to relax, Panthenol to moisturize, Vitamin ACE - antioxidants, Mulberry Extract to whiten, Panax Ginseng to give pinkish glow.  

Currently, they have 5 core products. Aqua Moisturizing Cream, Moisturizing Facial Wash, 3 in 1 Facial Cream (Whitening, Protection, Make-up base), Nose Pack and Whitening Pack. I love the nose pack as i really accumolate a lot of white heads on my nose region and after a few minutes of leaving tha pack on my nose, it effectively pulls with it the whiteheads when removed. I enjoy the process and I enjoy looking at those annoying white heads all stuck in the mask.hahaha
iWHITE beauties
with -3rd from left

iBLOG, iLIKE, iWHITE Challenge

This is probably the most exciting announcement during the event. You can get a chance to win iPAD 2 by blogging about iWhite. Here's how.


1. open to all bloggers with valid blog and facebook account.
2.activity period- July 9 to August 5, 2011
3. simply write what you like about iWhite (either the all the products or only on a particular variant.
4. publish it in your blog and then post it in facebook
5. (in facebook) write the title of your article then TAG iwhite Koreas fan page and profile page.
(make sure you say something about your link before you share it.
6. the most number of likes and comments on their facebook post will will an iPAD.
(70% from the # of LIKES and 30% will be from the number of COMMENTS)

very easy right? So to all bloggers out there. Here's your chance for an iPAD!!!!

To all the bloggers in the event, to Tiffany, Ann, Michelle, Say, and Paolo. It was nice meeting you guys. Hanggang sa susunod na event. And to the iWHITE team, notably JC ,Jan and Barbie, good job!!!And to Ms. Angelica, I really hope iWHITE would come up with a particular product which would cater to people like me with acne problems.hehehe

To all my readers and other bloggers out there, here's your chance to win an iPAD. go for it!!:D
find them in facebook HERE


  1. wow! gusto ko ipad hihi, i need to buy muna their product, testing mode muna hihi

  2. Dapat may picture ka rin na minomodel mo yung iWhite! Hahaha

  3. i want an IPad.. can i join this one :P

  4. I don't want to post nega reviews nyahahah!

    Padaan lang po!

  5. Thanks for sharing this blog Anton! I liked my candid shot! Followed you blog,more power!

    I was just sad we were not able to talk much, so many bloggers I met again for a long time and met for 1st time and so there were so many faces I wanna meet..But glad you were there and we get the chance see :)

    Hope to see you again and the rest of the bloggers!

  6. hahaha--it's official guys---beauty blogger nako.napansin ko yung pic ako lang male blogger.awts.anu ginagawa ko dito?hahaha

  7. nice post! followed you! gaganda ng pics! ;)

  8. Ngayon ko lang nabasa. =)) It was great meeting you too! See you again hopefully in other events. :-)


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