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THAI COOKING CLASS with Thanatorn Krobsuay

I really don't understand why I get invited in food events. I am the worse person/blogger you can find on this topic. I'm a picky eater, I suck at cooking and I find it hard to remember the name of dishes.This is another good thing about blogging then.It's educational and liberating. Aside from learning new things, we unlearn some bad habits and misconception. I am pertaining to my food preferences, I thought I would never like Thai food so I never tried it, that until another blogger, Chyng Reyes, invited me to dine in a Thai restaurant somewhere in QC last year. I have learned to like Thai food since then.

That's why such was my excitement when Ms. Vannah of Marriott Manila told me of  a THAI COOKING CLASS event in Marriott Hotel last week. With no second thoughts, I immediately said yes, this is my time to learn more about that cooking.
thai_cooking class
Thai Cooking Class @ Marriott Manila

Time to get educated on Thai cooking yeah? Why not. Especially if the teacher is the well known Master Chef of  Marriott  Bangkok Thanatorn Krobsuay, the certified Thai cuisine expert. This is in line with Marriott Cafe’s second round of exhilarating food festival in cooperation with Thai Airways and The Royal Thai Embassy-- Thai Kingdom Come! 

This year is an extra special recourse of Thai treat as another JW Marriott chef is coming in to double up the feast: 27 year old Sutthipong Sirikanchittawon, one of the certified Thai food ambassadors of JW Marriott Bangkok’s Marriott Café. 
Michelle Garcia-the director of marketing communications with resident chef 
of Marriott Manila, chef Christopher

Thanatorn Krobsuay showed the bloggers and members of the print media how to cook different dishes like the FISH Cake,Green curry with chicken and sweet basil, tom yum goong (prawn soup)  among others. Too bad I came late, yeah, I missed the good part again. Chef Thanatorn was done with his demonstration when I came. Glad that he is very friendly. When I came, I went straight to the demo kitchen took photos of the food and asked him questions as to how to do it. Good thing he cooked in batches as guests also came in groups.I still got the chance to see how he cooks it. Less the explanation of coarse.

I saw how he meticulously prepared the dishes. Thanks to the help of Marriott Manila's resident chef Christopher of coarse.
One of the food prepared during the cooking class demo was the Green curry with chicken and sweet basil. It's  known for its flavorful chilly sauce made of green pepper simmered with eggplant and thinly-sliced chicken pieces. I heard that the bloggers kept saying "bango, bango" (smells good) while chef Krobsuay was cooking.hahaha

The Fish cake reminds me of fishball, except that this one is not circle and that it doesn't taste like fish ball at all. Ito yung sosyal version.kidding. 
 tom yum goong (prawn soup) 
 the FISH Cake
Green Curry with Chicken (Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai)
Then came the test test. We got to  eat the food prepared by chef Thanatorn Krobsuay. They served the Fish Cake first so I guess it serves as an appetizer. Rather than the taste of the fish, the spices are more dominant more dominant. They invade your taste buds. It's like eating Thai soup except that this one is solid. The next thing served was the soup which I really like. I am not so much into spicy food and the tom yum goong (prawn soup)  is perfect for my palate. 

The herbs and spices are carefully balanced, not too salty, not too spicy, simply perfect and it has this distinct Thai taste which is addictive.Blame it on the herbs.The green Curry with Chicken (Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai) also fits my taste. Chef Thanatorn cooked it well that it's not too salty. Good for somebody like me who has a sweet tooth.
thanks Ms Michelle and Ms. Vannah for the invite

For somebody like me who is not good at cooking and stuff, the experience was really good. The opportunity to be an audience to one of the best chefs of Thailand while he cooks is really priceless, more so when we got to sample the food he prepared. I guess I am getting deeper and deeper into becoming interested with anything Thai. And as they say, the best way to a man's heart is through the stomach. The experience definitely left its mark on. I can't wait for more.
pusangkalye with Thanatorn Krobsuay
pusangkalye with chef Thanatorn Krobsuay

Be an ace in the kitchen and cook up some exquisite Thai cuisine right at your very own home table. Learn basic 3-course Thai food on July 12 and 19 with JW Marriott sous chef Thanatorn Krobsuay for only P1, 000 net. Not only it’s an affordable kitchen shindig but a great way to hook up with other excited gourmands too!

For inquiries or reservations, call Marriott Café at 988-9999.


  1. ito na yung sinasabi kong I am starting to love Thailand.the universe is conspiring to hasten the process.hahaha

  2. Woah! kahit amoy kili kili pa ang pagkain nila dahil sa mga curry powder na yan, I can't help it. Uber sarap talaga. Kaya naging one of my favorite resto yung Banana Leaf kasi they serve great Thai food. I love cooking but my mom won't allow me to try Thai dishes at home. hahah! Mangangamoy ang sangkabahayan. hahaha!

    nice entry!

  3. Hello Anton. Isa lang masasabi ko, inggit ako sa iyo! Waaah! Great opportunity for you!

    I am not a fan of spicy food, too [kaya, siguro, okey din sa akin yung tom yum goong - di siguro spicy, noh?]. Pero, I want to learn to cook them.

    Oh, pano, ingat ha! Will add you nga pala on my Google+... Ingat always and thanks for sharing those great photos! Hugs!

  4. I love Thai food. I will live in Thailand dahil sa food nila. :)

  5. whoa! kumain nga lang ok na ok na. lalo na kung matututo pang magluto. i love thai cuisine. ganda ng lugar.

  6. @Bino--wag kang maingay.bat, me objections?hahaha.mag-antay ka.dami ko nang nakaready dito.lols

  7. I guess magiging food blogger ka na....:) sarap naman ng experience mo:)

    I'm also a picky eater coz I know how to cook pero thai food never pa akong nag attempt na magluto.I guess I should of this day pag ma aning

    By the way Murakami books are available in National bookstore pero pag wala sa fullybooked kc dun ako lagi bumibili I even have the discount card na nga eh:)hoping to read a Murakami book review in your blog:)

    Happy blogging!

  8. Oo nga, food blogger kana, hehehe! Sowsyal naman, di kana ma reach, kaya pala isnabero kana ngayon, hehehe! =P

  9. food + travel + picture = ang sarap magbasa sa mga stories mo

  10. Bakit parang lagi kang naiinvite sa kung ano anong events na hindi mo naman hilig? LOL!!


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