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SMART BRO starter plug-it dongle launched

As a blogger, being connected is everything. But since I have my fixed internet line which goes with my landline, I really can';t afford to subscribe to a mobile service plan where I get charged on a monthly basis. Mabigat na masyado. But the delimma is, when I go out, and attend blogging events for example, wi-fi connection is sometimes unreliable. There were many cases in the past when I get so annoyed attending events in malls in Metro Manila known to cater to the elite and yet you can't event access to their wifi connection coz it's too weak. That leaves me with fb shoutouts expressing my disgust.Since I am planning to buy a new netbook to replace my 4-year old laptop, I am also considering the best plug in there is in town.So far, the main contender I would say would be the SMART STARTER Plug-it.

my friend's old SMARTBro Stick

Yes,Smart just launched the Starter Plug-It dongle which is the most affordable Prepaid Internet dongle available in the market today at P995. This is an affordable product for those looking for their “1st” (starter) internet dongle for their laptop. This is what we all want, to stay connected 24/7 and yet don't have to spend that much. Good deal right?At least this time, I don't have to borrow my friends SmartBro stick to get connected as I can easily afford my own.
With Smart Starter Plug It, you get:

-A portable plug in device for an affordable price of P995.
-60 mins FREE surfing (valid for 1 day)
-Nationwidest coverage and most reliable signal
Speeds of up to 2 Mbps that makes surfing fast and easy.



One-time fee: P995
Usage fee: Pay per use. P10 for every 30 mins. Or avail of any usage package (Unlisurf, Per Minute, Prepaid Lifestyle).
Freebies: Preloaded with 1 hour (valid for 1 day)
Connection: via USB
Speed: Up to 2 mbps
Lock-in Period: None
Application requirements: None
System requirements: Pentium III or higher, 512 MB of RAM or higher, Ethernet / LAN card, at least 10 GB of Hard Disk Space, USB 2.0, Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac Osx 10.4 (Tiger), Leopard, Snow Leopard

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This is for all those who are planning to really get into the internet and Facebook revolution. The new SMARTBro starter plug-it is best for you. And to the bloggers like me who wants to stay connected, this is it!!! Di ka na makiki wifi sa malls or cafes or makiki hiram sa kahit bahay, dahil may dongle na abot kaya na!” 

DISCLOSURE: this is a paid post:

To know more about this product, feel free to log in to their website:


  1. I don't have any of those Internet USB plug-ins but I experience using my friend's Smart Bro USB plug-in. It's a plan.

    It's very convenient when you're attending an event then you want to post shoutout in FB or Twitter. It's for satisfaction.

    Wanna try it but I have so many bills to pay now. lol.

  2. naka plan me sa ibang line for my net kaya as much as gusto ko din sana itry yan, dito na lang muna me sa current ko.

  3. ok cia in the sense that you can bring it anywhere but more often than not (based on my experience) ang hina ng smartbro plug-it, na-frustrate na ako sa kanila that's why I migrated to a canopy. But then again, you are mostly in Manila so baka mas maganda wherever plugit signal dyan. Wag mo lang i-compare ang speed sa fixed line mo. Hoping you'll have a good experience with it!

  4. I disagree. Para sa akin, masyadong choppy ang smart bro ... Ewan ko lang! At, oo nga pala, dilemma ang spelling ... Ako na ang proofreader!! Bwahihihihih ...

    Pasensya na sa comment ko, sa cp lang me nag-net e,, ineexplore ko lang ... :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. meron ako sun broadband postpaid plan before pero pina-cut ko na kasi... mas madalas pang maputol ang connection ko kesa sa paggamit ko ng net...

    pero nung nagamit ko ang smart bro dongle ng co-teacher ko na post paid din... mas mabilis po xa at walang hassle ang connection...

    iba pa rin talaga ang leader pagdating sa broadband...

    pero ngayong mag-bro na ang sun at smart sana maging maayos na rin connection nila...

  6. smartbro dongle - choppy na, nag drop pa. Muntik na namin i-video while crashing [chop] tong plug-in then we'll post it sa youtube :) Suma total natambak lang sya dito, and I switched to Sun Plan, so far walang hassle. Sun signal is kinda okay in our area [Q.C.] When the time PLDT got some shares from Digitel, almost a week nag down a few times ang Sun, kagagawan ng culprit :)

  7. I also have a Smartbro and para sakin, Smartbro na pinaka Ok, and i've heard a lot of postive feedback about it.

    btw hope you can visit my blog also,
    I'm a newbie blogger and looking for some blogger friends :)

  8. i will not be deleting any comments here.(even the negative ones) so as the poeple from SMART will be able to read them and for sure they will try to address that. I have also heard many negative feedbacks for other competitors which eans these cases are not isolated on SMARTBro alone. At the end of the day, the most important thing is how responsive the company is and how they try to address the concerns of their customers.

    one thing is certain.And I can attest to that----SMART is the nationwidest. Meaning, they give smile to more people in the Philippines than what any other company can.

  9. It’s good to know that they offer prepaid for this unlike Globe’s which is only offered through plan. Nice one Smart!

  10. globe also have prepaid its called GLOBE TATOO :))))


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