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U-BLOG PROFILES: Xprosaic's World

The time I decided to come out and meet fellow bloggers last year was with personal-humor bloggers. A life changing moment for me. I have stopped myself from engaging in eyeballs (eb) in the past for many reasons. After the first meeting in summer of 2010, I never stopped. To see the people behind the blogs you read face to face is such an awesome experience. It might not be pleasant all the time, but still fascinating.

Fast forward more than a year later, the blogging community in the Philippines has exploded and evolved. Currently, I am a member of so many blogger groups in facebook. Pinoy Bloggers, Pinoy Travel Bloggers, Photobloggers Philippines, Team West Pangasinan and U-Blog to name a few. That means my email gets flooded with notifications everyday and these notifications has been a way of life for me.
In terms of eyeballs these days, I think no group is more active than the members of U-Blog. What do you expect, these are mostly personal bloggers and weather online or offline, these people are intimate and it shows. I occasionally go out with them and I really enjoy it.

The latest of which was 2 months ago when a blogger from davao/Mindanao came to Manila for an official business (kuno) His name, Xprosaic.

XPROSAIC is probably the most secretive non-anonymous blogger that I know of. If you read his blog, his pictures are all over the place. He would tell you about his latest travel exploits and other personal stuff but the longer you stay on his website, the more you realize that those things don't touch even the surface of who he really is.

My point is, we don't even know his real name!!!! He would not tell. Why? Because he doesn't want us to know his work. Why? I don't know. That's what we tried hard to find out the night we went out to dine and drink ---to no avail. He simply wouldn't say it..Bottles of Tanduay Ice didn't ahve any effect at all. We thought it would loosen his tongue a bit but still futile.
All he gave us were answers which made us confused. The wittiness of Salbe backed up by her charm and the cleverness of Yanah all failed. They didn't even manage to squeeze an answer as to what his work is.But I have a little secret. I know his real name and his work.hahaha

Thanks to social networks. No, it's not facebook.He just opened a facebook account a week after we met in Manila. And he is not using his real name there. He simply calls himself Xprosaic Ako in facebook. Weird right?

But it doesn't matter. In blogging we learn to respect if the person want's to stay what we did is that we just focused our attention on each other. We started making fun of each other instead.Naging loveteams ang trip.hahaha 

para namang magkapatid lang sa pananampalataya eh!!!.:D
parang biological twins lang naman!!!hahaha
Bino-Xprosaic. hahaha
ito pwede!!!!!hahaha.kidding'


Actually, sila ang salarin. They started the loveteam thing. And I was convinced. It looks authentic. I think you agree with me when you see the photos below. I am a gregarious person so I easily fell into it that night. Two months later, I don't know the real score anymore. lols. Hmmmm, yeah, ma-follow-up nga kay Bino to. Naconfuse ako bigla what really happened that night. Was it all joke Bino or there's more to it?hahaha
Madz and Bino...FTW!!!!
Whatever it is, basta love love love tama Bino?

Going back to the main person featured in this post. Xprosaic.There, about privacy? We all have reasons why we blog and yet keep our lives public. While I admire peopel who are very vocal and open in their blogs, I also respect those who keep their personal life a secret. And about eb's, we want to meet people also for many reasons. It's not to say that we want to be intimate all the time, sometimes, the fact that you are in a place together and you share simple chitchats and good laughter is already enough. While Xprosiac might have been reserved even during the first meeting, we still appreciate him being around wanting to see us in person. Sana nga lang next time medyo mag-open narin nang kaunti if not 1st and last na talaga to!!!hahaha
Time pass and things changed. Mukhang ibang-iba na anamn sinabi ko dito don sa mga realizations ko last eb with some bloggers.hahaha.

Anyhow, that's all I can say for now. I wanna leave it there coz I still have to type something on the facebook wall of Xprosaic. Mumurahin ko lang kasi the last time I opened his blog, a notification says.......

""This blog is open to invited readers only"". ampotah talaga!!!lols


  1. U-Blog Rocks!! =) sana hinostage nyo nalang si Xprosiac gat di nagsaassabi ng pangalan di papauwiin haha

  2. Me t0o... At s0me p0int, dko rn bnbgay infos. ko... Mga malalapt lng skn ang nakakakilala skn... Nkakatuwa magbasa d2 sa bl0g mo and i h0pe to read m0re fr0m u esp. ung mga ph0tos...

  3. LOVE ang theme ng eb nyo. Hehe!

  4. Naks! Featured si Xprosaic! I agree with you, secretive nga 'yang si Xpro pero sa simula lang naman. But once you get to know him and spend time with him, OK din. Makuwento at madaldal din. LOL! At alam ko din totoong pangalan niya at kung saan nagwork. Hahaha! :)

  5. ang masasabi ko lang ang gwapo ko sa 2 pics. nyahahahahahaha.. bkit ako walang pakilala? nyahahahaha.. ^_^

  6. love team ka dyan!!!! ganun lang talaga kami ni madz. we're just friend yah know

  7. hahaha flashback ba ito??? Effort kung effort ang EB na ito dahil kasagsagan ng malakas na ulan, pero we made it di ba? mga adik lang! Parang nabitin ako sa kwentuhan eh kasi naman walang mapiga kay

    I agree with Bino's comment. :)

  8. masaya pag nakikita mo yung fellow bloggers tapos magiging kaibigan mo sila

  9. Ayiii!! Yung labteam ni Bino at madz, nasubaybayan ko yun. Going strong pa rin ata. hihi.. :P

    Oo nga, very secretive ata si X. Lalo akong naiintriga sa kanya. haha!

  10. hahahah si engr..uu secretive tlga yan si Xpro, pero madaldal din nkaonline sa FB at minsan adviser din sa real life.

    Anyway, astig tlga mag EB ano, nag eenjoy ako sa mga pics. No comment na muna sa mga loveteams :))

  11. ung last pic ba loveteam din? hahaha. lols.

    grabe, ano ang real name at work ni xprosaic? curious mey.

  12. ang sosweet :)

    sya pala si xprosaic :)

    good day anton!

  13. ayun oh si xprosaic!! talaga featured para makalikom ng readers! ahahah! adik ka!

  14. at muli na naman akong nanghinayang bakit hindi sumipot sa eb ni XP na yan. Wala lang.

  15. whahahaha namisss ko bigla yung mga ganito... ublog... urock... saya di ako nakasama dito. hehehe ang lakas kasi ng bagyo yung araw na to eh...

  16. IYong title lang tama, pero iyong name niya sa buong post, xprosIAc na,, LOL. Ako na ang proofreader!

    Ni-check ko pa nga ang site niya, tapos nalaman kong ni-private niya pala ... LOL!

  17. daming comments--basta naman Bino-Madz labteam oh.hahaha.

    panu ko ba iisa-isahing sagutin to.awts.

    BON--he looks too nice kasi para gawin namin yan.kahit si Salbe na maitim ang budhi, di nagawa.hahaha

    mZpasimple...hmmm.male version kapala ni Xprosaic.hehehe. joke. okay lang yan.kanya kanya ng trip.salamat

  18. @empi--lab team eb. gusto ko parang sunod na stage Seb na ganun ba? hahaha

    @gasdude---uo--salamat sa isang social networking site.nacorner ko. isiwalat na natin ang identity nya dalu!!!hahaha

  19. @khilabotz---ang self-centered!!!ampotah.hehehe

    @Bino--ang showbiz ng sagot kahit kelan.i-hot seat kaya kita!!!lolz

  20. @hArTLeSsChiq ---isa ka pa!!:D bawal mag deny ang mga hinahatulan.lels

    @event lover--tama, diko na mabilang sa daliri ko rin.maaring di ganun ka-intimate na friends pero friends parin.:D

  21. @leah--dapat sa next eb andun kana--tas ikwento mo yang mga insiders mo sa labteam ng 2.nacurious ako.hahaha

    JHiegzh --ah---alam mo na agineer sya.naks.mukhang marami na anu real name nya?hahaha

  22. @khantotantra--ampotah--di yan!!!at dahil issue ka--diko sasabihin su!!lols

    ~ JaY RuLEZ ~--uo--sya yan.too bad dimo sya mababasa for the mean time kasi me sarili na namang universe ang loko.hahaha

  23. @iya_khin --di naman dahil dyan--stable naman readership kahit panu. awts. i mean I dont need to use people para sumikat.I am just talkinghere of the good time we shared together and I think there's nothing wrong with that.tama ba?peace.

    EngrMoks ---eh--balita namin lumalagok ka ng alak sa kanto nung mag apnahaong yun eh.jowk Moks.

  24. @Axl---di umayon si Universe sayo kasi nasense daw nya na me dark motives ka.lols

    Michael--ay sori--buti sinabi mo--see, pati name nya sa blogosphere sakit sa bangs diba? kaya ako nagkamali.hahaha

  25. @Axl---di umayon si Universe sayo kasi nasense daw nya na me dark motives ka.lols

    Michael--ay sori--buti sinabi mo--see, pati name nya sa blogosphere sakit sa bangs diba? kaya ako nagkamali.hahaha

  26. cool. it's enjoy having new friends/group of friends.

    good luck in your next eb. boto ako sa loveteam no 3 :D cheers.

  27. Ahahahahhaha adik ka anton! tumatambling ako pagkaopen ko ulit... Sinara ko muna kasi hirap akong makaonline at this time... hehehehe... OK sige... bubuksan ko muna ang site ko para naman makarelate ang iba na ako na ang anonymous na di anonymous... ahahahahha... at sa mga nakakaalam sa tunnay na alam na... syaddap lang kayo! wehehehehe... -peace- hahahahahahaha... kaadikan!


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