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THAI KINGDOM COME at marriott cafe manila

July is THAI FOOD FESTIVAL MONTH in Marriott Cafe Manila as the famous place for dining brings back the flavors of Thailand from July 1-31,2011. We were invited last week for the cooking show conducted by no less that the master chef of Marriott Bangkok, Thanatorn Krobsuay and there we got to see how some of their famous dishes are being cooked and experience the addictive taste of Thai food.

It's THAI KINGDOM COME at Marriott Manila!!!!!
THAI KINGDOM COME at Marriott Manila


Return to the land of smiles as Marriott Manila brings back Flavors of Thailand for the whole month of July.Go on a foodie adventure to Thai’s historic Kingdom through its gastronomic treasures. Welcoming everyone at Marriott Cafe’s second round of exhilarating food festival in cooperation with Thai Airways and The Royal Thai Embassy-- Thai Kingdom Come!

Hailing to the country’s modern Bangkok and traditional Thailand , check out this year’s unique twist on Thai flavors for dinner. Explore its five distinct blends of basic tastes that make each dish a sensual explosion—sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and sometimes bitter.
Perk up the dining experience with no less than JW Marriott Thanatorn Krobsuay, the certified Thai cuisine expert to head the kitchen team once more. Considered as one of the most luxurious Marriott hotel brands, let chef Thanatorn take everyone to a uniquely crafted JW Marriott experience through his award-winning Thai cuisines.

With his second much-awaited comeback, expect that his dish is a palate tickling sensation filled with exquisite flavors. This year is an extra special recourse of Thai treat as another JW Marriott chef is coming in to double up the feast: 27 year old Sutthipong Sirikanchittawon, one of the certified Thai food ambassadors of JW Marriott Bangkok’s Marriott Café.
JW Marriott Thanatorn Krobsuay

For only P1750 net, start it light and healthy with Thai’s most refreshing salad sensations, specially the most popular Thai papaya salad. Take your pick from grilled shrimps, beef, or chicken as toppings commingled with the tangy sweet lime--certified tasty but not heavy for the tummy.
Evoke the sentimental feel of Thailand and delve into its time-honored curry dishes at the pot station for massaman curry with braised chicken. This special curry paste made of coconut milk, bay leaves, cinnamon, palm sugar, fish sauce and tamarind is deemed to be one of the earliest Thai recipes.

Another popular version is the green curry with chicken and sweet basil, rightfully known for its flavorful chilly sauce made of green pepper simmered with eggplant and thinly-sliced chicken pieces. Sit back and savor the lovely Thai flavors only these dishes can give.
The spread is also filled with Thai’s classic favorites, such as pad thai, deep fried spring rolls, stir fried prawns in sweet and sour vegetables, and tom yam goong. For dessert, try the exotic foytong which are fascinating sweet strands of sugar and egg yolk flavored with rose water.

Stretching a five-star experience at the cozy Marriott Café is an equally inviting Western and Asian selections from appetizer to dessert. Swing by to these sections for more elaborate food choices that are surely worth trying.
Be an ace in the kitchen and cook up some exquisite Thai cuisine right at your very own home table. Learn basic 3-course Thai food on July 12 and 19 with JW Marriott sous chef Thanatorn Krobsuay for only P1, 000 net. Not only it’s an affordable kitchen shindig but a great way to hook up with other excited gourmands too! Relax some more and visit the Quan Spa for a holistic Thai foot massage for only P1650 net.
                                         pusangkalye with JW Marriott Thanatorn Krobsuay 
and Marriott Manila's chef Christopher

What’s more? Revisit the historic Thailand for free as Marriott Manila gives all diners a chance to win three days and two nights stay in one of the Marriott properties in Bangkok .

Thai will be done! Whether it’s a celebration for the family or simply about to embark another wonderful 6 more months of 2011, mark a special day this July for a truly worth relishing dinner experience only at Marriott Manila.

For inquiries or reservations, call Marriott Café at 988-9999.


  1. mukhang masarap dyan pero medyo di pa afford ng pera ko. ehehehe. :D

  2. I went to Mariott a month ago, it's worth the visit, worth the price! =)

  3. wow advertisement..sana magkabudget me para diyan hihi

  4. whahahah mukhang sosyalin naman masyado yung style nila... pero for sure masarap naman yun :D

  5. miss ko na thai food. kasi ang mura. yung tipong hinahawakan pagserve sayo na kakahawak lang ng pera. BKK.....

  6. hmmm... mukhang masarap ang food nila ah... kelan kaya me makakapunta sa Thailand? hmmmm...

  7. Iba na talaga ang sikat, ang daming invites :)

  8. hmmm mukhang worth the budget naman. pero mabigat pa rin ang price hehehe

  9. Nagutom naman mey!!! :D

  10. Akala ko ba ayaw mo sa ibang nasyon? Wahahahaha!


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