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THE VOICE: Hottest New US Show debuts in Asia

There are so many tv reality singing shows these days. And with the bar being set high by previous successful franchises like the idol, it's reality difficult to make a dent and leave a strong impression on the discriminating global audience. But when I saw the latest reality singing show in the US,( thanks to same viral youtube videos.:D) I immediately said, "okay, this one's interesting"

Actually interesting would be an underestimation. It's a singing competition unlike any other--because it puts vocal ability first. And good news to all those who have been waiting. It will premier in Asia this August!!!!

The VOICE is hosted by Carson Daly (Last Call with Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel’s Live!), The Voice boasts a cast of four A-list celebrity judges – Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, rapper-crooner Cee Lo Green, R&B diva Christina Aguilera and country singer Blake Shelton who have sold more than 70 million albums combined – fronting the show as coaches.
How is it different from the other singing reality shows?

They must each pick a team of eight singers from the blind auditions (where if more than one coach spins around, the contestant gets to pick) and personally mentor each of them, before whittling the 32 singers down to 16 for the battle rounds. Each coach has a high stake in the game, with bragging rights accorded to whoever has the overall winner in their team. The battle rounds is also when voting opens up to the viewers, where each iTunes purchase counts as a vote for the contestant. The emerging victor receives US$100,000 and a record deal.
This is where the central element of the show, the thing I like the most. The judges doesn't know the one singing in the first place so they will judge who to pick solely based on their voice quality and singing style--not on look. That's fair. That's why they call it the VOICE. It also makes the format exciting because people will be anticipation in excitement who among the judges will be pushing the button and spin the couch. And oh--yeah, I love the mentoring part. That's what singing competitions ought to be, where contestants learn to further their skills in the process so that win or lose, they gain something special.Talk about genuine involvement of judges!!!!

In any case 2 or 3 judges turns around---which mean they want to coach the singer--- the contestant could have the chance to pick who he want's to be his coach. Isn't that lovely?---payback time!!!hahaha
The Voice has proven itself to be more than a gimmick, as the only new show this season on a major US broadcast network whose ratings rose 10% for its second episode, as compared to its premiere episode which drew in 11.8 million viewers, a big draw especially for the younger 18-34 demographic.

Los Angeles Times summed it up, “what makes The Voice worth watching, in addition to the clever conceit, is the chemistry among the judges, and the stories.” Indeed, no reality show can ask for a more entertaining bunch of judges than the four, who bounced banter off one another and elicited chuckles with their antics in wooing each contestant to join their team. Aguilera, for one, flirted blatantly with a good-looking male contestant by asking him to first take off his hat, then his pants.
                                      members of the new media during THE VOICE's launch 
at AIM Conference hall last week 

Episode one opened with a rousing group performance of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy by all four coaches, certainly a sign of more such fan treats to come. Also to look out for in the show are Cee Lo’s elaborate costume getups (think red robes with spiked shoulder pads!), the chemistry between the coaches and contestants, as well as the friendly, sizzling competition especially between Aguilera and Levine in the blind auditions. Sunday nights will never be lacklustre again, when AXN kickstarts its two-hour broadcast of The Voice this August! Sit back, relax and like the judges, listen with your very own ears. We guarantee that the amazing calibre of contestants in The Voice will blow you away!


The Voice premieres on 21 August 2011 (Two Hours Weekly)
Every Sunday at 8pm (SG, MY, HK) 7pm (JKT)
First and Exclusively on AXN


  1. di ko pa napapanood kahit isang episode nito..wala kasi kaming cable at hindi naman yata iniere sa local channel kahit channel 4.

    Antayin ko to maisa-DVD ng mga kapwa natin Pirata.

    At naks, nasa MEdia table sila. Kayo na! LOL

  2. Wow. Good to know that The Voice will reach Asia na.

    I've been blogging this show as well and I'd say it's a surprisingly good reality TV show! :)

    I still prefer American Idol, but this is a good alternative show.

  3. I am an avid fan of this TV Show. I like the concept of the Voice, hindi siya boring and the way they choose their "manok" to be on the final round is something different. They deviate from the other singing shows whose first basis in picking a contestant will be based on looks rather than talent. I am looking forward for the Season 2!

    Plus, Adam Levine is so damn hot and yummy! =p~

  4. mukhang maganda ang programang ito kasi di sila sa looks tumitingin kundi sa talento.

  5. sa August pa Moks.ehhehe.pakabit kana kasi.lols

  6. Dam the nation--yeah. I also think its a good alternative to all those singing contests.

  7. Hmm. Sounds interesting.. Not like any other singing contest nga na hindi naman talaga singing talent ang pinagbabasehan. Thanks for this.

  8. no idea sa contest na to. hehehehe

  9. napanood ko to kasi meron nitong downloads mula sa opis. hahaha.

    ganda ng concept kasi cream of the crop mostly ang contestants tapos may showdown.

    Ang makulit nito kasi kung sino ang ka-team mo, sya ang makakalaban mo hangang sa 1 member per team na lang tas finals na.

  10. It looks cool, I'll be watching out for the Voice! Tnx for sharing! =)

  11. bagong aabangan ng marami.

    lupit mo sa mga events at ang bilis magpost.

  12. The Voice on AXN- Philippine Viewers FB page


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