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NENA COSMETICS by Nena Brands Inc.

This is what I like about social networking sites, when they work as they were mean to function and that is connecting to wonderful people and and meeting them in person. Thanks to facebook, I came to know Ruel who is a make-up artist. Not just an ordinary makeup artist, he works and has has worked with many well-known tv and film personalities.After a couple of exchanges, I found out that he is also helping promote the make up brand known as NENA COSMETICS.

Nena Cosmetics is actually better known in the US where it was first introduced a few years ago. It is named after Ruel's friend, Lorena MondoƱedo Perez who thought of sharing her expertise in beauty by creating her own glamorous and wearable cosmetics line. Nena as she is known, is a TRAINED AND CERTIFIED make up artist by MAC cosmetics and a licensed and state certified esthetician. It is important to say this because the cosmetics line carries her name. Thus, Ms Lorena would always say. I HAD TO MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL, IT HAS MY NAME IN IT.

Ruel invited me last week to drop by Makati Sports Club where the introduced Nena Cosmetics to a women's circle. I happen to be in Edsa-Shangrila Mall that time scheduled to watch Harry Potter so I taxied to Makati for a while to meet Ruel, Ms Nena and apparently get a little familiar with the brand they are showcasing. When i came, Ruel and other make-up artists were already having one on one sessions with some women on how to brand can enhance their natural beauty. I got the chance to talk to him and Ms Nena to understand a little more about Nena Cosmetics. I am no beauty blogger you know so bare on me on this one again.

So, What's Nena Cosmetics all about?

Foundations, Concealers, minerals, bronzers and airbrush makeup. They ahve a stunning array of formulations, shades and finishes that will fulfill every desire. Liquids, cremes and powders in skin-caring formulas that even skin tone,smooth texture, and enhance radiance and luminosity.


Shadows in color and finishes that will cathc their eye. Mineral formulas that love the lids. Brows that are worth raising. Full. Sculptured. Contoured. The archway to beauty. Precision liners define the moment. Pencils.Liquid.Cream.Cake. The line forms for you. Long, lush, flirty,fabulous.


Colors found in nature's pallette warm cheeks and bring a fresh glow to the complexion. Creme,powder and gel formulas in shades that highlight and enhance natural beauty. Finishes that will make them blush. Sheer, subtle, delicate,matte,shimmering, velvit soft. Long wearing and easy to apply.

Colors and finished that surprise and delight. Lavish, luxurious, long lasting. Sheer, saturated,shimmering. Glosses,lipsticks and liners that take ips to a whole new dimension of beauty. Lips speak volumes. Give them something to talk about.


Define beauty as you see it with creative color pas and magnetic kits. Best selling shades and fomulas allow you to create your own signature looks and combinations.
Ruel during a make up session

Ms. Lorena Perez herself. (left)

Each product has been made with the highest quality ingredients but yet affordable, so that each woman is able to express her own true beauty. Nena Cosmetics is also committed to providing proper tools of the trade and state-of-art training using simple but effective techniques that would enhance your unique and beautiful features. They also strive to enrich people's lives by providing ways to earn extra income by hosting a Nena Brands event in your home.

As of writing Ms. Lorena is already talking to some retailers for the possible distribution and sale of Nena Cosmetics in some famous shopping malls and stores so that it will be made more accessible to the public.

Nena Cosmetics is a brand to watch out for!!!

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  1. Hey, this sounds like a must try (sana meron nito dito) im not big on cosmetics but i do buy them. Hope i find them here...

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  4. ayan hinihingi na ni chyng ang mga sample.

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