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KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa Subic

I was on an online-hunt for a new resorts around Manila a few months ago as I would like to try something different. You know, summer retreat without all the packed itinerary that you have to see in a limited time. I imagine just lazying in a hotel and pamper myself all day or better yet go to a Resort and just sit on the sand while sipping my favorite drink. How tempting. I would really want to don that one of these days. 

In my search, I found a couple of new and interesting places. There's this one in Batangas that I wanna try. Then one day, I was doing facebook and came accross this photo of a family on a retreat somewhere. The resort looks new and it really made me curious. I recognized the mountains on the background so I know it's  in Subic. I simply couldn't find out where exactly in Subic or what the name of the resort is until recently.

It's KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa.
KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa Subic

We were here last weekend to cover the shooting of a movie entitled MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE by Regal Films. In case you haven't heard about it yet, it's an upcoming movie feauturing Lovie Poe, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana and Dennis Trillo. It will be out in cinemas September 14.

There, so we came on a Sunday--gloomy Sunday but was surprised how KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa could still be captivating. It is 17kms deep inside SBMA. If you are familiar with Ocean Adventure, it's somewhere in the same coastline, except it's a little farther.


1. From Subic-Tipo Expressway, enter Subic Bay and head towards Subic Bay International Airport.
2. From Subic Bay International Airport, follow the main road leading towards Nabasan wharf.
3. From the main road, look out for the turn-off towards Nabasan.
4. Turn right into the road leading to Nabasan, and follow the road to the right.
5. This road will lead you to your ultimate destination, Kamana Sanctuary, which is at the end of the road.
Nestled between an old growth rainforest and the gentle Nabasan Bay, Kamana Sanctuary offers shelter from the hectic noise and the frantic pace of the city. Every modern comfort has been thoughtfully provided in each room, to ensure only one thing- that you leave refreshed, recharged. This is exactly what I have been longing for. The isolation is perfect. Being located deep inside SBMA means it is in a sustainable environment because trees and the environment in SBMA are protected. It's like being deep inside the jungle without getting worried about your safety.

Too bad we were here for the set visit and not really for an overnight stay but I would definitely try it in the future.
The beach sand is not that fine and white though. This is very typical of beacher in Subic. But hey, Kamana is situated has its own beacfront, meaning, you get the feeling of being in a small cove.This is my idea of getting away from it all and spending quiet little time with yourself and family. Just in case, they have jet skis and kayaks for you to avail of.

Another thing I like about Kamana Sanctuary is the INFINITY POOL. I loooove infinity pools!!!Reminds me of Panglao Island Nature Resort and the one I mentioned a while ago in Batangas. The pool and the big space   before it is perfect for party get together with friends and family!!!In the set of the movie, they were having pool party with lots of guests and tons of food. I wanna experience that in real life.
PERFECT pool parties for the Family and friends

It would have been really nice if it was not gloomy that day. The mountains of Zambales would have been more visible, the sea more blue and the sun could be seen setting between those mountains. Then again, the view is still beautiful a midst the occasional downpour in the place.
It has been quite a while since my last travel and been itching to get away again. The beauty of KAMANA SANCTUARY only got that desire intensified.I wish I could go abroad next time. Bangkok perhaps? Somewhere farther would be nice, Europe? I found some cheap flights to lanzarote  one time and I was surprised to know that there is such island in Spain. I am now drooling over it.

Then again, I guess my budget would not be enough to go that far. I should therefore content myself with tours inside the country. For the meantime at least. About Kamaya Sanctuary, I hope I can come back soon.



  1. wow ganda ng place at ganda rin ng camera gamit...

  2. anu kaba anciro--- entry level camera lang ng nikon gamit ko.--pero yung resort.maganda talaga.:D

  3. Nice! Very nice! Pero I'm sure.. medyo may kamahalan? Hihi.. Pero base lang sa mga pictures, mukhang sulit rin ang bayad.. :)

  4. Love that infinity pool! And the view of the mountains is amazing... You're right, it's probably much nicer when the weather is clear and sunny.

  5. ay uoooo---medyo mahal ang rates.check their website.pero tama.sulit.if you want privacy.go here.:D

  6. Gusto kong bumalik! Kasama si Dennis Trillo <3

  7. ang putiiiii-putiiiii.....

    ng place. Anlinis at pleasant sa mata ang place.

    ANg ganda ng poooooool. sarap magswimming... lalo na kung kasama sila lovi poe and carla A. :p

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  9. ang sarap sa mata ng kulay ng resort nakakarelax :D

  10. Ganda dito pre..swerte mot nandyan ka, may Lovi Poe pang kasama...

  11. SUBIC!? Gusto ko jan!!!

    Uhm, napadpad ka na sa La Union? Malapit kasi sa Tarlac yun, any recommendation?

    Can't wait to go back!

  12. parang hindi entry level ang camera! nag-upgrade ka na noh? hehehe

  13. Wanna try it! I've seen this site first to Micamyx and then yours, I guess you're with her. I love all infinity pools..there's one in Batangas, Acuatico Beach Resort and I'm dying to be in that place too; same as in Kamana!


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