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MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE : movie taping visit at KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa

I was out last Saturday when Mica texted me sometime after lunch. She asked me if I am available the next day. I immediately replied "why?". She said there will be a movie taping in Subic. I was taken aback for a while. Yeah, a movie taping visit would sound like a good idea but in Subic? on a Sunday? I had second thoughts.

But I was very thrilled when she said it would be for the movie MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE starring the powerhouse cast of Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana. Woooo!!!Who am I to say no!!!I immediately asked my wife if I can skip family day for this one. She was very supportive of me and said yes.I am one happy guy!!!!Best of all, the location is at KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa.

The set was in KAMANA SANCTUARY Resort and Spa  Subic Zambales. Mica and I together with other members of the press met with the PR Company who invited us in Tomas Morato.We arrived in Subic before lunchtime.It was a rainy Sunday so while on the road, I was hoping it would not rain hard. I heard there will be a shoot on the poolside so I was really hopeful the weather would not spoil the fun. Sure did, the gloomy skies didn't stop the production team from shooting.

We came just in time for the break after the am shoot so the casts were in the holding area ready to meet us for interviews. We shad one-on-one intimate interview with the cast starting with Dennis Trillo. We asked about the story and what could possibly make it a standout .We also wanted to know hat the actors thought of the issue of INFIDELITY and how they would react if it happens to one of them. I will have a separate entry detailing the interviews soon.
For now, it's about the shooting . I took the liberty of posting some hot photos here for you to feast your eyes into.Most of the scenes in the afternoon were on the poolside so we got really up close with the well toned bodies of the lead actors and the shapely legs of the female stars........

Jake Cuenca-sando

My Neighbor's Wife
MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE cast :Dennis Trillo,Lovi Poe, Carla Abellana and Jake Cuenca
Lovi Poe and Carla Abellana on the pool

My Neighbor’s Wife is about two couples who are best friends and the emotional ups and downs that people go through when faced with marital infidelity. In a nutshell, conflict ensues when Carla Abellana decides to break up with her husband Jake Cuenca because of Jake’s one night stand mistake with Lovi Poe, a mistake that also rips apart Lovi’s marriage with Dennis Trillo. The movie tackles what happens when couples break up— what happens to their friendship, what happens to their perspective on relationships, and how it changes the way they view their own.
Jake Cuenca
 Rubbing elbows with the stars yeah?No restrictions on camera in our case,even dslr's, so I got the chance to shoot all I want.I love it!!!! We stayed in the area for the whole day so we really got intimate with the cast during break time doing interviews and picture taking with them. Now I got a bunch of profile pictures with the for of them lined up for my Facebook account. lols

On a personal note, I was really amazed at what I saw. All four of the main cast members are really nice. Unlike the other stars who you prefer not to meet in person. They are all relaxed and accommodating. Jake was very lively, he fills the room with his energy and positive aura. Lovi Poe was very warm and friendly. I really appreciate her sincerity during the interview. Dennis Trillo was soft spoken---to my surprise. But he still maintains this rock star appeal which made some of the girls thrilled. (Kilig moments right Mica?lols) and Carla Abellana? I thought she was snobbish but I was wrong. She's equally warm and accommodating as well and best of all, very sharp. She can answer the question even before you are done asking.
director Jun Lana
JUN LANA: movie director

This movie is set to be the hottest movie of the year. Regal Films, the producer of the movie has put it's hopes on the four main characters--Dennis, Lovi, Calra and Jake.The fans and critics also have high expectations on this film for sure. You can count me in. I am very excited to see the hot scenes in particular and how the character will resolve the main conflict in the story. And is it true? Jake Cuenca had butt exposure here? They wouldn't confirm to us so I guess we all have to watch it to find out!!!!

MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE is set to hit the cinemas on September 14,2011 directed by Jun Lana.This is gonna be an explosive movie to look forward to.find them in FACEBOOK

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  1. si pareng pusangkalye media na!
    Nakatabi pa si Lovi...kainggit ka pre.

  2. Ibang level kana Anton, hehehe! Ang ganda ni lovi poe at carla, nice! =)

  3. it's nice of you to have a chance like that. it's worth it to go there right? anyway, looking forward for the interview section. ^_^

  4. Swerte!
    Pasama next time lol.
    Makes me wanna watch the movie when it comes out.


  6. Huwaw!

    Ka-swerte naman. Hehe! Pwedeng pwede na maging media. Ayos! Hehe

  7. Moks---tignan mo profile pic ko now--si Jake Cuenca naman.wag ka nang mainggit don ha.lols

    isp101---shomo-showbiz na.hahaha
    yeah--they are really gorgeous in person!!!

  8. ZehnRe -yeah.lucky nga to be able to rub elbows with big celebrities like them. thanks

    bonbon™ --why not!!!I wanna see the hot scenes too.lels

  9. cuteberl--thanks many many.:D

    empi --pasado ba EMPI? hehe

  10. Yun oh! Shumo-showbiz na si anton! hehe.. Ang ganda ni Carlo.. kakainggit!!

  11. Woot! Thanks sa pagsama! Will borrow some pics for the and ha :D

  12. leah--you mean Carla?hahaha.di naman ...**evil smirk.:D

    Mica--yeah.salamat sa pagtag sakin sa event. nasa flickr ko lang sila.

  13. huwaw naman... from travel to showbiz.

    ang ganda ng shot mo ng mga stars. kahit stolen yung shot dun kay carla (yung isang pic), ang ganda padin. :D

  14. WOW Jake Cuenca!!! Ang yummy! hahah!
    Nakakainggit ang opportunities mo anton. Sha sakupin mo na lahat. hahah! Congrats!

    Prang a month ago lang nakita ko si Jake sa FB na nasa bahay ng officemate ko. Potek! kamag-anak pala. Jake Cuenca in the house! Literal. hahah! Ang saya siguro pag may kamag anak na celeb. inggit!

  15. Sumoshowbiz ka na Kuya Anton. Haha. Ang ganda ni Carla Abellana. Parang iba itsura ni Lovi? Mag-hihit kaya to? LOL. Ako na negatibo. Haha

  16. ay grabe you already!haha nung pinakita ni Mica ilang pix grabeh nakaka-inngit! haha sarap magbakasyon kasama mga artista. haha

  17. sabi na eh.. movie to eh hehehe. swerte nakasama sa shoot.. heheh

  18. wow ayos nakapunta kayo sa shooting, ganda ng resort na pinag shootan nila and of course ganda tlga ni lovi at carla hehe

  19. Mediang media! :)

    Anton Carranza - Patrol ng Pilipino.. :)

  20. press na press ka na! di na mareach! lol

  21. Kaingit naman kayo ni Mica!!!

  22. Isama mo naman ako minsan... Hahaha!

    Nice meeting you Anton... Thanks for being so nice :)


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