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MERCATO CENTRALE takes food to your doorstep via City Delivery

The thing I don't like about living in the outskirt of Metro Manila is that I don't get to avail of the privileges that   people in NCR get. That includes easy access to establishments such as restaurants , banks, cinema and even blogging events. Maybe I already said this several times. Sorry if I had to rant about it again. You see, MERCATO CETRALE has just partnered with City Delivery so that residents of Metro Manila can enjoy the great food the weekend bazaar has to offer delivered right at their doorstep. That makes me one very envious person. lol

My friends have attempted to invite me several times to check out MERCATO CENTRALE at Bonifacio Global City but I haven't really found the time yet. Good thing Mercato Centrale contacted me last month to try their new food delivery system. Since I don't maintain residence in the Metro, I thought of staying in an open park somewhere and have it delivered there. That's making it a notch more difficult for the delivery man. Time to test how good their delivery partner City Delivery really is.......
MERCATO CENTRALE partners with City delivery
My first location was Eastwood. I had an event in the area during that day so I thought it would be nice if after the event, I would get my MERCATO CENTRALE food delivery in the area.

Yeah, the delivery efficiency is very important. If it fails, one might rather opt for fast food right? After all, they also offer fast delivery. I was to expect my food delivery  from 2-4pm but the delivery man contacted me 10 minutes before 2pm so I was surprised.

Component one: delivery time-PASSED!!!
The next to check was the FOOD. Who cares if it arrives to you on time when you realize that it's not worth your money. I was sampled MANANG's CHICKEN that day. 

It was a double deep fried chicken with Manang's secret sauce. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. What makes it stand out from the usual chicken food that you can find elsewhere is the sauce indeed. Every bite will make you wonder what the secret sauce is. I was really satisfied. While eating, I was thinking ---"these MERCATO CENTRALE foodies can really give these fastfood chains a run for their money!!"""Manang's Chicken is a must try.

2nd component: FOOD. passed!!!!
Satisfied, I thought of trying another delivery. I immediately looked at the list of concessionaires at the MERCATO CENTRALE website  and got curious with Bale Datung.

This time, I directed them to a public park in front of Pasig City Catholic Church. City Delivery was efficient yet again. I ordered PAN DE BAGNET and LECHON TORTILLA .


Bale Datung is a famous food destination in Pampanga thanks to Chef Calude Tayug. 
CITY delivery
PAN DE BAGNET is a generous serving of of crisp bagnet on ciabatta bread that comes with the Ilocano KBL (kamatis , bagoong,lusana). It is flavored with inasal marinade and finished off with a generous dose of sukang Iloko vinaigrette.
Pan de bagnette

The LECHON TORTILLA is deep fried lechon belly and skin. It turns to crisp flakes in the process.It is wrapped in a soft whole wheat tortilla and garnished with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and Bale Datung's homemade kimchi with fuji apple and a tangly aromatic oriental sauce.

While these two food might not be the type that you would want to order everyday, they certainly are a treat to the palate. I give Bale Datung two thumbs up for having these delicious food available for everybody who wants to try something new from time to time.
lechon tortilla

With Mercato Centrale Food Delivery, you can now taste the specialties of some of the best merchants from this weekend bazaar like Manang's Chicken and Bale Datung.  You can call 87878 for orders or simply visit 

Here's the complete list of MERCATO CENTRALE merchants available for delivery

Bale Dutung - specializes in Pan de Bagnet and Lechon Tortilla from renowned Chef Claude Tayug of Pampanga
Big Bob's - offers charcoal grilled patties stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Chucks Grubberie - specializes in Fish and Chips among others
Homemade Ravioli - sells fresh homemade ravioli with a variety of flavors
Merry Moo - churns fresh, yummy, and fun homemade ice cream with unique and creative flavors
Mochiko - makes delicious mochi with ice cream fillings, which originated from Tagaytay
Spring by Ha Yuan - offers light-hearted, health-friendly, Asian-inspired nibbles like Chilled Taho, Bao Sliders, and Fresh Lumpia among others.

Mercato Central City Delivery

WEEKDAYS: advance ordering (2 days in some cases depending on the merchant)
WEEKENDS: real time ordering 9am-2pm

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If you are a resident of Metro Manila, you have to understand that this is a privilege you should take advantage of. And it was made even easier for you. A simple click ot the mouse or dial on the phone and you're on the go!!!

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  1. sana mayaya ko mga ka-opis na magtry nian. :D

  2. paborito ko yung pan de bagnet!!!
    ahahahay..sana pwede sa weekday mag pa deliver

  3. @Khanto---uo nga. sandali--BGC ba opis nyo?:D

  4. @Azrael--uo--pwede ny weekdays!!basta tell them 2 days before.hehehe

  5. wow galing, thanks sa info...pero 2 days advance order talaga?

  6. 2 days advance talaga?

    hmmm... sabagay, masarap naman yata eh...

    naku... basta pagkain, walang 2 days 2 days! hehehehe!

  7. 2 days advance talaga?

    hmmm... sabagay, masarap naman yata eh...

    naku... basta pagkain, walang 2 days 2 days! hehehehe!

  8. uo--Marvz--pag weekdays--pag weekend though--real time.

  9. So happy to discover your blog -- Really enjoying your posts! Also loved the pan de bagnet and the lechon tortilla pics... Delikado na talaga with the home delivery option! Hahaha! Keep it up!

  10. Arlu --patay sila ngayon--mukhang aaraw-arawin mo ang order.hahaha

  11. Buti na lang hindi araw-araw ang Mercato... Or else I would've gotten bagnet today, lechon tomorrow, then bagnet ulit, then lechon... HAHAHA!

  12. Arlu---pwede order any day.basta

    WEEKDAYS: advance ordering (2 days in some cases depending on the merchant)
    WEEKENDS: real time ordering 9am-2pm

  13. Thank you for your post. :) Cheers to more chicken.


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