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breakfast at JONAH's FRUIT SHAKE

Was supposed to post about luxury accommodation 101 but since the Philippines has experienced 2011's worse typhoon yesterday I decided to revert to a food entry.Not  that all my readers are only Filipinos but I personally am not in the mood to talk about some comfortable hotel rooms at present conditions. Maybe when the sun comes up tomorrow----you are in for a treat.!!!

For now, let me talk about where we had breakfast in Boracay on our first morning there. We woke up early taking advantage of the clear morning to stroll along the beach again from station-2 to station-1 where many expensive hotels are.After taking photos, we decided to look for a place to eat as we had to go on an Island hopping tour at 10am. From Station-1 to station-2, passed the small rock island with the groto lies one of the famous snack house in Boracay---JONAH's FRUITSHAKE.
JONAH's Fritshake

I actually didn't know about this at first. It was our new buddy Ivan who told us not to miss it.He highly recommended the shake. It was what we were here to try but since we were too lazy to buy the shake and move to another restaurant, we decided to have breakfast here at the same time.
Looking at the menu, the food is kinda expensive. For me at least. Some of the viands are 300+ per order. We settled for the more generic one. My wife ordered American breakfast for 175 pesos and I ordered their breakfast special for something like 250 pesos.We also tried their signature shake.In our case,BANANA CHO PEANUT for 110 pesos.
Jonah's FRUITSHAKE_Boracay
The fruit shake is definitely a must try. The mixture of chocolate and banana plus the buttery taste due to peanut butter compliment each other deliciously.It feels heavy on the stomach but at least it doesn't give you the umay effect.I love the buttery taste. You would not grow tired sipping for more.
American breakfast for 175pesos
their special breakfast for 250 pesos
About the breakfast though, I would not highly recommend it. I find it  not worth the price. A piece of egg, 2 toasts,3pcs bacon amd a couple of vegetable decorations is too expensive for 175 pesos. And the 2pcs sausage, java rice, sunny side up egg and few slices of mixed fruits for 250 pesos is outrageous.  I wouldn't bother paying those amounts if only there is something special about the taste. I can;t understand why. The restaurant itself looks cheap,so what's with the sky high prices on some tasteless and generic food? I might have paid blindly should the restaurants ambiance feels like that of a 5-star hotel.

In conclusion, the fruit shake is not to be missed but the breakfast is something to think about. You can have more value for your money in other restaurants. I am sure of that.......


  1. Must-try yan sa Boracay. I believe they still serve shakes in bottles right? Kaka-miss mag-beach. :)

  2. yep--they still have it. me mga pumasok nga nung naka-order nako--tas nakalagay yung shake for take out nila sa parang mineral water bottle tas me straw,parang dede. nainggit ako.hehehe

  3. namulubi ako dito. ang mahal eh. hahahha

  4. Wow, that is too much nga. Perhaps they thought they can get away with it. And they did. Turistas would still fall for their stupendous prices.

    Jollibee breakfast na lang please.


  5. whahah ang sarap.. i like yung pagpresent nila ang food.. ang ganda and then the menu and price.. sulit :D

  6. Mahal nga yung breakfast, view yata nung beach ang kahalati nung price na binabayaran :)

  7. dilang talaga ako maka-get over sa price ng breakfast nila.hahaha

  8. Favorite ko yang Jonah's fruitshake. Dapat kakain din kami jan kaya lang ang mahal, nag Mang Inasal na lang kami! Hahaha! :)


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