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island hopping BORACAY

Back to Lazy Travel 101 Boracay style.  There are many things to do in Boracay, all sorts of beach and land activities are available. We have no particular plans though, Teresa though trying para-sailing would be great. Personally,  I wanna experience paraw-sailing and Island hopping. I actually thought island hopping would be enough for me. Magawa ko lang yun solve na ko. Simply put, I want to see Boracay from a different angle. That's what consumed most of our time on the 2nd day. Everything was easy,partly because we met this amazing couple --Ivan and Malai--on the van on our way to Boracay from kalibo airport. They were visiting the island for the second time as they said it was stormy during their first visit.

It was through Ivan where I got a few tips about Bora. I immediately asked him about the activities they were planning to do and island hopping was one of them. Since this involves renting a boat, I thought joining force would be a good idea. Glad they were enthusiastic to share the experience with me and my wife. And so, on a sunny monsoon season of September, we went island hopping BORACAY.

island hopping BORACAY

Ivan said he has contacts in the island so he took care of negotiating for the boat. Since its off peak, the boatman agreed for a 1,200 fee for four (4) hours and three (3) spots. I actually heard four spots originally but we went to only three. I dodn't bother to ask, I was too preoccupied enjoying my time.hehehe

We took the tricycle from our accommodation in station-2 to Bugabog area the opposite side of long beach for 10 pesos each.The scene in Bugabog was similar to that of the movie 300 (Spartans). While the long beach is seemingly quiet, all the boats are on the opposite side. (Remember the persians in the movie when some of the boats sank because of the storm? Then the Spartans discovered that a whole lot of them are stationed on the other side? That's how it felt like. I was surprised at how many boats were stationed in Bulabog area and at how many tourists flood that side of Boracay to ride those boats for island hopping and for other sea activities.Bugabog is the side where most sea attractions are taking place including scuba diving and para-sailing.
island_hopping BORACAY
I almost forgot that its habagat (rainy season) in the Philippines and the wind system means the long beach area is the one taking all the battering from strong winds especially during stormy weather. We boarded our boat at around 10:30am. We heeded straight to the southern part of the island near crocodile island. That's where we snorkeled for around 30minutes. I was surprised that the place is also good for snorkeling. The water is very clear and there are lots of colorful fish. It's a little deep so you cannot really notice there are lots of them unless you have some bread to lure them.
snorkeling boracay
with Ivan and fiancee Malai
We them moved back North to the coastline of fairways and bluewater, the development with the only golf course in Boracay. we were pointed to the spot where ASAP had a concert and where Anne Curtis had the much talked about swimsuit malfunction during one of her number in the famous Sunday variety show.
We had lunch in Ilig-iligan beach along the coastline of Fairways and Bluewater, or say, on that side of the island of Bora at least. We dropped by ilig-iligan beach still along the coastline of Fairways and Bluewater. I liked it here because it is unchartered territory for me. Also, it feels like a cove for me so I like the isolation. The sand here is a bit grainy but its really white. We took the time to swim and enjoy the sun sparkle trough its clear water. It was also here where we had lunch that day through some huts near the beach.One of the nicest place where I had lunch. Loving the seafood while enjoying the view Separate entry soon.
The view here reminds me of Alaminos' Hundred Island --remember this shot?

Ivan and Melai in Ilig-iligan beach
The next stop was PUKA beach. The one I have been excited to see again. Last time, we entered PUKA beach by tricycle via the public road access. When i saw PUKA beach from the boat, I thought I fell out of love with it. That's because the entrance to the beach where we docked was a bit dirty and not as white to my standards anymore. We only stayed for 15 minutes. Not only because I was turned off but because our boatman was an asshole. He said the boat ride back to long beach will take us around 30 minutes because of the big waves. True. But we only spent 3.5 hours all in all in our island hopping only to find out they have another group to cater to pala. Fine, I was not in the mood to argued. I was full of joy as I said that day.
Melai and Ivan's signature pose in PUKA beach
me and my wife's signature pose naman.hehehe
As we navigate through the lenght of PUKA BEACH, I was mesmerized again as the middle portion of the beach is where the beautiful area is. I thought Puka Beach has lost it's glory. I realized that the seasonal sea current reshaped the beach front. I resolved to go back the next day and fall in love with PUKA beach all over again just like back in 2007. Will talk about it in details soon and more photos too....
As we heede back to long beach, there's another place I was excited to see, even from afar. I had been curious about the newly opened SHANGRI-LA Resort. My camera was already full of splashes that time so the photo below is not that sharp but I tell you, the place is imposing in person. The Villas on the hill are to droll for. I have always dreamed of a house in a similar environment. If you want this accommodation in Boracay, it comes with a price, Rates are at around 17,000+ overnight for the standard room and starts at 30,000+ for the villas. A wooping wow!!!!Talk of luxury.But since I can't get over it, I wanna add, even their yellow beach umbrellas are shouting out saying "this is the ultimate place in Boracay". For now, all I can do is to dream.......lols

Shangrila Boracay
Further ahead, right at the final bend before long beach is Manny Paquiao's property. It's a very eye catchy piece of property if I may say so. It's very unique so you will not miss it from the boat. I am no good with descriptions so just take a look at the picture below. If the boats of Bugabog that day reminded me of the movie 300, Pacquiao place reminded me of the hobbits' residence in LOTR, except that this one is near the sea.hehehe
Pacquiao House Boracay
Paquiao's Property in Boracay
Finally, a familiar view, the long beach area. The 4kilometer white beach with which Boracay is well known for. From afar, you will notice the windbreakers put up by resorts and the paraw's (sailboats) with their blue and white sails adorning its expanse. We were taken straight to station-2.

My wife and I already checked out of our accommodation, good thing Ivan and Melai allowed us to leave our stroller in their room also in Station-2. They even allowed us to shower before we left for our next destination.Thanks guys!!!

Coming up, luxury accommodation!!!!:D



  1. maganda pa rin ang isla! though may part dyan na puro lumot. tsk

  2. hangtaray, shangrila boracay coming up! ikaw na!!!

  3. now who says boracay is plain party beach?! that's my point when people look at boracay that way when they only visited the main beach area.

  4. madumi ang long beach ngyn.depende yan sa season.amazingly, the island has its own way of cleaning ang healing itself.hehehe

  5. @Chyng--hindi my dreams lang yun anu kaba.hahaha. I bangkok ko nalang 16k would go a long way/.lols

  6. @dongho.tama.kaya kailangan talaga ng Island hopping.maraming side ang isla ang it's an amazing small island.:D

  7. Ganda talaga ng beaches ng Boracay... kaso sa sana hindi inispoil ni boatman.

    Unique talaga sa island yung mga paraw, dyan ko lang nakita yung ganyang karaming paraw sa beaches parang naging signiture na sila ng Boracay.

  8. Ian-yeah. I will posting abou those paraw soon.nakakatuwa sila lalo sa personal,ang dami nila sa white beach.

  9. Ganda ng property ni Manny! San part ng boracay island makikita ang pacquiao property?

  10. I think Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country! Amazing Photos...

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