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RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS frisbee team winning Maganda League

By the time you read this post, I am away away basking in the sand and hot sun of the most famous beach in the Philippines. Yeah, this is an autopost and I am sorry that this is the only thing I can offer o this topic. Prior to my week-long vacation getaway, my computer mouse driver messed up and was caught up with work the whole week so I wasn't really able to process the photos. Managed to do at least three. sucks. hehehe

At any rate, the picture below shows the HOTTEST FRISBEE TEAM in town, the RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS. Congratulations to you guys for winning Pool B in the 2011 Malakas at Maganda League organized by the Philippine Ultimate Association.
Ridiculuously Gorgeous_frisbee
RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS in maharot pose.lols

They are the all girls Ultimate Frisbee team of Kayumanggi and Karma hotties.!!!Priot to this years achievement, they were 1st runner-up in pool B division of the same league. This only shows that they are not just a bunch of pa-cute girls. They don't only look gorgeous, they can also play frisbee (Ultimate disc) seriously!!!

Again, congratulations guys!!!More info and game coverage photos soon. tata!!

here's to their facebook page:


  1. sorry had to take down the original post due to typo error on the main title itself.apologies for that autopost.

  2. here are the 2 original comments of my readers khantotantra said...

    congrats sa kanila.

    hot hot hot. sana may shot ka din habang naglalaro sila.
    September 13, 2011 8:32 AM
    Cat said...

    Saw them! Cute ng suot nila! Haha!

    - Cat

  3. Naks! Bumabaksyon! Hehehe...

    Congrats sa knila! :)

  4. Cute lang nung suot ... LOL! Demanding?! :D

  5. Nice uniform, sweet sexy thing! They all look pretty, nice shots! =)

  6. Saan kalye na naman napadpad itong si Pusakal ahahah anyway, nice to meet these RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS team... I hope you have a video of them playing the Frisbee...

    PS. Sana Frisbee na lang ako LOL!


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