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 I was away for a week and been to two major destinations. I took advantage of the Harvest Festival Holiday in South Korea. Now I am so excited to share lots of stuff to you that I don't know where to start.hahaha. Maybe well talk abou Boracay first. Yeah, the beautiful island of Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world.It was back in 2007 when I first visited the island. The experience sparked my interest in traveling and I haven't stopped since then. Four years later, I decided to go back and bring my wife since she hasn't been there.

I was excited to go back and a bit curious at the same time. My curiosity has nothing to do with the question of what to expect. After seeing a lot of beautiful places in and out of the Philippines since 2007, I wanna kow if Boracay would still entice me.......

Since we arrived on the afternoon, we were not able to do a lot of things except stroll along long beach, take profile photos and look for a place to dine.But since the night was young, we decided  to stroll along the beach again after refreshing for a few minutes in our room. Along station-2, we were attracted by a group of fire dancers called the BORACAY PHOENIX FIRE DANCERS.
I featured some photos before about the fire dancers of Puerto Galera but I am sorry if I have to compare and say the the fire dancers of Boracay are fiercer and more technical with their moves You see a lot of complicated maneuvers with the torch and they make good choreography too.That means not just dancing on the beat of a music but making artistic interpretations as well. Oftentimes, one dancer makes funny gestures which really excites the audience. The wide and flat beachfront of Boracay makes for a perfect stage with some dancers going as far as the water and make drama out of the splashes they create while fire dancing.


It was our first night in Boracay, it was clear sky with the moon full ad shining brightly. We were seated on a bench along the beach enjoying the fire dance while sipping our favorite beer. My idea of a perfect vacation......and it was only our first night.

Weather you are looking for holidays in Boracay or all inclusive holidays to Turkey , attractions such as fire dancers are such a welcome treat.More Boracay stories to come!!!!



  1. wow.. Nice shot there. Kayo po ang nagtake ng pic?

  2. astig!!! usung uso talaga ang fire dance sa boracay

  3. astig ang shot with firedancers. yung isang pic, parang ribcage yung apoy . ahahaha :D

  4. waaaaah! takte! galing ng mga kuha!

  5. hello, kaka discover ko lang ng post mo about sa Boracay fire dancer. Thank you for this post. I will follow your blog at isali ko to sa blog roll ko


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