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Thursday, September 22, 2011

THIA MEGIA fans day in Manila preview

In case you didn't notice, i've been lame with my blog updates for the past 2 or 3 weeks. My computer mouse driver went crazy before the Chuseok Holiday in Korea then I went on holiday for a week. Just fixed it the other day and I realize I got tons of photos to post process and blog posts to compose. On top of that, events keep coming.

With only 3 hours of sleep last night, I feel so tired and groggy but still elated and upbeat due to the successful event I attended today--the much anticipated THIANATICS Fans Day of THIA MEGIA in Portofino Alabang. I was the official photographer of the event and i am so excited to share with you a lot of photos of the event....

THIA_MEGIA in the Philippines
Thia Megia Fans day in Manila

Thia_megia_fans day
Thianatics day
Thia Megia and mom

For now though, all I can give are teasers. More coming soon. All I can say is that the event was a success and I am very happy my photography didn't fail. Best of all, the event cemented my admiration for  Thia Megia as an idol.She sings well, she's very down to earth and lovable. I am very happy to have met Thia Megia in person. Got the chance to dance with her during one of the games.http://lockerz.com/s/140902023 . Fun fun fun day!!!!I love you Thia Megia!!!

More details and photos soon!!!


  1. slr to? what lens did you use? ganda eh!

  2. naks!!! celebrity photographer ka naman ngayon :D

  3. @renevic--she is!!!and very nice too!!

    @I am max---yep.dslr. nikon d3000--entry level. with kit lens 18-55mm.:D

  4. @Bino--di nomon.hehehe

    @leah-- she really is.I love Thia Megia.

  5. Oh My! I so love Thia Megia...How I wish nasa Fans Day nya ako.... XD Salamat sa photos Nong Anton!

  6. may new gear ka na? like speedlight, perfect for events like this..

  7. walapa--kit lens palang talaga at ang aking nikon d3000. hehehe

  8. Ikaw na ang chumu-chuseok holiday kasama ang mga koreans ... Heyreet!! Fan ka pala ni Thia, kay james ako e ... Down with Scotty!!!!!!! LOL. :D

  9. Thia is a good singer and a beautiful voice but her last day in AI was terrible she sang a song not suited for her voice and the public did not favor it.

  10. wow! talagang showbiz na showbiz na ang blog mo. hahah! =) She looks so sweet. Ang yeah, winner ang boses. More more more!

  11. Nice shots there kuya Antonio.. hehe. I like Thia Megia although medyo kulang lang sa sigla.. hehe :)

  12. ganda nya.
    ang galing mo kumuha ng pix :-0


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