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BUGS GRILL BORACAY eat all you can buffet

We went to Boracay without researching anything. The fact that I was there a few years ago made me a little confident that at least I will not get lost in the area. But for sure a lot of things have changed for the past four years. Still, I didn't research about what's hot in the island these days in terms of establishments. My wife said that it's okay. She wants to have LAZY TRAVEL with no itineraries. She thought following a strict schedule is stressful. I agree. So we just did as we pleased....

BUGs Grill Boracay
BUGS GRILL BORACAY eat all you can buffet

 That said, I didn't even bother looking for restaurants to eat.What I am sure of is that restaurants are scattered everywhere in the Island of Boracay.Just walk along station 2 and you will see restaurants in front of almost all hotels and accommodations. I noticed that there are so many eat all you can establishments with prices ranging from 280-1000php . We evenntually settled in BUGS GRILL which offers eat all you can dinner for 300 pesos per head.
The main reason why we picked the place was first and foremost the ambiance. I want it a little romantic so the candles on the tables attracted me. I also noticed that there are many people lining up here. Maybe because its just near the entrance of Dmall which is the center of long beach. I also assumed the food was good that's why may people eat here. I found out later that its the first reason---proximity. 

Here are some of the photos of the food you can choose on their menu..........
squid and chrimps
talaba (clams?)
more shellfish
I thought its the smoke from all of the grilled seafood that attracted many people. Turned out though that the food taste blant. In tagalog, matabang. While there are sauces you can mix to add spice or shall I say taste into their tasteless food, it doesn't work well for people like us who are not good at mixing dipping sauce (sawsawan). Makes sense though, this is an eat-all-you-can restaurant. It would be uprofitable if they make their food tasty as it will encourage people to eat a lot. In my case, there's nothing delicious that I can remember of. Evrything's plain and tastelss--- forgetable. Too bad. I love seafood pa naman.
If you are looking for cheap package holidays, say, in Boracay, it's best that you also look for affordable yet good food. I know it seems like I am not making sense here but actually you dont have to spend a lot for delicious food. I find 300 pesos per head expensive for a buch of tasteless food in BUGs Grill so I can't really reccommend it to my friends. I am not sure if othere it all you ca buffest along  station 2 are similar but as I said, if they are to make their food delicios then they will end up bancrupt right?

So if you are thinking of dining out in Boracay, I think a la carte is better. But if you are thinking of  trying BUGS GRILL yourself, go ahead. It's still a good experience. I didn't say the food was bad, it's just forgetable.....:D



  1. nakakagutom, lalo na yung crabs.

  2. eh di nagutom ako!!!! aga-aga pagkain ang post! amf! joke hehehehe

  3. The ambiance of the resto is nice but I think holidays in Boracay should never be spoiled by food. Boracay is still a great place for vacations and holidays.

  4. Hello Anton!

    Never been to Boracay. Hope to get there one day.

    I understand that Lazy Travel kinda thing. I like that idea, too.

    Hmm. thanks for the tip. 300Php/head for buffet in the Philippines is so expensive, I have to say. That is still cheaper though than buffets here in Sweden but they really have good food for buffets here.

    Tasteless food is not in my menu. *wink*

    Have loads of fun!

  5. iyan ang all you can....pero hindi naman lagi nagpapabusog talaga...

  6. luto na ba yung squid dun sa isang pic? para kasing raw. kinilaw?

  7. pambihira. mukhang kailangan ko tuloy maghanap ng seafood restaurant bukas.

  8. god knows i love seafood. walang allergy allergy sakin.

  9. pabora-bora na lang oh.. natakam ako sa tinola, miss ko na yan sobra.. pero tasteless siya? i think i will still try, baka iba yung taste nya sakin.. heheh :P


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