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The Beach at THUNDERBIRD RESORT Poro Point

Yesterday was amazing. Achieved two important things, 1. had finally fixed my desktop computer which has been giving me headache for the past two weeks and 2. watched the movie NO OTHER WOMAN. The latter made me write this post with much gusto. I heard so many good reviews about the movie and fair enough, I was pleased with it. Talk about a simple material/storyline made GRAND in all aspects!!!ftw!!

One of the many reasons why I wanted to see it was because many scenes were shot in THUNDERBIRD RESORT PORO POINT where we stayed 3days, 2nights on September 14-16. We were told by no less than the bosses of the resort during our property tour about the movie being filmed there. The moment I got home that week, I saw the trailer of No Other Woman and I was amazed at how they portrayed the resort. I am so proud I experienced Poro Point prior to watching this move. I kept bragging to my wife and best friend Marvin about how comfortable the bed is, at how delicious the food is,at how fun it is swimming in the pools there and at how beautiful the place is in person.

So in the next few days, I will be showing you the photos I took during our stay in one of the most sought after destination in Northern Luzon.We start with the beach at THUNDERBIRD PORO POINT......
Poro Point_thunderbird
the beach front of THUNDERBIRD PORO POINT

The following photos were taken in the morning of our 2nd day in Poro Point. We were supposed to go back in the afternoon in time for the sunset but we were so caught up in our tour of downtown San Fernando. Glad we were able to go back the next morning before heading back to Manila. My fellow bloggers Azrael Coladilla and Alex de Vera Dizon even managed to swim for 30 minutes or so. 

The way to the beach is kinda far from the hotel room. You need to go down to the pool area then take the road along the coastline which is something like a good 7minute walk all in all. I heard though that plans for a shortcut is underway so that hotel guests could easily access it.

But the walk is all worth it (unless its noontime-which could be a real pain) as the view at the entrance to the beach is really amazing. If you still dont get it based on the two photos above, let me give you a clue---Mediterranean , you know, like those in some Islands in Greece? After all,Thunderbird Poro Point is a SANTORINI INSPIRED RESORT. 

And when you say Santorini inspired means the whole area is consistent with that theme. This beach is a testament to that.
It is nice to see a patch of beach front here as the other coastal area of the resort are not fit for swimming, I mean for tourists as it is rocky and has no beach front. The sand is not that fine and white but good enough for me. It is somewhat rugged to me, especially with the cliff  enclosing it. I love this ruggedness though, gives the beach more  character. The view of the lighthouse the the lush tress on the far side also makes it a real beauty. A small group of rocks somewhere in the center adds accent to it. I reckon that this is an ideal spot for foreign tourist to have a good tan. I am sure they would love it.

As for the water, it's an open sea, the South China Sea. A storm just hit the area a few weeks before we came so a lot of seaweeds were washed ashore. The management said they were still working on getting the beach back to its normal state. At any rate, we enjoyed the beach and our short swim.

Other than one of the movie locations for No Other Woman, it was also the venue of the talked about wedding of John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles. Looks familiar now?Yes. Now it is a venue of many weddings from residents around the area too.

The beach at THUNDERBIRD RESORT PORO POINT is part of the awesome experience you an get out of staying in the Resort. Be sure not to get stuck in your comfortable bed or engulfed with the awesome dishes in Olives Restaurant as there's much more to see and experience in its beach front.All I can say is, I loooove Thunderbird Resort Poro Point!!!

 This post makes me dream of an awesome vacation in the Mediterranean or perhaps in an exotic island like Lanzarote off the coast of Spain. I heard of cheap holidays to lanzarote . As of the moment, our three days stay in Thunderbird Poro was closest I can get. Someday, someday......

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  1. wow parang ang tindi naman ng init nung kunan ung resort! sarap tuloy magswimming :D

  2. I actually didn't know that Poro Point's got a stretch of beach. Still nice, better than no shore at all.

  3. San Fernando, La Union ba location nyan? Ang ganda nga ng beach, akala ko ang "No Other Woman" sa Bellaroca na-shoot. Dream resort ko rin makita yun...

  4. boo! weekday na naman natapat!! (inngit) hehe

    btw, check out your enemy's blogpost, pareho kayo na TBR.. hihi magkasama kayo? =)

  5. @chyng nabasa ko rin at kaka-comment ko lang din dun. Uyyyy kaw Anton ah, di ka nagkkwento! :P

    Kidding aside, sarap magpicture dyan kapag mataas ang araw. I MISS IT!

  6. Susyal, summer vacation lang ang drama ngayong October! At, wala din mey balak manood ng No Other Woman, because I'm so fed up of this kind of stories ... LOL! :D

    @PANSALT® - I don't give an F about your salt! LMAO! :D

  7. gondo.. sarap naman dyan maglakad lakad at magrelax.. ;)

  8. wew! i wanna go here! <3

  9. wow!ang ganda ng view grabe.

  10. I am so proud that i hail in San Fernando, La Union. My place is just a 10 minute drive to the resort. The shots were really great. I love it!!!


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