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Already have a date this Friday? It’s the best time to recharge, relax, and have a classy celebratory dinner with family or friends. On October 7, Cru Steakhouse will have a second round up of wine dinner pairing event featuring no less than the famous Cotes du Rhône 2010 of France .

Internationally acclaimed for its earthy and delicious notes, connoisseurs just simply come together to sip away and enjoy the full-flavored “Rhone-style” wine. Explore an elegant soiree of flavors at Cru Steakhouse, where both experts and enthusiasts can savor and compare three premium Cotes du Rhone 2010 varieties: St. Joseph , L’Arzelle, and Les Pimpiognoles.

CRU STEAKHOUSE featuring Cotes du Rhône 2010 of France
For only P2500 per head, this rare offering comes with an exquisite three-course dinner personally hand-picked by Executive Chef Meik Brammer and Cru Steakhouse sous chef Rej Casanova. Known for carefully prepared grilled beef, freshly made salads and sumptuous desserts, Cru Steakhouse ranks high for its consistent quality of food.
Australian grain-fed Angus Rib eye with creamy garlic sprouts

Partake of this subtle and rich welcome pica pica: chives and cream cheese wonton, spicy pulled pork canapé, and tofu ceviche. It is followed by crunchy and mellifluent duck confit croquette, which is a delicate and light combo of citrus frisee salad and mango puree. Main course is one of Cru’s signature steaks, the grilled Australian grain-fed Angus rib eye. Tender and peppered with Cru’s secret 14 spices, creamy garlic sprouts, garlic whipped potato, and herbed roasted tomato, this one is a certified wine pair favorite. For dessert, it’s a death by chocolate pleasure with dark mango passion fruit chocolate, which is a luscious proudly in-house made Maracaibo ice cream with raspberry coulis.

Try something new and discover a new way to enjoy wine and steak at the elegantly designed Cru Steakhouse. Be educated and at same time, capture the real essence of engaging to this exclusive event—wine and dine plus catch up with loved ones in a stylish way.

For inquiries and reservations, call Cru Steakhouse
Marriott Manila at 988-9999.


  1. di kaya ng budget ko!!! hehehehe joke lang :D

  2. ewan ko sayo Bino--kuripot kalang.oi--i-date mo na si __________ dito bago ka lumipad ng Canada.lols

  3. ewan ko sayo Bino--kuripot kalang.oi--i-date mo na si __________ dito bago ka lumipad ng Canada.lols

  4. wow sosyalan.. pang bigtime lang to kagaya mo.. hehe :P


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