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Admit it, you were blown away when you saw the music video of Solenn Heusaff entitled ""FIRE". All of us actually!!!! She is simply hot, hot,hot!!! She has always been an eye candy to the male Filipino population who's appetite for gorgeous women is insatiable and an envy to all women. If there's one thing that this video has proven, it's that she is not just all looks. She can model, she can act, she can sing. What else is there that Solenn Heusaff cannot do? She is for me admirable. It's rare to see a beauty with such talent......

For my readers who haven't seen her music video FIRE (which I doubt if there are any) , here it is, this will serve as a teaser coz as of writing, another music video is on the works.Be prepared, it's coming out this October!!!

I got the rare chance to witness the shooting of the MTV yesterday and I am already very excited to see it completed. I hate waiting!!! In a few hours, I will be writing another entry about the event. Watch out for it. I will also reveal some secrets Solenn shared with us during the interview.

I easily admire artists even if I don't know them but getting to know them more cements the loyal fan in me.I got to know Solenn a little more yesterday and I am now an avid, avid avid fan of hers!!!

Another related post coming up in a few hours!!!!



  1. Singer, actress, model and a great artist. Solid yung mga artworks niya, ang husay. Siya na! That's why I love her. LOL. Pero nung napanood ko at nadinig for the first time yung Fire, natawa mey. Parang isang kanta ng halinghing. Hahaha. Puro hinga. But she's good tho. LOl.

  2. maganda pala boses niya... love ko na siya. lol

  3. She's really great... not such a wonderful singer though. The music video's purpose is to distract you from the singing, I believe. :p

  4. @Yow--halatang nsa ibang timezone ka nga---madaling-araw na kung mag-comment.hhehehe


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