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SOLENN HEUSSAFF with Gaz Holgate music video shoot

Last Tuesday night, I received a twitter direct message from Mr. Leo Dominguez. He is no less than the manager of SOLENN HEUSSAFF. He asked if I can come to Republiq in Resorts World the next day. That's where Solenn will be filming the music video of her single " It's Our First Time" which is a cover for the Bruno Mars original. In the MTV, another of Mr. Leo's talent, GAZ HOLGATE serves as the love affection of Solenn.I was in for a treat!!!

I saw Solenn for the first time during the Philippine Fashion Week Penshoppe Holiday 2011 Collection and I was stunned. The opportunity to see her in a shoot is a privilege I couldn't afford to miss. Sir Leo said I could bring my blogger friends so I invited a few to go with me.
SOLENN HEUSSAFF  with Gaz Holgate on ""It's My First Time" music video
The intimate feel inside Republiq Bar is the perfect setting for the flirty tone of the song which goes.....

Just go with it, go with it, go with it
And I will go real slow with it, slow with it
It's our first time, go with it, go with it, go with it
And I will go real slow with it, slow with it
It's our first time
Solenn And Gaz Holgate
Is it flirty or it's just me? Yeah, I think the message of the song is flirty so most of us were expecting to see some skin. But nah, just a little sexy outfit in the case of Solenn but nothing very provocative. The director of the mtv, PAUL SORIANO---yes, my idol derek Paul Soriano no less, said they want to maintain a sexy but still classy feel. If derek Soriano says so, you should believe it. In the case of Gaz Holgate, no skin too. Sorry girls!!!hahaha

Still, we have a lot to expect in this music video. Solenn is drop dead gorgeous as always and Gaz Holgate is definitely an eye candy....
We got the chance to sit with Solenn and Gaz during lunch at Cafe Republiq. Me and my blogger friends Mica, Dianne, Florencio and Krizia got to ask questions about the album and even the more intimate details. Solenn is very friendly and natural and I was surprised that she is kalog pala. (humorous).

I asked her, if she is to let go of modeling now that she has ventured into acting and singing. We were surprised when she said "I am not a model, I was never a model" I thought she was kidding at first. But she meant it. She sees herself more of a designer. Asked what's wrong with being branded as a model, she said she doesn't want to be associated with the term "model" as people have a negative connotation on models.

Some people she said thinks of models are "dumb" and she doesn't want to be associated with that. She even added, she's too short for a model. I didn't realize that until she said it. Like, nobody ever notice, right? I mean, when Solenn walks down the catwalk, everybody's jaw drops and that's it. I was surprised at how somebody who people look up to as a ramp model doesn't even think of herself as a model pala. Fair enough---she's more than a ramp model, she is a fashion icon. Makes me admire her more for that though. It's like saying, if somebody is "hot" but and he/she is not even aware of it, that makes him or her even "hotter".
during lunch in Cafe Republiq

Gaz Holgate on the other hand is young at 23. I thought he is this serious guy who is not the approachable type but he isn't. Not  that he is loud or anything but he is very accommodating. He will look you in the eye and give you this innocent charm. For the girls, that translates to kilig moments. My impression,he doesn't look intimating, he's nice, tactful and well mannered. He is a member of the Philippine Rugby team by the way, the VOLCANOES, the _nth Volcanoe I met which reaffirms my perception that they are "nice guys" talaga. Very friendly. He said his priority is still playing rugby but he is totally open to showbiz opportunities. Good new girls!!!

Gaz and Solenn are childhood friends so they work comfortably with each other. They look good together and they have good chemistry.
When it was the mainstream media's turn for the interview, someone asked about the comparison between them (Heussaff-Holgate) and the Angel-Younghusband love team. Gaz doesn't see the connection but one media goes on by saying, ANGEL has an Azkal and Solenn has a Volcanoe so they were being compared. Solenn joking answered, "well, I think Rugby is better". lols

Hmmmm. On a personal note, I think that the point of comparison is cute. Why not. Looks like having a rugby or soccer player as a boyfriend is what is "hot" these days. :D
Director Paul Soriano coaching Gaz Holgate
Dj Laila Chikadora of tv5 interviewing director paul Soriano

Back in the set, the atmosphere was really relaxed. The young director Paul Soriano is calm,confident and focused. He keeps reminding Solenn and Gaz to relax. As a spectator, I never felt uncomfortable watching the whole process. I saw other shooting before and people were stiff. No shouting and scolding here. Paul Soriano was flawless in 
the bloggers with Solenn and Gaz
Mica in front of Republiq

I thank Sir Leo Dominguez for inviting me and for being very accommodating with us bloggers. We got the chance to chat with him for a few minutes and he revealed that he was actually surprised that bloggers these days are everywhere and that companies and film producers are tapping their services. I pray that his talents would succeed, SOLENN HEUSSAFF, Gaz Holgate and Lovi Poe to name a few. You have a powerhouse lineup of talents Sir Leo and they are very lucky to have you as their manager.

My congratulations to Solenn for good sales on her first album and for the continued support of the people on her as a singer. Solenn is a complete package. One of the few beautiful talents in the Philippines who can be good at many things.I pray for the success of your career.And  to you and Gaz, you have just earned another loyal fan and supporter in me!!!!cheers to that!!!

Watch out for Solenn's music video on the song "It's our first time"" coming out this October!!!!:D



  1. hanep. hot hot hot ni solenn :p

    iba talaga pag bigatin at kilalang blogger... mabilis makakuha ng trip to feature showbiz thingy :D


  2. sizzling... can't wait for their video.. ;)

  3. OMY! ang swerte mo pare! nai-kiss mo ba ako kay solenn???

  4. Me likes this shoot! Linis magtrabaho ni direk Paul and very cooperative sina Solenn and Gaz <3

  5. I didn't know that Solenn is into singing now... wow Solenn has the face and body but unfortunately she's poor in acting especially when I accidentally watch Temptation Island remake.

  6. wow... temptation ang mtv.. ang ganda ng mga shoot...

  7. Wow... I agree with ardee.. I really can't wait for this music video...

  8. the best ka rueka.. haha.. sama mo naman ako minsan pag may gig kayo na may kinalaman kay sos.. :)) kainggit, nameet nyo na si gaz.. -jremly


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