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MY HOUSEHUSBAND and the intimate talk with direk Joey Reyes

When you tune in to local tv stations these days, you would notice that the countdown for Christmas has started. Christmas is such a big occasion in the Philippines as it means a lot for us Filipinos. The reason I mentioned about Christmas is because of METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL which is a yearly event showcasing locally produced films. It runs from the 25th of December to the first week of January. This 2011 marks the 37th installment of the film festival and movie outfits are starting to make their films known to the excited public.

As such, OCTOARTS films invited us last week for an exclusive BLOGGERS talk with  direk JOEY REYES, yes, no less than the legendary Jose Javier Reyes, the director behind MY HOUSE HUSBAND, the official entry of Octoarts film in the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival.

It was an afternoon of intimate talk where  we discussed not just about the movie but about direk Joey's views on the industry of cinema and television, about the past,present and future of Filipino films, his perceptions about life and love etc. We even touched a little about his personal life. hahaha
MY HOUSEHUSBAND and the intimate talk with direk Joey Reyes
Direk Joey has been a personal idol. I admire people who are sharp. In the industry, I put him in the same level as Boy Abunda when it comes to juicy yet purposeful commentaries. You can throw a question at him an in promptu, he will answer back with a lot of substance. 

During our meeting last week, I have proven it myself that he is an admirable person indeed as he is in his films.
about the movie MY HOUSEHUSBAND:

MY HOUSEHUSBAND is a light comedy starring real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. It is the comeback movie of Judy Ann Santos after giving birth.The movie speaks of the dilema a husband faces in a marriage where roles are reversed. In here, Rod (Ryan Agoncillo) stays at and tends to home while Mia (Jusy Ann Santos) earns a living.

Ryan points that the film is no "andres de saya" tweak.  It's not as if Rod is a "yes" man. He still gets to wear the pants in the family except that he also dons the apron come meal times"--he said

The movie according to Ryan "brings more to the table".  "We've been married for two years now so we know exactly what marriage is about unlike previous films wgere it was purely acting. Plus we have Yohan and Lucho for quite sometime so we can truly say we relate to being parents "--Ryan added.

If you can recall. Diek Joey Reyes was also the man behind the Juday-Ryan movies "KASAL, KASALI,KASALO'' in 2007 and the follow up '' SAKAL, SAKALI, SAKLOLO" in 2008 which were both topgrossers in their respective filmfest seasons.  

I usually take the back seat during press cons and rarely ask questions. I tend to be very selective of the questions I ask, mostly, the sensible ones. I prefer listening to the questions thrown by other members of the press and attentively observe how the stars react and respond.

During the talk with direk Joey though, I actively participated in the discussions and I really enjoyed it. Direk Joey satisfied the curiosity of all the bloggers present that day. Asked what makes MY HOUSEHUSBAND a different among the other entries of 2011 MMFF, direk Joey simply said "because it's the story where you see yourself".
But I always see myself in the movies that I watch, I mean, even TEMPTATION ISLAND which I watched alone, I saw myself rolling in the sand and stuff. hahaha . So I pressed further with another question.

"What makes the movie different from the rest of the entry is that it's the only "realistic story" in the festival, but what makes it's a standout so that people would go to the cinema and watch it" ---direk Joey simply said, you need to see it.
direk Joey with Rod Magaru
In the small talk that ensued, we learned that the script was not written by the director himself but this according to him is a welcome thing. Contrary to popular belief, he directs movies even if the script is not written by him. We learned about his views on the future of Filipino Films and and the challenges confronting it, his idols in the field of film directing, how he stays fresh with ideas, how he perceives bloggers and social media,how he keeps himself in tune with the realities of ordinary life since he doesn't like watching mainstream tv (at least local) , how he unwinds, what he hates the most, his future endeavors and dream projects and stuff.

The discussion ranged from the technicalities of MYHOUSEHUSBAND, his latest project up to his personal life. It was an afternoon of cerebral talk and loads of laughter. I like how he fuses substantive ideas with humor!!!!

Caught direk Joey Reyes tweeting -- the night after the meeting:

"Had one of the best moments of my life having a late lunch with the bloggers for #MyHouseHusband: absolute joy to be with these smart kids."DirekJoey Joey Javier Reyes

these are the smart kids he was referring to: lols
pusangkalye with Melai
caught up with Paxie later on (2nd from left)
Cheers to Melai and Octoacrts for inviting me over.

"My Househusband"
Cast: Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo and Eugene Domingo
Directors: Jose Javier Reyes
Producer: OctoArts Films

My Househusband opens in cinemas December 25. It's the official MMFF entry fo Octoarts Films.

here's to  MY HOUSEHUSBAND on Facebook : LINK


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