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meet the RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS frisbee team

Last Saturday, me and my friend Alex went to the Sunken Garden of UP Diliman to cover the practice training of an American Football team coz I want to feature them in my blog. Then I suddenly realized that I have a post still waiting to be published about another sports team I covered around two (2) months ago. This has been long overdue.

I was referring to the RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS frisbee team. And when i said RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS, I meant it both as an adjective and a noun. It's an Ultimate Disc team who has been making waves in the Metro due to their catchy name and provocative uniform.

When my friend Sarah who is a member of the team invited me to cover the finals of the MALAKAS-MAGANDA League organized by Philippine Ultimate Association, I learned that there's more to this team than just good looks, gorgeous bodies and sexy uniform.......
meet the RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS frisbee team

I called Sarah a few days before the event and asked about the standing of the group in the league. She said they are the average team trying to prove their worth in the field of ULTIMATE DISC. So I actually didn't expect anything BIG. To be honest, I thought they were just a bunch of teenagers who want to strut their sexy uniform in the field. Let's admit it, there are many sports personalities like that, all looks but no talent. 

Well, I didn't go as far as thinking they are just fillers in the competition. I simply set my expectations low and stick to the goal of featuring a team for my blog. 

Then came the day of the competition. I was with three other members of my photography group (YOPHO) and we stormed ALABANG SPORTS and COUNTRY CLUB to meet the girls. 

We didn't have enough time to chat before the competition started so we saved it for later. We redied our cameras and started shooting. To my SURPRISE, they were scoring one point after another. And the seeming innocent and harmless girls were fierce on the field. That's when I quietly said to myself ""BOY, THEY CAN PLAY!!!"""--that goes with the **sh*t word inside my head. Well Sarah said they just play for fun. But the level of play I witnessed was more than playing for fun, they were serious in what they were doing and I knew they were determined to win the competition. And they did.!!!

RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS didn't just topple the group they first played against, they actually were declared the CHAMPION of group B for 2011.

see story here:
Team leader Cassie Umali fierce on the field....

That adds to their achievements so far which includes,
*1st runner-up in pool B division of the Malakas at Maganda league organized by the Philippine Ultimate Association
*5th place in Spirits the most prestigious international ultimate frisbee tournament in the Philippines
I got the chance to talk to their team Captain Cassie Umali---who happens to be a member of the Philippine Womens Rugby Team (The Female Volcanoes). It was then that I learned a few more interesting things about the team.

The group is composed of students and professionals who play frisbee as a hobby and passion. They've been featured in various prints and even in GMA 7's Mel and Joey. Cassie admits the uniform is a standout and is an eye candy. I think it is an advantage.Not only that it makes the girls confident, it could also distract the opponents.hahaha 
Cassie Umali - Alpha Chick
Kaye Roxas - Most Valuable Player
Velia San Pedro - Best Handler
Ritaritz Widjaja - Lay-Out Queen
Xian Manimtim - Campus Crush
Ariane Ariola - Cutest in Uniform
Cesni Buenaflor - Best Legs
Joanna Ricafort - Most Improved Player
Joyce Catarungan - Mother Hen & Rookie of the Year
Jenny Due - Veteran Handler
Cherilie Candelaria - Most likely to become famous
Boom San Juan - Head Cheerleader
Ina Castaneda - Class Brain
Rein Leong-Flancia - Most likely to travel the world
Bea Felise Advincula Garrido -Most Athletic
Thel Antazo - Best Rookie Poacher
Bianca Marie Crespo - Crespy Creme (melts in your mouth)
Sarah Lyn Esguerra
In their facebook page, it says, "An all-girls Ultimate Frisbee team composed of the hotties from the mixed team Kayumanggi Ultimate. Ready to strut our blue plaid skirts once again out on the field"

Yes, looks can be very deceiving. Like the RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS frisbee team, never underestimate these girls----- coz they can kick some ass!!!!


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  2. wow, may kanya-kanyang code yung mga chick. :D

  3. pwede sumali?
    gusto ko matuto mag-frisbee~

  4. @Bino--uo.super delayed.although me post nako dati about them winning the Malakas-Maganda League

    @Khanto--anung code?

    @SpiderHamm---menyak detected!!!lols

  5. ganda naman ng kuha at subjects. ^^

  6. Ayos ang uniforme nila.... Lol

  7. This is interesting.. I like their uniforms and the fact they can really play! :)

  8. very pretty and sexy, those strong legs.

  9. wow! It really pays to follow bloggers of all walks of life. I've never heard or seen that there is actually a Frisbee competition like this. I just thought it's some kind of pastime.

    Thanks for this feature! aylabbeeet!!

  10. ayos ah :) I think DSLR mo ang gamit mo :) hehehe kaya pala gusto din ni Halojin ng DSLR hehehe Joke.. God Bless you bro...

  11. Ayos ng shot mo sa 13th pic ah..kulet but sexy! Nice subject...

  12. Hindi ko binabawa iyong comment ko dun sa last post mo tungkol dito. LOL! :D

  13. Alam mo bang ngayon lang ako nakakita ng frisbee na babae naglalaro? Inusente me. Hahaha. Ang porma pala.

  14. sailor uniforms.. i think many male audience will really be distracted because of these.. LOL!


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