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the risky boat ride from Boracay to MAINLAND AKLAN

The moment you read this post, I am probably in long beach Boracay playing in the sand. Yes, my wife and I will be spending the weekend again in the 4th BEST ISLAND in the world. It was only last September when we stayed there but an invite from a famous resort there prompted us to go back.

I can't help but remember therefore the boat ride back to mainland island on our departure day. We were from Puka Beach which is the Northern tip and we decided to ride the tricycle to the pier taking tourists back to the mainland. I told the tricycle where to take us, and I am sure he understood that we are tourists.It was kinda confusing because the ferry terminal in Boracay's southern tip was not the one we used when we came. We were taken to the beach front along the eastern coast instead.As out boatman explained, the tide and waves during rainy season is too strong for ferries to handle that's why they are diverted in another area. The main ferry terminal is only being used by bigger such as the ones used by expensive resorts.

the risky boat ride from Boracay to MAINLAND AKLAN
To cut the story short, I reminded the tricycle driver to take us in the terminal where most tourist board, not the one for HIGH END travelers. He said yes. Then he suddenly stopped. I thought he was to buy something in the Sari-Sari store along the road.I was surprised because he said were in the place and a group of guys greeted us and took our luggage bag. I followed them quietly to the beach which looks different from the one  where we docked last time. I saw a small fishing boat packed with locals waiting for us. They shouted tara!!(lets go). everything happened too fast I wasn't able to react. The next thing I know, my wife and I were seated alongside the locals with our luggage in the middle. I started asking people. That's when they said it's a cargo/passenger boat which takes non-tourists across the straight to Caticlan. Headache!!! 
We were obviously taken to another spot. Lokong driver yun. Akala siguro wala kaming pambayad ng terminal fee kaya don kami dinala. It took a few minutes to sink and for me to feel a little comfortable with the people surrounding us. They told us at least it's faster here and that we will be saving a few bucks since the fare is only 25minutes. The heck. I don't mind paying 50 pesos for the boat transfer and another few pesos for the terminal and environmental fees.I kept my thoughts to myself. What I was concerned about was a safe trip. And then the waves started to batter the boat. That's when my horror started.

My father was a fisherman and I always ride boats. But trough the years, I have grown cautious every time I ride one.I am not concerned about  myself or my wife. We can float or swim but I am aware that carry gadgets and that's what I am concerned about. The waves were big and they occasionally spill in the boat and splash on us. I took the courage to remove my camera from the bag and took a few shots to prove that even the locals were a bit worried.See, it was not just me.lols
the worried face of a local
pati si ate takot

After a few minutes, we were finally near the other side. But we were heading in an area where there was no dock, just big rocks in what seems like a seawall. What????Another stage of horror. The waves were strong and we are docking in those rocks??? I imagine the boat hitting one of the rocks and losing balance. It took a few minutes before the boat owner and his aide were able to figure things out and safely docked the boat. People were laughing at me while I disembarked and crawled through the slippery rocks.

Well, they too admitted that the waves were big that afternoon. I was talking to some of them while I carried my stroller to the nearest cemented street. I was walking side by side with an ice candy/ice cream vendor in Boracay on his way home. We were on the same boat but I didn't notice him back there because I was too preoccupied with myself. He looks very tired and his skin dark due to daily exposure to sunlight. That's when I realized something. Something which will affect my future trips. Anu man yun, dikopa sasabihin as it will be the subject of another post.

For now, here's my recollection of the risky boat ride to MAINLAND AKLAN. I am glad nothing bad happened to me and my wife and that looking back, enjoy din naman pala. Charge it to experience. Lesson learned, WHEN IN BORACAY ---not all tricycle drivers would consider you a tourist even if you are one so you have to make it clear to them---TOURISTA ako, pakidala ako don sa ferry terminal for tourists please!!!!! nyahaha

Better be safe than sorry diba?:)

PS: We walked a few meters pa pala to get to jetty port. I thought it's near, ang layo pala. I was pulling my stroller along the national road and was sweating all over the place when we got to the van terminal in front of the jetty port bound KALIBO. sakit sa bangs!!! lols


  1. atleast may kakaibang experience kang nadanas.... ang maglakad sa national road with strollers thingy :p

    at may take home kang lesson :D

  2. di ko alam na may ganyan pa palang option. kakalungkot naman at dun kayo dinala. buti at maiiwasan na ang mga ganitong pangyayari. buti nga talaga at walang nagyari sa inyo.

  3. Haha sabi ko na mas concern ka sa gadgets mo eh :)) kalurkey na experience, pero at least worth it din. lessons learned and the adrenaline rush! woooohooooo!!!!

  4. anuber.. ate was so worried not because of the tides but with you taking her pictures.. yung feeling na, 'OMG i might be discovered.. im not in my sosyness form..' lels..

    kidding aside, kalurkey to ha.. thanks sa tips.. at least we can be little cautious if we get there.. :)

  5. scary boat experience naman yan... kakatakot kaya ma-capsize yung boat in the middle of the ocean!

  6. Wow... Katakot naman...
    Pero yan ang mga nakakapag paganda ng travel eh... yung mga kakaibang experience...:)

  7. hahahaha.was looking for posts on boracay and i saw this.can't..stop..laughing.. anton salamat sa tip para bukas hahahaha ikkwento ko to kay jeff para di sumakit ang bangs nya hahaha

  8. Cool story, sometimes its fun to try something different right? I usually take the ferry, its cheap and easy but sounds like you had more fun doing it your way :) hope you had fun in paradise, i have a guide on boracay if you want to check it out, not finished yet though

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