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about getting PROACTIV with acne

REALITY CHECK muna. Being a blogger, I am considered a public figure I am not famous but the fact that I attend events means I am visible and more often than not, I get to interact with famous and beautiful people. That could be intimidating if you are me since I get to have pimple breakouts every now and then And the problem is, my acne is seasonal. When I get pimples, I get BIG ones.

I tell you, it could be very annoying. I feel like my SELF CONFIDENCE is being assaulted from all corners.I blame my parents sometimes for giving me bad genes.But that's my reality. The best thing to do is act on it instead of pointing fingers. I have to accept that this face demands high maintenance. :)

I think another blogger felt that, that's why he asked me to try PROACTIV. Of course I know ProActiv, who doesn't ayt? But everybody knows how expensive it is. So just like me, people disregard it as an option. Yeah, I was given a set to sample and review.
ProActiv is Americas No.1 acne system 
It was made clear to me naman that I am not required to review,especially say good things about the product should I find out its  not good after all. But I am writing thing because I wanna say I have already tried it and experienced fist hand the power of this product which explains why it's expensive. Simply put--it's effective kaya mahal.

ProActiv is Americas No.1 acne system and a leader in acne prevention developed by leading dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.Proactiv has a complete line of products, beyond the iconic 3-Step System, formulated specifically for acne prone skin including moisturizers, sunscreens, spot treatments and body washes.It was the acne treatment system that I tried.

The kits includes 1. Renewing Cleanser.2. Revitalizing Toner.3.Repairing Treatment and 4. the Refining mask.
The RENEWING CLEANSER is the one I love the most. It's an oil free formula containing Benzoyl Peroxide which is key antibacterial agent to fight acne. It has tiny beads which I like because every time I add water on the small pinch on my palm and start rubbing my face, I feel it working. The beads penetrates the pores to attack bacteria and reduce the number of acne pimples.If there is one potent anti-acne thing, this is gonna be it. After washing, you can see your face really clear and oil free. I don't know how to describe but it removes the matte finish which you usually get from other cleanser.

The Revitalizing Toner on the other hand is an alcohol free formula which helps balance skin tone and remove dead cells so the skin looks and feels refreshed. It moisturizes and removes excess oil. It's special formulation includes Alpha Hydroxy Acids which removes dead skin to reveal the younger and more radiant layer.

The Repairing Treatment is a light lotion with benzoyl peroxide which gets into the source of the problem to0 dry up blackheads and blemishes and helps prevent future breakout.

The Refining Mask is a deep cleansing Mask with sulfur, a proven acne fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin.

I was wondering why they don't sell the components in individual pieces. Maybe in the US but here in the Philippines you have to buy it as a package. Makes sense though coz if you really want it effective, you have to use all four for maximum effect. There is a tendency (at least accdg. to the label) that using only the Cleanser can make your skin dry. I didn't experience that coz I followed the instructions carefully. All I can say is that the four components when used daily could work wonders.

At first, you might think it's not effective coz you don't get the stingy effect. Let's admit it, whenever we think acne solutions, we think it should have the stingy feeling so you can feel that its really working. Proactiv works quietly. You might not see immediate effects,say within 2 days but you will get noticeable effects after a week as you see you skin getting fairer and finer.It works slowly but surely.Amazingly, you will also notice that your skin will get lighter the longer you use it. The kit is enough to last 30days although there's a larger package for a 60-day use.
I have to say, it's the best anti-acne system I used so far. A PIECE OF ADVICE THOUGH, don't do as I did. PROACTIV takes its name from pro-active which me stopping a problem before it starts. It is very important therefore that aside from using the product, there's plenty you can do to help like avoiding excessive sun exposure, checking your vitamin supplements, avoiding over-washing your face,not picking your skin, paying attention to your diet and avoiding stress.

No matter how effective the product is, if you don't change the conditions that lead to it,it will just be a push and pull struggle. This is an amazing product but it's not a miracle potion whatsoever.That's what happened to me. The lack of discipline and environment and work stresses remained constant so some of the gains I achieved were put to waste.

But, as I said, I recognize the power of this brand. If you are serious in ending your acne problems, PROACTIV is an investment worth the price.


  1. wow may product post.

    parang gusto ko nian.... though ang pimples lang na tumatama sa akin ay sa nose area at very seldom naman, pagkinakapa ko face ko, it feels na may mga black/white heads me... pede kaya yan?

  2. Nag-try na ako ng maraming products, pero lahat sila nagpapadagdag lang din sa tigidigs ko sa pez. Effective ba talaga ito? :|

  3. ndi effective yan, niloloko lang kayo ni pogi

  4. dapat nagpost k rin ng before and after pics mo nang makita talaga namin ang effect

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