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THIA MEGIA Fans day with Thianatics

A lot of headline worthy events in the Philippines these days. Most are triumphs for our country of course. One of which is the controversial  fight between Pacquiao and Marquez last Sunday where two talented Filipinas were showcased to sing in the event. One was Maria Aragon who sang the Philippine National anthem and the other being THIA MEGIA who sang the Star Spanged Banner.

Both visited Manila this year and it was the visit of THIA MEGIA that I would like to talk about. During the American Idol Manila league, Thia got the chance to meet with his local fans including members of THIANATICS. The group contacted me to be the official photographer of the event. It was a pro bono service that I accepted with a happy heart since I am also a big  fan of Thia Megia.
THIA MEGIA Fans day with Thianatics

Some Thianatics with Mommy Cynthia Megia

Thianatics is one of the Fans Club created by fans if Thia Megia. It's an initiative of Mars Gurapa, a Pinay working in Dubai UAE. It was Mars herself who contacted me through twitter and asked me to be the official photographer of the group. I haven't met her in person and I have learned about the group only upon her introduction prior to her asking. She seemed nice so I put my complete trust on her.
In their website, it says.....
"THIAnatics... comes from among 40 name suggestions given by fans from a poll made by Thia Megia ‘Jazz Princess’ Thialorei Lising Megia Fan page at Facebook. It was an idea where one of the Administrator of the page thought about a name for the fans of American Idol 2011 finalist THIA MEGIA. Among the 40 name suggestions, 5 best names where included in the Poll, that lasted for a week. Top 3 names were given to Thia Megia herself and she in no doubt directly chose the BEST NAME for her fans which is THIAnatics.

March 19, 2011 marked as the official birth date of THIAnatics, where Thia herself acknowledge her fans via her verified Twitter account. Since then, we are now officially called CERTIFIED THIANATICS, as fans of our dear Thia Megia. This site is made by fans and for the fans. It will show case as well the journey of our dear Thia from her humble beginnings and soon will be recognize as one of the most promising teen singers of our generation. THIAnatics will stay until the end and will support and love THIA MEGIA!""
The Fans day was held September 22, Thursday at Portofino Clubhouse in Alabang. It was a lunch affair as I heard Thia already had plans for the night. Before she met her fans in the Clubhouse, she stayed in one of the  rooms where she was interviewed by a few media entities present during the event. I was the only blogger around to cover her. I admonished Thianatics to open the event to bloggers but they wanted it low key with only a few media personalities and sponsors so others had to go there like other fans and pay the minimal fee required for the memento and stuff.McRichard was there along with other friends.
Thia with Mars Gurapa of Thianatics
I love moments like that when I get to meet the stars up close coz that's when I get to know them a little deeper. I didn't interview her one-on-one but listening to her reactions to the questions thrown at her gave me a clear idea at how simple and humble she is. Yes, Thia is only 16 years old. When I was watching her in AI, I thought she looks mature for her age but she is really young looking in person. I guess the choice of wardrobe she wore in AI made her look more mature. She's very Filipino in her values. She said she doesn't have a boyfriend yet as it is not her priority as of now. 
She joined her fans shortly after the interview who greeted her warmly warmly. The venue was kinda small so only approximately 300 fans, family and friends were accommodated. She entertained a few questions from the crowd and sang a few songs.

She sings really well. What I am saying is, she doesn't have this powerful voice like that of the divas we have in the Philippines but she sings in such a way that people will pay attention. There's something in the clarity and   
sweetness of her voice which will entice you and touch you deeply. It's difficult to describe but she is spellbinding when she sings. 
with blogger McRichard

Let me put it this way if you still don't get what I mean. Some people are good looking on screen or pictures but look ordinary when you see them in person, no starstruck feeling. Some are the other way around, their presence gives you a certain feeling of wowness. Same with singers, there are some who are really good when you hear them over the radio or watch them perform on tv but are no better when heard live. In the case of Thia, she is good, you know it but when you hear her sing live, you would be enticed. Her voice is full of soul. 
She energetically played games with her fans afterwards. I was even drawn to dance with her. I was so embarrassed coz I don't know how to dance but I was able to do it. I was sweating all over after only a few seconds coz I was too nervous. Ayoko magkalat. hahaha

She then had album signing which took more than an hour coz Thia signed even the small items the fans requested her to sign. Shirts, Album, even pieces of paper as long as fans could have her signature. They couldn't get enough of her. She never complained. I was telling Mommy Cynthia that Thia might be very tired but she said it's okay. That's how committed Thia is to her fans.

It was a pleasure being invited in the event as the official photographer of the group. It was nice meeting and working with the members of Thianatics especially Mars Gurapa who came all the from Dubai just to attend and personally manage the Fans Day. It was an honor to meet Thia Megia in person, hear her sing live, danced with her during one of the games, and had my Thia Megia shirt signed.

I am a believer of the talent of this young girl.I reckon greater things are waiting for her. Thanks Thia for bringing joy to all your fans in the Philippines and all around the world and thank you because you are Filipino and that we are very proud to share the same nationality as you. 

We love you Thia!!!!!!!


  1. parang long over due na to ah. ahihihih.

    natabunan ka ata ng mga scoops at now mo lang napost ang thia fans day.

    ganda nia. :D pati yung boses

  2. My Guess is that Now Thia is super popular Trending #4 in twitter worldwide and #9 in Yahoo Philippines, this blogger needs her views now.

    If i remember correctly he wasnt there as a fan but was just invited to write about Thia while American Idol was in the Philippines.

  3. I love love THIA MEGIA too! I got goose bumps when I heard her sing 'Smile' on American Idol.

    I totally agree that she isn't the kind who belts high notes. It's really the clarity & soul of her voice that attracted my attention.

    Maraming Salamat po sa post na ito!!!


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