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WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU 2011 movie presscon

If you see a lot of entries about entertainment in my blog these days, don't be surprised like my friends are.I have had so many invitations in the past to attend those press conferences you see whenever you tune in to TVPatrol for instance but turned them down. Yes, to my dismay. The thing is, I have work weeknights and most of the press conferences in ABS-CBN happen on weeknights so I had to turn them down. Not that I am choosy, I simply didn't want to be very happy for a night and be out of work the next day.

Last Saturday though, the universe heard my prayers. A presscon was held on a Saturday for another Star Cinema movie starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronemo entitled ----WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU. I love it!!!!!
WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU 2011 movie presscon
Yes, it was my first time to step inside ABS-CBN as a new media entity and I take pride in that. But this is not about me, as I said, this is about the upcoming Star Cinema movie co produced with Viva Entertainment entitled WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU.

It's the 2nd movie of Gerald and Sarah after the success of their first CATCH ME I'M FALLING which grossed 130Million last March.
Sarah and Gerald
Wont_last_a Day_move
WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU is a story of DJ Haidee (Sarah G.) who hosts a love counselling radio program. Unlike Sarah's no boyfriend since birth character in the first movie, here she plays a girl who has been seriously broken-hearted that's why she refuses to believe in true love anymore. That until she met Andrew (Gerald Anderson) who is the exact embodiment of the kind of guy she hates most-----womanizer.

The movies creative director Carmi Raymundo who is the same genius behind unforgettable movies "My Amnesia Girl" "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed My Life" says that "Won't Last a Day takes the lead stars on a different turn.The interesting thing she said is on how the actors will translate the story on screen."
Movie director Direk RAZ on the other hand states that "the movie is not about what you will validate about love but rather what will break your notions about love".

"For example, meron kang ideal man or woman, sa tingin mo bagay sayo, yung ganitong klaseng tao or ang love or relationship dapat ganito, then all of a sudden you find out na ,,ah, mas tama palang ganito, akala  ko hindi pero ito pala ang mas bagay sakin. This one makes me happier at mas tama sa personalidad ko" --direk Raz added.
won't last a day without you_casts
This i the Christmas gift of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronemo to their fans who have been clamoring for a follow-up movie. Such was a strong clamor indeed that's why the 2nd one was made in the same year.

Sarah and Gerald admitted though that the pressure is there. Aside from the good box-office of their first movie team up, Sarah noted that they are two major box office flicks before their movie making reference to No Other Woman which became the highest grossing Filipino film of all time until another Star Cinema movie Praybet Benjamin took the title just weeks later.

Big Movie, Big love team.FEELS LIKE VALENTINES IN DECEMBER? Well, Love is not seasonal.Find them in facebook:

Now there is another reason for me to go out and watch a movie with my wife and friends.
WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU opens in theaters November 30, 2011.


  1. nakita ko trailer nito sa tv.... mukang okay.... hopefully kakaiba ang story flow at may twist.


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