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NEW FERSAL launched

My blog entry on our stay in Fersal Annapolis last time caught the attention of Fersal group and they liked it. My narration was lauded as well as the photos I took from the place. As such, I was invited on the launch of the NEW FERSAL last November 10, in Fersal Nepune Branch in Makati where I joined other prominent bloggers like Azrael , Jeman , Estan Cabigas and Fung Yu to learn what the transformation is all about.

Fersal Hotel started as a family business and has remained so until now. In the talk of the owner of the Hotel Group, Ms. Jean, she stated that Fersal has always been a family thing in such a way that they also consider all their employees as an extension of their family. If you read my blog about Annapolis last time, I noted that the first thing I noticed about the place is the homey feeling. Now I understand what they mean when they say ---Fersal, the comfort of your own home at rge heart of the city.


Currently, there are five (5) Fersal Hotels in the Metro, three of which are in Quezon City, one (1) in Manila and one (1) in Neptune Makati  (just accross the street from Century City where you can find the tallest building in the Philippines.It was in Neptune branch where the launch was held.

We were told that the new brand ---NEW FERSAL ---is part of the effort of the group to upgrade their facilities and services. Being responsive to the demands of modern time, the group decided that an uplift is necessary so as to provide utmost comfort and pleasurable experience to their guests.

The owner was excited to mention abou the changes. That means repainted rooms, new beds imported from reliable suppliers, imported lines and towels plus flat screen tv's on all rooms.

That on top of all the facilities and services like unlimited wifi access even in rooms, safety deposit box, convenience store,in house security guard and CCTV, cable tv among others. All that at a reasonable price flexible on the location of the Hotel. Asked why there's no standard rate for their rooms, Ms Jean said that they offer what is competitive in the area where the hotel ios located. Like for example in Annapolis, the most expensive room---de luxe-- costs 1,500php while in Neptune, a deluxe room would cost 2,200 php. That's because the price of accommodation in those areas fall on that range. Fair enough. So if you are thinking of checking on the rates, better check online or call their CENTRAL RESERVATION OFFICE at (02)912.2691 .
We were toured around some of the rooms after the short presentation to get a first hand view of what the transformation is all about and I am happy to share some of the photos I took inside their deluxe single and deluxe double rooms in Neptune Makati Branch..............
Some of the members of the press later on pushed for the question----WOULD AN UPGRADE MEAN HIGHER ROOM RATES?  The owner was delighted to say that yes, it meant raising their prices a bit but not too high. She indicated that only around 300 php increase wouldn't hurt as  they haven't really increased for a few years compared to their competitors who increase on a yearly basis which is a normal thing in the hotel industry.

As somebody who have experience staying in one of their branches I say the price is really affordable and reasonable. This is the best deal you can get out of budget accommodation. And now that the upgrade is in full operation, staying in one of the Fersal Hotels would definitely be more pleasurable. It's cheap, it's decent, and now--it's even upgraded. What can be cooler than that. Pusangkalye highly recommend this place.

Shout to Nica Serrano for introducing me to this Hotel Brand and leading the way for me to be invited in the launch of the NEW FERSAL. cheers!!!! 


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