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METRO MANILA on the Rise!

This is in responce to the aticle published in a travel blog saying "Manila itself is a shambles. The traffic is AWFUL (I seem to be using a lot of capital letters in this post) and nothing has been added to shops or other amenities (whereas e.g. Bangkok has transformed itself into an almost livable city)"

....and with this I would like to quote Carlos Celdran when he said, "If we want to change the way Manila looks, then let's change the way we look at Manila"-

take a look at Metro Manila Philippines
The OBSERVATORY_tivoli Gardens mandaluyong
View of Makati from Mandaluyong
View of Ortigas from Hulo Area Mandaluyong

The three photos below were taken from a hotel in Bonifacio Global City with a part of the skyline of Makati on the background. Proof enough that METRO MANILA is on the rise.
photos from Bonifacio Global City

MAKTI is our crown jewel. It is a perfect example of the significance of planned cities/communities in the future development of the Philippines. It's Central Business District is something we are all proud of. 

Too bad when people google "Philippines" or "Manila", they see mostly shanties and slums. And I hate it when major international television outfits like BBC or CNN do reports in the Metro, they are usually located in bad backdrops. Why not give them a nice office in a posh building of Makati with the AYALA triangle on the background? If you are an avid fan of BBC, you will know what I mean, whenever reporters do coverage in major cities, say, London or Singapore and yes, even Egypt, reporters have tall building behind them calling out to the audience. In the Philippines,I guess this is another case of "you need permit to be able to shoot here and pay the dues kinda thing so the reporters station themselves in places where it is free of charge and permits, say, the slum on the backdrop? Pahirapan kumuha ng spot.Let's look into that........

century city makati
Gramercy Makati under construction
makati skyline

Also, let's spread beautiful pictures of Metro Manila and show the world that we have other things to offer. We need to convince ourselves that Metro Manila is a beautiful place before we can convince other nationalities that it is indeed lovely here.

2012 Photos
Metro Manila Philippines
Resorts World Manila from NAIA-3
taken from the plane with the view MAKATI and ORTIGAS business districts.

It's not to say that we deny that a quarter of the capitals population live in slums. Surely there's much work to be done. But it's about time we tell (foreigners) them there are some bright spots to look atOrtigas is one classic example and recently, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and Eastwood City in Libis Quezon City. Greenfield District, which is the area between Ortigas and Pioneer is also under development. Of course Robinsons Group is working on the area around MRT Boni Station and that's a good thing. Soon, the Central Business Districts of Makati, Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City will be connected with skyscrapers.I reckon that in 5 or 10 years time.
taken from one of the streets of Bonifacio Global City

UPDATES:2013 photos

Metro Manila from The Bayleaf Intramuros
Taken from pane --JUNE 2013
Metro Manila Philippines
SM Aura prominent on the foreground

That means more effort on all sectors, public and private, even on us ordinary citizens. We have to believe that there is a future for Metro Manila. The development might be slower than we hope it could be but we will definitely get there.We all love to see METRO MANILA rising.....



  1. tama!!! sana i showcase din ang unlad ng Pinas, pero andami talagang slum areas... :( sana unti unting umunlad para lahat ng view sa Pinas, saan man piliin ng BBC or CNN eh maipagmamalaki. :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Siguro dapat magsimula sa sarili natin kung paano natin ipapakita ang bansa natin from the nice view. As a blogger we should have responsibility to promote the beauty of our country.

  4. I agree with you sentiments... I would also like to add the ASEANA Business Park at Pasay... everything is developing there including a future Nayong Pilipino - the plan was grandeur business center. Its just that SM MOA was one of the first to establish there...

  5. I will always love Manila no matter how crowded it is. The skyline dwarfs Vancouver's or Toronto's.

  6. i agree with the sentiments. sometimes i feel like i don't want to be in this country anymore and would really love to uproot my family and live kahit sa venus or mars, but what i just cant believe with these two networks/companies is that with their intelligent reporting, they seem to lose smarts. after coming here and enjoying a nice stay in a posh 5 star hotel in the heart of manila, they go to the slums and describe the philippines as poor, unsanitary country. bbc? big bully of communications to me, cnn? continuous negative news.


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