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unboxing BLACKBERRY Curve 9300

And so it was.I lost my iPOD Touch in the MRT and I made a post to warn people to be careful of the Christmas season pickpockets as if nobody knows about it.hahaha. I just wanna say that despite that setback, we still feel Christmas and the incident didn't stop my wife from wrapping gifts last Saturday until the wee hours of the morning.We still feel this year has been so blessed and we want to share the happiness. Most of the comments on my Facebook wall spoke of better things in exchange for what was lost.Fair to say, that iTOUCH was my lifeline during blogging events as I just live on prepaid mobile service. I used it to tweet about what I was up to. When it was lost, I felt that my window to the internet when on the road closed.So I was depressed a bit. That's when we decided to a postpaid line from Globe Telecom.

That's the story behind my new baby, the BLACKBERRY Curve 9300.
unboxing BLACKBERRY Curve 9300

Because it's cheaper than iPHONE.Since I am bracing for the holiday season expenses and I am not expecting any bonuses or 13 month pay (as the case for the past four years), I prefer not to dish out cold cash  just to have a new phone.
It's the cheapest,most connected SMARTPHONE there is I can think of. If you enroll for GLOBE's BB-Social, for 299 pesos per month, you get to have unlimited facebook and twitter. That on top of Blackberry Messenger (bbm) which is free between  blackberry users. I thought BB is dead.I am now having second thoughts.....

So what's in the BOX pala?

The usual stuff-----charger,earphone, manual,usb port, the bb phone of course. In short= HAPPINESS.

Coz it's free at plan 999 and if in case you don't wanna pay that big on a monthly basis,you can cash out 9,268 pesos for the phone and have it at UNLISURF plan 599. One more thing, it's 3G. You know, just in case.


Coz that was the only available color left in SM Megamall Branch.And if you are on DESPARADO MODE like me, you get COLOR BLIND. It's just a few days later that I realized its so feminine and it's not helping.hahaha. At least, both me and my wife can use it.:)
it's the only available color in SM Megamall--wag nang CHOOSY.lols


BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 with:
• unlimited mobile surfing
• P400 consumable amount
• 1 freebie from A to C, E

see the BLACKBERRY PLAN offers here valid till December 31 ---

I didn't have an iPHONE but iPOD Touch is like iPHONE less the phone if you know what I mean. Translation, the few months that we have been using it, we got to love the touch interface, the crisp screen,the apps and the overall feel of apple. My wife, who posted a very moderate status on Facebook compared to my "maipit ka sana snatcher sa tren next time" shout could't help but miss it. So you need to understand why despite longing to have BB phone for years, I was not so jumpy into loving my new curve 9300 phone.I AM STILL LEARNING TO LOVE IT.

coz it's the #1 in POSTPAID. there!!!

My wife was in Megamall at around 3pm. By 4pm, she walked away with the BlackBerry Phone Kit and went shopping before heading home. That fast!!!!I was like, huh? bakit ang bilis? hahaha .

Yeah, kailangan ng verdict.
It really felt plasticky at first. Especially when I type with the keypad so I get confused sometimes if I am holding a phone or a toy. But that click-clacking QWERTY keypad is so addictive nga talaga pala. It's the sensation that you get when you type. My fingers got hurt for the first few day but after that, they were like shouting, hurt us more!!!Speaking of pleasure in pain huh?lols.

According to one website."Everyone sees the iPhone, and they think apps. And I think everyone sees a phone with a keyboard, and they think BlackBerry, whether it is or isn't."--Agree.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is another new reason for people liking BlackBerry. It's the network effect.I only have 20 contacts so far but I am lovin it.

It doesn't make a lot of sound unless you have an incoming call but the red flash indicator is also obsessive.That's when you know if you have new notifications, email, text,bbm, fb or twitter mention.Don't expect so much on internet browsing but it's the ultimate social media tool you need if you want to stay connected without ripping your wallet. No fancy animations, but it gets the job done.Thanks to the BBsocial and BBmax plans.

It hasn't been a week since I started using my Blackberry Curve 9300 phone and I am not saying I am totally into it now but I am slowly falling in love with my Blackberry.Cheers to that!!!:)))))

PS: no, this is not a paid post.:)


  1. naks, pasimpleng belieber.. pero okay nman color, i like.. ;)

  2. Nice phone! Talagang merong pleasure of pain?! Hehehe! =)

  3. natawa naman ako sa line na ito!!!

    And if you are on DESPARADO MODE like me, you get COLOR BLIND.

    warla na ang color basta may BB diba? hahahaha!!!

    nice post ton!!!!

  4. i love blackberry than iphone...coz of the qwerty pads ehehe..nakaka stress ang touchscreen ehehehe...

  5. @marvbin Valiente---totoo yang color blind na yan.hahaha

  6. yun eh. ang cute ng kulay ah. very manly. pero tama, basa naka bb ka, swak na hihi

  7. Favorite ko yung Curve! I love its camera. it takes great pictures, surprisingly! Curve has everything that I need in a telpun, and I'd definitely buy another one if mine gets lost or stolen. Enjoy.

  8. Mag-iisang taon na ang Blackberry Curve ko sa akin, and I intend to keep it. Marami ding apps katulad ng sa iPhone, hindi malakas sa baterya, online ako 24/7 at may BBM! Add me! (:

    BBM: 22B08221

  9. It's funny how we only became BBM contacts for a day. Hahaha! Although gumagana padin bb ko. di ko lang chinacharge.

    I actually prefer the Curve's click-claky keybaord than the Bold's soft one kasi mas ramdam mo yung keys. pag nasanay ka, pwede ka na magtype na di tumitingin. di gaya ng sa bold at torch. :)


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